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  1. I imagine at some point in history someone “bought the Brooklyn Bridge.” I “bought the Larry Ho DAC.” we should start some kind of fun contest: who can come up with the best Larry Ho meme?
  2. I have brought this up before, but here I go again: If we want Larry Ho to listen to us, then, someone needs to go to China based Hi-Fi forums and tell them what happened in the USA. You should include links to this forum and the ones in Head-Fi. I'll be happy to help out with some guidance (I am an expert on online marketing). In the past, LH Labs offered me money NOT to do this. I know for a fact this is their Achilles heel. Larry may not give everything back, but he is very likely to "reward" the individuals who threaten his reputation/business.
  3. If you really want to expose Larry Ho, you should echo what you find in English spoken forums in Chinese spoken forums. Larry Ho has moved his business where his reputation does not reflect the business man he really is. Once he is exposed in China, he will have nowhere to run.
  4. It is my guess that the IEM's are severely overpriced for the time being. It is great to see the complaint working out!
  5. I can't help to wonder why Head-Fi would not act in their own best self interest. Why isn't Head-Fi protecting their own business interests? (Game Theory) Larry Ho has caused some severe damage to audio high end businesses, but mostly, to those who legitimately profit from advertisement. This is a major multi-million fiasco that has put a dent in our collective level of trust. Low trust is horrible for business, and when businesses don't do well the first thing they do is cut on advertisement expenses. So it is a big mystery to me why the owner(s) of Head-Fi are not al
  6. Larry Ho is simply following his good ol' plan: manufacture something really good and expensive so he can sell affordable stuff (in our case, so he can rip us off with affordable stuff that was never delivered). Now he wants to screw over our fellow audiophiles in Asia. Same guy. Same plan.
  7. They keep coming up with products financed by us. Here are 3 reviews. By the way, it would be a great idea if we posted our comments on these reviews (try to add links to existing forums that discuss Light Harmonic. Links are powerful!!) https://majorhifi.com/light-harmonic-mera-review/ https://majorhifi.com/light-harmonic-stella-review/ https://www.headfonia.com/review-light-harmonic-stella/
  8. My pleasure, Jarek. I wrote this on the forum: And a few minutes after, you wrote me this via private message: (the subject title "refund" was of your making).
  9. In order to get to Larry Ho, I would advise we try to start thinking like Larry Ho. He is a Chinese national who has returned to his home country and is currently doing business in China (Who would want to do business with him in the USA or Europe??). By the way, I am a successful online marketing expert who knows the Chinese market pretty well. In the past, Light Harmonic offered me money to stop me from doing the following: spread in China what they have done in the English speaking market. They offered me money because bad publicity in China is what really scares La
  10. I can see where you are coming from. Perhaps we could switch to "funny memes of Larry Ho." Humor is powerful. It is customary to make fun of those who willingly become public figures. Larry chose to go public by defrauding so many. By the way, memes of Larry or anything funny that portrays him would be a very powerful marketing tool in order to attract his attention and, hopefully, turn him into a pariah of the hi-fi community.
  11. LH and Light Harmonic have the same initials as Larry Ho. He is the only stakeholder as far as we know. Furthermore, Larry Ho continues to sell audio products designed and built with the enormous sum he took from us. I understand if people are angry and feel like picking on Gavin. After all, he was Larry’s front man (a smart marketing move for reasons that may be inappropriate to bring up on this forum).
  12. Thanks a lot! I really appreciate the opportunity we have in this forum to unite and try to repair the damage Light Harmonic´s owner Larry Ho has done to the high end audio community.
  13. Hello Mr. Computer Audiophile, I started this thread some time ago. Would you be so kind as to change the title of this thread to: Light Harmonic (LH Labs). Scam? USD$6 million not delivered since 2014. I believe this new title reflects our current surreal scenario. They sold us the Brooklyn Bridge. Thanks!!
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