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  1. Great review, couldn’t agree more. I’ve heard the X1 head to head against a dcs Bartok, and to my ears the Lumin is the clear winner. Chris, you should definitely check out Patty Griffin’s catalog. She is the finest songwriter this country has produced in the last 25 years in my opinion (and many other’s).
  2. i remember reading that as well, i think he might have been referring to the 2.0. as i have mentioned i have the 3.0 and i think its spectacular. i actually brought it to my friend's house and i thought it sounded better than his dcs Rossini (he even admitted "that sounds really damn good"). by the same logic, does that mean that a Sparkler may be preferable to a dcs Rossini as well? it's all a matter of taste, and bias (and probably some sour grapes) has a lot to do with it as well.
  3. I have owned an Auralic Vega 2 and a Mytek Manhattan but have also heard a lampizator Golden Gate and dcs Rossini. Of course the later two were not in my system, but the 3.0 is in the same league as those imo.
  4. not sure what you are asking about preamps. i don't use preamps, and as i stated the preamp in the cantata works well. there are plenty of reviews online. i posted my thoughts already on this thread, the biggest improvements i hear are spatial (i.e. where the different sounds in the recording are located) and the decay of notes. not really good and describing that kind of stuff, so check out what the others are saying. definitely found the upgrade substantial and worth the price.
  5. there are plenty of people who like the sound of r2r dacs, and don't care about DSD. personally, i think that both the 2.0 and 3.0 sound better than any DSD or MQA that i have heard (and i have owned several dacs that played those files). the preamp is analog, and sounds great. i stopped using preamps long ago and have been using dacs straight into amp and have never looked back. most reviewers will tell you the same. the difference from the 2.0 to 3.0 is substantial soundwise. goes from being a very good dac to a world class one, imo. no change on the stability o
  6. i own a Cantata 3.0 as well and i agree with the above statements. what it accomplishes with 16/44.1 and higher pcm files is amazing. i am hearing spatial and ambient information that is superior to anything i've heard from the DSD or MQA equipped dac's i've heard or owned, all with the natural flow that R2R dac's do best.
  7. what i'm suggesting is that there are several high-end dac's currently for sale which use this configuration which are not known for nasty distortion.
  8. A dac with multiple 1543 chips can handle 24/96, quite well
  9. At least he writes great posts about McIntosh amps and cassette tapes. I never thought I would say this, but I miss Michael Lavorgna. https://www.audiostream.com/content/aurender-n10-preview-and-lack-subtlety
  10. the Hugo 2. haven't heard the Holo Springs stuff, but it gets really good reviews. i too got sick of boxes and power supplies, which is what makes a product like the Vega G2 such a breath of fresh air. all you need is a TIDAL account and an ethernet cable and you are set for about 95% of what you want to listen to. the rest you can store on an NAS or computer. the fact that it also sounds great makes it a no brainer. sure it's a little pricey, but it's not that bad when you think how much people spend on all the peripheral stuff.
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