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  1. What you are calling work, I call fun! This is the sh*t I live for in this hobby. And if ears are opinions, then like a**holes we all have them. Don't see how they can ever be removed from any of the testing we do. No ears, no music. But that's another discussion for another day (hopefully never, actually). Really looking forward to the eRegen. I have no idea what to expect as I have spent a lot of FUN time arriving where I am with my system and I am VERY curious to see what changes, if any, it brings. Thanks Alex and John for bringing some excitement to the game!
  2. Same function, sure, but most likely different results. Also no different than going A side input and B side output, as stated numerous times in this thread.
  3. This is exactly what I plan to do with the two eRegens I ordered so I will report back if there is any difference vs. one vs. no eRegen. I also plan to test various power supplies - linears, ultracap, battery, wall-wart . As well as SOtM ethernet cables vs. generic Cat6 vs. Aqvox. (And yes I do have different optical cages and cables to compare!) I will do these tests, then I pass judgement. I believe that is the scientific method...
  4. I have been burning in my new Farad Super3 on my SOtM tX-USBUltra and it is a definite improvement over both the sPS-500 Ultra and the TLS Linear Power supply I used to use. Increase in blackness of background. More ease and subtlety. But no less authority. Really well made as well. Using a silver DC cable from Audio Sensibility. Mattijs is awesome to deal with. I have now ordered 3 more Super3s - one for my main SOtM switch and 2 more for my TT2 and HMS. Thanks to all for recommending these power supplies. In the absence of any Hynes rails I am more than thrilled with Farad for the long term.
  5. So weird... Glad that's done with...
  6. Just to check back in - the Optical Rendu powered by a SOtM sPS-500 is sounding very very good indeed. It's the only power supply I could get to work on my desk - the LPS 1.2 I have talked about already. The Vinnie Rossi is far too noisy as a unit to have sitting there so close to me. And I was told not to try the TLS LPS on 9V. So there you have it... The oRendu has officially knocked the sMS-200 Ultra SE out of my headphone playback chain for good. I know many with laugh/object/get their knickers in a twist when I say this - but it sounds best with two SOtM switches before it - the first one takes the Ethernet signal (via SOtM cables) from the modem and the server, then connects optically to the second SOtM switch which connects optically (obviously) to the oRendu. So triple reclocking and double optical isolation! The oRendu plays into my mScaler/Hugo TT2 combo. Best my headphones have sounded since I started this hobby so many years ago... There is obviously more going on than just optical isolation helping with leakage. Those clocks and new parts are something else . Fantastic frequency balance along with seductive transients, gorgeous trailing edges, incredible air and ease around the notes, rock-solid timing, and a full-bodied, organic tone. I feel I am much more a part of the musical event - witnessing as it starts and unfolds in a much more direct way. It's uncanny at times, in fact, how inside the music I feel now. Everything has slowed down so the notes are observable, tangible, hovering in 3d space, whatever you want to call it. I am very grateful to be able to have such a tactile experience, to participate in the music in this way, almost giddy in fact... I've spent a long time "searching for the sound" and this is one of those products that brings me palpably closer. Great job, Sonore!
  7. In fact, read everything that John has written on this forum before you ask these questions.
  8. That's not what he said. He said no module. There is still a "dock." You will just have to source your own module.
  9. Sorry let me try to rephrase what I meant to say. I was simply stating that with the HMS/TT2 combo I personally noticed the renderer making a bit less of a difference than it did with the Holo Spring II/Violectric combo I used to have. I was referring merely to that fact. Something to do with the "sound" of that combo and the way it buffers/isolates/reclocks having a bigger "say" in the final sound (I did not mean to imply "flavor" as some sort of additive merely as in "sonic characteristic.") I had an ultraRendu for a while but not anymore so I cannot comment on the upgrade in sound from the ultra to the optical. I did not mean to imply that I was in a position to make that comparison. Here's what I will say: my oRendu arrived last Thursday and I have been playing it more or less nonstop and it now sounds so good that it is officially replacing my sMS-200Ultra SE as the renderer in my main headphone-listening rig. It is truly an outstanding device and this is no small achievement as I have been upgrading and tweaking the renderer in that rig for many years... oRendu is the new king.
  10. Having replaced my SOtM smS-200 Ultra with the optical Rendu going into my M-Scaler and Hugo TT2, I will say that the M-Scaler/TT2 combo imparts a large degree of the final sonic flavor in my system - I am finding with that combo that the upstream renderer still matters, of course, but perhaps less than before I had that combo... my point is, you already have a VERY revealing set-up, not sure the oRendu will provide the kind of immediate clarity upgrade being discussed here...
  11. But thank you for your explanation.
  12. I should mention I have three LPS 1.2 units and the behavior is the same with all three.
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