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  1. I assume any consumer in the world wants to: 1) Receive what they paid for. 2) Have a warranty. 3) Get parts and repair service for many years to come. In China they shoot corrupt politicians and imprison billionaires who do not pay their taxes. Perhaps we should file charges against Larry Ho in China.
  2. It seems that many LH Labs backers seem highly disappointed and believe it is pointless to do anything about this whole matter. Allow me to disagree. Even if we do not ever see our products or get a refund, we can still see the light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, it is not that difficult to find justice. We should try hard to prevent others from buying from Larry Ho. Eventually, our claims will reach the Chinese market and no one in the world will ever trust Larry Ho again. The spreadsheet Markus is putting together is a great start. It allows us to get organized and move forward. Sooner or later, we will reach two major goals: 1) Larry Ho will be prosecuted. 2) Our claims will be translated to Chinese; the China based web sites will link to our forums; and Larry Ho's reputation will be damaged. Once any of the above happens, Larry Ho will have no choice but to either take the fall or, finally, honor his commitments to us.
  3. Larry Ho has moved his business to China, so if we want his attention, we need him exposed in that area of the world. By "exposure" I mean online content that will rank high on Google, so anyone who googles Larry Ho and his business will find info on what he did to us on Indiegogo. By the way, I own a mid size internet-based business and I personally run the marketing department. So this is one example of what could be published in Chinese: Tile of Thread: "Larry Ho, LH Labs and the 6-Million Dollar Audio Fiasco." Content: "Larry Ho, owner of LH Labs, has not delivered on his promises. He raised over USD$6 Million in Indiegogo and has 1000s of buyers very angry because they have not received what they paid for. Beware buyers of the his very expensive IEMs, such as the Stellas, as Larry Ho is trying to pull off what he did in California right here in China: Build very expensive products, gain market credibility, and rip us off. You will find the countless angry clients of LH in these threads in English: -Here you list as many threads as you can. I would include these - https://www.head-fi.org/threads/light-harmonic-geek-wave.713829/page-311#post-14452599 https://www.head-fi.org/threads/geek-pulse-geek-desktop-dac-amp-by-light-harmonics.687851/page-892 https://www.head-fi.org/threads/lh-labs-gorgeous-vi-dac-tube-ss-outputs.754102/page-68 " And there you go! You start a topic that will ignite curiosity and will rank high on Google or the Chinese equivalent.
  4. Jarek, would you be so kind as to share with us the total numbers of backers who have not received their products yet? It matters to a lot of us to know this number, and we will deeply appreciate your eagerness to help us with some real answers to the tougher questions. This is one of the tougher questions. I believing you can contain many of the angrier backers by showing us that you can be an honest person. Truth is the first step towards reconciliation.
  5. I already sent my 8K worth info to the good Markus. If anyone has some influence on Head-Fi, please contact their moderators/owners so they can see what Audiophile Style is doing for us. As of now, Head-Fi has not allowed the 100s (or over 1000? - Jarek, can you clarify how many of us are out there?-) of LH Labs funders to unite and empower. I believe all of us want to see the light at the end of this fiasco, and find justice (refunds; exposure in English and Chinese of the real Larry Ho; and even some prison time for him -many of us will not agree on this final point and that's ok).
  6. Thanks a lot. Perhaps I forgot to put the "Y" in "Deliver(Y)" haha. Well, English is my second language after all. I am really proud of this forum. It has gained some momentum thanks to the freedom of speech moderators have allowed. I believe this forum has allowed us to see the LH Labs IGG incident, Larry Ho, and to some extent Jarek, for what they really are. It was also my intention to single out Larry Ho (and those who willingly associate to him) as the sole guilty party in this whole matter. Above all else, we should continue to trust our fellow member of our dear audio community. For instance, if a reputable audio business has a new Indiegogo campaign and I like what they offer, I will invest. I refuse to allow Larry Ho and Jarek to drag me to a point where I give up my sense of trust.
  7. I tried for several minutes to change the title of the forum to "LH Labs by Larry Ho. No deliver since 2014." How do I change the title? Thanks!
