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  1. Selling my Denali V.2 power conditioner. Also have the Sigma EF 20 amp power cord available. Price is for Denali only. I can send pic's on request. Price: 3550.
  2. Selling 1.75 meter Shunyata Sigma NR power cord. I can send pic's to interested buyers and have extensive feedback on Audiogon. Price: 1750.
  3. Also, I have extensive (20 years)feedback on Audiogon.
  4. Selling my Innuos Statement server/renderer. I purchased this new in May 2019 and it is in mint condition. It has 2 TB s drive and is silver in color. Currently, it has about 1 TB of music (many hi-Rez) titles stored on the hard drive. I will leave these on the drive or erase.....buyers preference. PRICE: $9400. Paypal adds fee.
  5. I have a 2 meter Purple Flare power cord for sale. It has C7 (figure) connector . I used it on Mac Mini and Chord Mscaler with great results. It’s in very good condition. Pic’s on request. priced to sell. $90.
  6. Selling a pair of 1.5 meter MIT Oracle MA-X interconnects with RCA terminations. Includes original factory box. Price 2800. including shipping to CONUSA. Pictures on request. Paypal adds fee. I have extensive feedback on Audiogon.
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