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  1. A matter of preference. Since this is a Sonore thread I don't want to talk about SOtM much, but as for myself I still prefer to pay a small amount for a big upgrade such as 2.8 (even if I have to buy it on a card) than receive OTA updates days after a software component was published (RAAT, NAA etc) rather than being able to flash my own card and than wait for weeks or months for the component updates to happen (i.e. v3.6 of NAA in recent SOtM firmware versus the latest 4.1.1 in SO).
  2. Except for a few who do provide updates for an extended period of time for free, they usually just abandon the hw revision and turn to the next one forcing you to make a decision on buying new hw as well. To my understanding, 2.8 was a complete Linux distro update behind the scenes. The only argument you can have with that is, why wouldn't Sonore make it available as a downloadable image for people who could flash their own SD cards with it. There can be different reasons for this, you shall ask them if this annoys you that much.
  3. Maybe you don't fully understand the difference between a smart light's and the rendu series' firmware. Very simply put, the functionality and the size of the software components is quite different for the two. Once you have 2.8 installed OTA updates will happen as they did before.
  4. Yes, sorry for not being precise.
  5. Jesus/Barrows, Is there still an upgrade path for the original Signature Rendu owners to the SE? If so, what are the current prices for Tier 1/2?
  6. Thanks, will definitely give it a try and see whether my Ultra boots up with it or not.
  7. @Miska With the NAA 4.0.1 Cubox+rendu image can you simple load NAA on a UltraRemdu instead of the SonicOrbiter OS (flashing NAA to a new microsd etc)? If that's the case, what are the advantages of doing so? Sonore started delivering cards with SonicOrbiter 2.8 which supports NAA 4.0 as well (after a bit of updating hassle).
  8. robi20064

    HQ Player

    Already did that last night. Thanks for checking!
  9. robi20064

    HQ Player

    @Miska I've sent you a license change request in email sometimes last November. Could you please check whether you have received it?
  10. Strange then. I'm not aware of any other changes to the NUC, not even a BIOS update. What would be the appropriate email address to send the license change request to?
  11. @Miska Are the storage volumes or partitions part of the HW fingerprint? I had mine suddenly change on my NUC using HQPe OS after I was installing AL onto the Optane drive which changed the partition layout. Everything else is the same hardware wise.
  12. Which one had the problematic fan, the QNAP or the Ubiquiti?
  13. As for myself, I use to start/turn on all my equipment when my day starts. Pretty much only servers are kept on 24/7. The ability to turn HQPe off from the web interface would provide some additional convenience. Is this functionality requiring a lot of code/testing or you just don't see the need for it? Talking about improvements, a bit less "spartanian" looking web UI would be very welcome as well. Not thinking of anything too fancy, but something similar to Sonicorbiter OS.
  14. Let me try to address that. Sometimes the PC running HQPe is far away (in the basement etc) and pushing the physical button would take addition steps while clicking on a shutdown button on the web interface could be done from anywhere.
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