  8. This is the grinning Ho when Jarek asks him for a raise.
  9. Why ZERO chances of criminal charges? This article seems to suggest that the US. government can do the job on our behalf: https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/8/29/17793720/ftc-ibackpack-investigation-indiegogo-kickstarter
  10. Man! So many of us were deceived by Larry Ho . . . How about having a unified front? 🙂
  11. Here is another lawyer's opinion. He is from the US. and sent me a private message on Head-Fi: Please feel free to post any message of mine on computeraudiophile or superaudiobestfriends or anywhere else you think it might be useful, and so sorry for not writing back to you sooner! I've been incredibly busy, but have been meaning to write you back. With regards to your previous message:Instead of focussing on serving Larry Ho personally, I think the better approach would be to find out where LH Labs is incorporated (or hire an attorney who's paralegal would do so). Hopefully you could find the information somewhere on their website, but if not, if its incorporated in the US, you could find it by doing a business search on each state's Secretary of State website (it would get tedious though). Once you are able to locate LH Labs, you'd be able to give proper notice to its agent of process, and even if can't locate that person, you can still give service by mail after attempting personal service.When suing LH Labs, you would additionally want to name as co-defendants Larry Ho, Gavin, stuck limo (Jarek), and every other knucklehead who's been involved with the scam because part of your argument in the lawsuit is that LH Labs doesn't have a legitimate business purpose (it exists to defraud investors). As such, you can recover from the "company" as well as any of its members who worked to defraud backers (since they can be held personally liable).If the state wanted to press criminal charges, similarly, all those same individuals could be indicted as co-conspirators.You posted a really interesting article on the Geekwave thread, and I'd suggest digging deeper into that case https://www.theverge.com/circuitbreaker/2018/8/29/17793720/ftc-ibackpack-investigation-indiegogo-kickstarter. If you find out the case name and it's court location, you should be able to buy the documents filed in court for a small fee on the court'd website, and reviewing those filings would be very helpful since the facts of that case are so similar to what's going on here. I'd also research a little about the consumer protection laws available, since those can be quite powerful.I'm really sorry to hear that you've sunk over $6,000 in this scam; sometimes I think that Head-fi polices the site so much that the audiophile community is overly kind to one another, causing us to let our guard down to real world predators who then take advantage of our expectation that everyone is honest and trustworthy.Wish you the best moving forward, and always feel free to message me.Warm regards,Chris
  12. I believe an article on the LH Labs saga would help us a LOT. I think you will have the support of the vast majority of backers. Here is some info that I have put together: We should observe the following facts:1) LH Labs has raised approximately 6 million dollars of our money.2) LH Labs refuses to provide deadlines of delivery.3) LH Labs refuses to provide refunds (even to those who would settle just for a portion of their initial investment).4) LH Labs refuses to provide updates on % of delivered items for all products (5-8 in total), except for the Pulse which they claim has a 94% successful delivery rate. 5) Most backers have not received their items and most items have not been delivered.6) Larry Ho seems to be the Director of the company that has his initials (what a coincidence!). 7) For many of their undelivered Indiegogo campaigns they reached over 3000% of their initial goal. 8) Larry Ho aims on staying in the audio industry and has moved to China. For extra Forums with tons of unhappy clients check out LH Labs on Head-Fi. It is my belief that they got carried out by greed from the very beginning. They led us to believe they had everything under control by conducting very sophisticated Indiegogo campaigns. The fact that they were selling very expensive DACs and actually delivering them(30k+) seemed to portray them as a well established firm. If you think about it, it is the perfect high-end audio scheme. On top of that, we audiophiles are not the average angry client who is willing to sacrifice peace of mind to target a malicious vendor-> we need the pece of mind to enjoy music! Please help us! If you need anything else, I would be very glad to help. Thanks!
  13. He said this to me 10 days ago. He said he would tweet about it.
  14. Thanks for the info. I have contacted him Peter Duminy already replied to me that he hasn't been involved with them for at least two years. I firmly believe that LH and company are in the business of selling lies.They are following the same path in China as they did in California: manufacture something really expensive, so they can pretend they will actually deliver the cheaper stuff. Someone should warn the audio consumers in China.
  15. I Have contacted Ali J and Peter Duminy. I have provided them with links and evidence to this whole fiasco. Anyone knows how to get in touch with Ravi Shah?
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