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  1. I would like some clarification on the following, for those who are knowledgeable with or experienced in using Musical Fidelity's v-link. I have a laptop which is currently running XP. I have tried using the v-link and it works very well. I am wondering if it will work better if I upgrade the laptop to Win 7. I am not sure if in the XP configuration v-link is using the dreaded kmixer or if it bypasses it. The laptop is dedicated use, so it will only be used to pull music files off the NAS and send them through v-link to the DAC. My music collection of several thousand CDs is al
  2. Need some help sorting things out with my new setup. Before I get to that, here's my current setup: Apple TV (ATV) 1st gen (silver) holds a partial collection of my iTunes library (AIFF) on its internal HDD. This is fed through toslink to Neko D100 DAC. Neko then feeds my Arcam AVR600. Sound is quite wonderful! Occasionally, if I want to hear more songs, I'll stream my Windows laptop into the ATV. All of this works great, even controlling the music through my iPhone's remote app. So now I have embarked on a more ambitious adventure: I have decided to rip my entire collection of CDs (ap
  3. Hi Liam, I find that using the Neko and playing through "Analogue Stereo Direct" provides a slightly warmer, fuller, more natural sound. It is very subtle though. However, what I find interesting is that when I play the same CD in my Pio BDP-51FD blu-ray through the Neko, it seems to sound better. I wonder how clean the SPDIF signal is from the ATV. Could it be jitter? Who knows?
  4. I too have an AVR600 and have been exploring something similar. Currently, I feed my iTunes music to an Apple TV (gen 1) which I connect to an external high quality DAC (Neko D100) which feeds the analog inputs of the AVR600 which I listen to in Analog Stereo Direct for 2-channel music. I am about to start ripping several thousand CD's using the recommendations of hardware and software from another thread on this site. I will have all this music on a NAS in AIFF format. If you have any updates to your quest, please post them. Otherwise, let's hope we get others with similar experiences
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