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  1. Selectable 5v, 7v, 9v, 12v like the SR4. (6A or 10A) XL build. Single DR output Would be nice.
  2. Alex, thanks for sending the 5 x LPS1.2s. I can't believe the detail I'm hearing from my system which wasn't there before installing the LPS1.2s. John and yourself have delivered another product which punches way above its price point.
  3. Well done sourcing the OP-14, perHabst another listening session with @limniscate can be scheduled? It can do native DSD
  4. Thank you for helpful tips, I will send you a PM if I have any further questions.
  5. This setting controls the digital tracking for the ESS 9038PRO. The lower the number the narrower the tracking window becomes and SQ can improve. Previously if I lowered this setting to 2 while playing DSD128 or DSD256 tracks it resulted in dropouts.
  6. While testing the modded W4S DAC2V2SE DAC I am now able to set the Jitter Eliminator setting to level 1 and also disable it. I couldn't lower this setting below the default level 3 before the mod without frequent dropouts.
  7. @elan120 I've just read your SU-1 mod posts and am impressed with your G-10 blank plate. I'm going to order some 1/8"(3mm) G-10 and will probably make a poor attempt to copy this.
  8. You are correct both internal clocks were replaced and I requested the 3rd external clock point for a future upgrade project. They have moved one internal clock point as you spotted as I asked them to make any changes they felt would bring an improvement.
  9. The sCLK-EX board was USD750 + USD100 installation cost, replacing the caps was USD20. I also paid for a few other options like the master clock connection etc.
  10. A few pics of the SOtM modded items which have just arrived back. I can now hear why so many of you mod the Singxer SU-1, the soundstage/imaging is amazing with the REF 10 engaged.
  11. Has anyone with a 12v sMS-200ultra tried the 6.5V~8.4v setting in this option table on their sCLK-EX board?
  12. Looks like they are sending out incorrect instructions to customers then even after correcting it for you. I will let them know so they don't do it again. I asked them for the jumper change just in case any of my boards get too warm at 12v but so far I haven't had any issues with heat.
  13. These instructions are directly from SOtM along with the Photo. When I read the sCLK-EX manual it does look wrong but I don't need to change mine.
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