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  1. Yes but the only files that get cut out are DSD1024. I don't have any of those and I don't think many exist so with that as a limiting factor I feel pretty good about the limitation.
  2. Great review. I have had the Terminator II since the beginning of June. It replaced the Denafrips Venus. Huge upgrade that has been taken up another notch with the addition of the Gaia DDC. When you get a chance you should mate the TII with a Gaia and use the clock output of the TII to sync the clock on the Gaia. Truly amazing.
  3. I switched back to the Jan 30th configuration. Taking that red wire off did indeed reduce the bass somewhat however I have stand mounted bookshelf speakers and they benefited from the extra bass. I like it better that way. YMMV
  4. Thank you. That was helpful as I was using that same Jan 30 configuration so all I had to do was remove the red wire from the "B" side.
  5. Peter can you please post a picture of how this is configured? I am a visual guy and need to see what I am to match. Thanks.
  6. Excellent. Keep us posts on your results please.
  7. Great. This is the configuration I have been running since you posted that picture. I agree this is the best config I have heard so far. I am been anxiously awaiting a new post that betters this one. 😀
  8. Peter I am a picture guy. Can you shoot us a picture of this new config you like? I think you are saying that on the A connector it's A: W-Y-R-G all in a row? And then on the B connector it's B: W-Y-R all in a row from the red dot? Can you please confirm?
  9. This new config is my new favorite. It's got all the elements to make a great sounding cable.
  10. If you ask, PSA will always find a way to give a discount. I have never actually paid full price for anything I purchased factory direct. That's why it was hard for dealers to make any money selling PSA.
  11. Jesus besides being able to load music on the microSD card to play is there any additional reason to upgrade to the new cards? Are there any other features that come along for the ride that the standard cards can't support? I must admit that I came late to the party so I didn't read anything about this before now.
  12. I am currently using an UpTone JS-2 to power the UpTone Audio LPS-1.2. The only reason I am doing it this way instead of using the SMPS that comes with the LPS-1.2 is because I have an open tap on the JS-2. I bought the JS-2 to power my Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and it really makes the DAC sound great. After speaking with Alex Crespi at UpTone several times I decided to power the LPS-1.2 this way even though Alex has repeatedly told me that this is overkill. I think that the system sounds wonderful this way. Seems silly to leave the tap open if I have it available and the LPS-1.2 runs much cool
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