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  1. “Lost and Looking” is by the great Sam Cooke from his Night Beat album. One of the best songs, from probably the best album of one of America’s best writer of pop songs of all time.
  2. It’s a pretty straight up cover of a Nina recording. As cool as this version is, Nina’s is even better.
  3. This looks like it was predominantly a stock swap to put some luster on two turds
  4. Except for the fact that what I linked to is exactly that, dcs agreeing with MQA’s marketing claims So is MQA
  5. Pretty respected, including here. Why would they do that, and why aren’t you calling them out for perpetuating the lie like you are MQA inc.?
  6. Look who’s part of the big lie!!! https://www.dcsltd.co.uk/dcs-launches-mqa-support-across-product-ranges/
  7. My underlying position is that MQA, and people preferring it, is an entirely insignificant and harmless phenomenon. Everyone is free to oppose MQA, what it stands for and how it sounds, but they aren’t actually accomplishing anything or preventing an negative trend in streaming. MQA is a failure by itself.
  8. You like to use “some people” when it suits your argument, but demand specifics if somebody uses it or a similar phrase
  9. I never said MQA was an honest company, or that their (and the record labels’) intention weren’t evil. What they seemingly tried to accomplish has been such a dismal failure that it’s basically something to laugh at, not warn the world against. For now, streaming options are expanding, and prices are dropping for the majority of the world. I challenge you or anyone to prove me wrong on that. A tiny group of people who must have MQA might be paying more for it than they should be. Are you trying to save them from themselves? In spite of the lack of empirical proof that it's actually
  10. Yes I am sure. There are over 400 million music streaming subscriptions worldwide. Tidal has an estimated 1-5 million subscribers. Having a death grip head lock on about 1% of the market (at best) means you have next to zero effect overall worldwide. Maybe in some markets were there is no lossless alternative currently, but overall pretty much nothing. And if MQA is as worthless as you freedom fighters say it is, than even that 1% will deteriorate away. The MQA DRM takeover plot was a complete failure, just like SACD. The only people who are complaining about the additional costs of MQA are th
  11. Everyone with access to the internet has access to BestBuy. The pricing information I mention regarding Tidal (besides VPN) and Qobuz is available to everyone in the continental USA. Never even heard MQA, but I don’t think that anyone who might like it is akin to Qanon-like cult follower. I did study basic economics. If there is little to no demand for a product (i.e. MQA), it has no effect on market prices. The “early adopters” like you, who lost interest shortly thereafter, were a microscopic blip in the streaming market that was over before anyone noticed it.
  12. Tidal HiFi is now available for $9.99 per month via BestBuy while it used to be $19.99 for the last several years. (and allegedly for 35 cents a month via Turkey on a VPN). If you don’t like Tidal and their MQA bs, you can get hi res Qobuz (which now has a catalog that rivals Tidal) for $150 a year. Spotify is about to offer lossless as well. It seems pretty obvious to me that options are expanding and prices are dropping in spite of the MQA/Tidal alliance.
  13. What costs and limitations do you think it added for the average listener?
  14. totally agree, and the Qobuz catalogue has pretty much caught with Tidal
  15. super interesting thread, thanks for the link. wish I had an MQA set up to check it out for myself. why don't you provide a brief summary for those on this thread who don't have the time or inclination to read the whole thread like I did.
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