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  1. Hi Chris, to test whether stacking the DV2 on top of the Rossini DAC is a good thing or not, why not put them on separate shelves and then give them an extended listen to find out?
  2. Hi Chris, I noticed that you stacked the Emm Labs DV2 on top of the Rossini DAC. I am sure you are aware that doing that would certainly affect the performance of the DV2. Also, all hi fi components benefit greatly from resonance control footers under it, such as the Ansuz Acoustic Darkz dtc that I used under all my components. They also benefit greatly when stacked on resonance control hi fi racks such as the Critical Mass Systems Maxxum rack and amplifier stand that I used.
  3. Hi Chris, Great write-up. One of your best if not the best so far. Thank you so much! However, I got a question for you: when you said that the DA2 sit in the middle, are you implying that the Rossini dac has more weight and detail (in a good sense) than the DA2?
  4. Hi Chris, Many thanks for the response. Is your emm labs da2 downloaded with the latest firmware? The improvement is very dramatic.
  5. Hi Chris, Are you going to publish your Emm Labs DA2 review soon? Thanks
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