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  1. Hello guys, As I have been using Bughead as my music player, I've come across an issue in Windows server 2012 core mode. When it's opened in core mode, this happens: When it's in Windows 10, this is what it should look like. All I wanted to ask is there any way to open it normally (just like in Windows 10) in core mode without changing it back to GUI?
  2. From my experience, OS HDD has much larger impact on sound improvement. But of course, it still sounds better with a good cable on storage drive.
  3. I just got an update from Chan that most of the packages (including mine) are ready to ship out this week, of course with a tracking number provided. So for those who haven't got an update yet, I suggest you contact Chan immediately. Actually the situation has not been easy for both parties but I believe Chan has realized the seriousness of the issue and is now taking care of it by any means necessary...so let's just give the man a chance to make it right, that's all I am saying.
  4. So...I am intrigued. What do you mean by incredulous? I got a reply from Chan saying that he intended to get back all the parcels stuck in France and would resend them via DHL. Of course how long it takes for the whole process to complete remains unclear..but I guess we'll have to wait and see...
  5. Me neither I just hope santa will have our cables delivered by the end of this year (although very unlikely) Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone
  6. Did you order it from Highend-AudioPC or directly from Pachanko? At first I assumed it would ship in a day or two since no one in the forum said anything about the lead time...It turns out many of us have been waiting for quite some time..
  7. Thanks for the info! They should really include the lead time on the website to avoid misunderstanding.. By the way, It is indeed a great review!! Look forward to receiving mine
  8. Actually I was going to ask the same question as to how long the lead time took. I ordered mine three weeks ago but still has not shipped yet...
  9. Finally!!! Honestly, I was quite hoping for an introductory price lol... but with all the enhancements, $310 is a steal!!! So Alex... will the intona further improve the sound quality when put before the ISO Regen? Or it alone can already tackle the needs of galvanic isolation?
  10. Hey Alex, Really look forward to the ISO Regen! But I was wondering how would the performance go compared to the combination of Intona and the old Regen? It is often said that division of work (e.g. Intona deals with galvanic isolation + Regen providing cleaner usb power) is always better than doing it all in one place (in the case of ISO Regen) So if the ISO Regen really outperforms the combination, I guess it would be a blessing to all of us as we can save a few bucks (I hope the new regen will not cost more than the two combined..lol) Cheers,
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