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  1. Hi, does NAA OS support DACs such as Wyred 4 Sound DAC2 V2 SE 10th anniversary?
  2. The same here but I'm afraid about the price... 😱
  3. Hi, I've just tried it in combination with JPLAY FEMTO on a dual optimized PC configuration the sound is just awesome...pure Emotion, music, only music. The best litening I've made with my config. I'm usually using JPLAY FEMTO on a Dual PC configuration with Windows Server 2019 + AO3.0 + Process Lasso + Fidelizer + JPLAY on both computers. Will Diretta be still available after this trial period?
  4. Hi, I Have the same combo here. I'm very interested by your comparison... 😀
  5. I'm using two JCAT NET Card FEMTO, one on my Windows Server 2019 Core + AO3.0 + Fidelizer8.5 + JPLAY FEMTO on my control PC and one on my audio PC with the same software configuration. With these cards I get better soundstage with even more stability, more materialization. Soundstage is more focused with more precision, more width, the relief and the 3D effects are improved too. The other aspect is the improvement concerning the sound itself which is even more natural with more fluidity, better attacks, more velocity. Basses have more authority and they are more powerful but bo
  6. Hi alicenir, just take a look at this https://community.roonlabs.com/t/no-connection-tidal-qobuz/59562
  7. Thanks a lot for your reply bibo01. I will sent you a personal message with the lspci list.
  8. Hi bibo01, I've taken a look and tried it on my PC player with Gigabyte GAH77M-D3H mobo and it appears that the Ethernet card of this motherboard which is an Atheros GbE LAN chip is not recognized by Gentooplayer
  9. OK, Phil many thanks for your clarifications. I can confirm the excellence of the SQ obtained with AO on Windows Server 2016 it highlights even more the qualities of my Wyred 4 Sound DAC- upgraded to v2se. I thought I get the top of vinyl LP like sounding with my Fedora light optimized configuration but Windows Server 2012 core mode and even more Windows Server 2016 Core mode + AO are beating it by far on this sounding aspect especially with Sound Signature 4 and Digital Filter D. I really like what I'm hearing and very important thing with native DSD playback ability.
  10. I reply myself to the problem I noticed last night. In fact, as English is not my native language, at first time reading the setup guide, I didn’t understand all the subtilty concerning the meaning of “shell replacement” I thought that it was made to start a player but it replace the command prompt window and as Roonbridge has no GUI I get a black screen. I hope I understand now. In fact I haven’t use this feature with Windows server 2012 because I’ve installed GUI mode first and enabled Roonbridge on Windows start up in Windows tray. So switching in core mode I didn’t need to do
  11. Hi, after letting down Windows Server 2012 and AO during about five years for Linux, in particular fedora Linux distribution minimal install with different players (LMS + Squeezelite then RoonBridge), on my PC player I've decided to return to a Windows server based configuration. This Fedora configuration with Planet CCRMA RT kernel has given me an excellent SQ. But with Linux I was unable to get native DSD playback with my newly upgraded Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2v2se. So I decided to give another chance to Windows Server 2012 + AO configuration as ASIO drivers for my DAC
  12. Many thanks for your reply ksalno. Apparently, SOtM are using their own distribution or a tweaked existing distribution for ARM processor. They have named it Eunhasu.
  13. In fact this is what we can read on Sonore website and Sonore ultraDigital topic on this forum. I suppose it's because Sonore team has build this device especially for their products and they can only certify it works with them. Support for other kind of Linux distribution cannot be provided by Sonore team.
  14. Thanks for the info ksalno. Ok for the AudioByte HydraZ but it is not the same price.. I think that for the moment I will do with DoP. Concerning the Sonore ultraDigital which appears to be the best competitor for me, I've read that it is only for use with Sonore microRendu, ultraRendu, and Signature Rendu SE only on the topic dedicated to this device. So, it is not sure that it works with my fedora 27 light distribution in particular concerning native DSD playback.
  15. Yes, that's what I've read on different forums. There is the MATRIX X-SPDIF 2 Interface USB 32bit/768khz Coaxial-AES/EBU I2S HDMI LVDS too but I'm not sure it is 100% compatible with W4S DAC-2 (DSD playback out of phase or something like that).
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