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  1. And yet the switch did do this... As did the cable... Hm... I'm sorry you feel the need to dismiss my experience so dogmatically... Not sure what else I can say... My eyes are as delusional as my ears I guess...? Anyway I would ask if you have ever tried either of the products that I mention but I'm certain the answer is no so until you have I will kindly ask you to STFU. Ah now there you couldn't be more wrong. A photo is static. Streaming music is temporal. That is the heart of the issue. We are talking about timing issues here. The "bitstream" and the "1's and 0's" you and your cohorts are so keen on claiming are incorruptible are actually quite susceptible to various kinds of timing errors that present as jitter and effect the conversion to analogue. And I will kindly refer you to the suggestion above if you have not heard the product in question.
  2. Sorry my response above was meant to be to the general enthusiasm for the product, not to the notion of taking money to get on some list. Count me as someone dying to hear the etherRegen but more than willing to let the timing play out as it will... Zen and the Art of the New Product Cycle.
  3. As would I, for sure. Most anticipated new product of the year!
  4. Great to get this feedback from the front lines as I await my HMS and TT2 combo as well. Thank you. Could you perhaps describe in a little more detail what the Shunyata brought to the table, besides "minutiae" (which I assume means detail retrieval?)? What is the "goodness" you are hearing, if you don't mind sharing? It would be very helpful to me personally as I contemplate which BNC cables to get for my combo. Cheers (Also has your dealer given you a firm date for the TT2 to arrive?)
  5. It's not apples to apples because although both come through my modded and reclocked SOtM component/cable chain, A+ comes through my iMac while Roon comes through my modded and re-clocked SOtM server -- so OVERALL the Roon route sounds quieter and more refined because of the difference in 'source' quality... (iMac sounds better streaming Tidal through A+ than playing from local files - playing off the iMac's hard drive is a whole level worse than any other playback solution I have.) Nonetheless, I am impressed by how good A+ upsampling to DSD256 from the iMac (again streaming Tidal, NOT from local files) through the SOtM sMS-200 Ultra SE in DLNA mode into the Spring on NOS sounds. Happy doing that while I wait for my server to get some more tweaks. Again I use a lot of SOtM product so the overall sound through all the filtering and reclocking is similar. Still the nod goes to Roon... It will be very interesting to see what the HMS/TT2 combo does in comparison, as well as using just one BNC output on the HMS to upsample into the Spring...
  6. It was never my belief that OS mode on the Spring would sound better than the HMS into the Spring in NOS mode. I listen almost exclusively in NOS mode on the Spring and ordered the HMS for the TT2 - I just plan to play around a bit when it all arrives... Thanks for all the info about the Spring, btw. Right now the only software upsampling I can do is either with ROON DSP or A+'s iZototpe 64-bit SRC. I currently do not have HQPlayer so I don't think I have the bit rate setting and noise shaping capabilities you mention. I actually find the Audirvana upsampling to sound quite good going into the Spring in NOS mode. And I prefer Roon DSP upsampling into the Spring in NOS mode to straight redbook in either NOS or OS...
  7. Also - wondering if anyone here has tried the Blaxius^2 BNC cables with their HMS?
  8. Yes - I agree this is most likely what is going on. Waiting for my HMS to arrive to pair with my Holo Spring II for this very reason. I can switch between OS and NOS mode to test this theory. Then once my TT2 comes I will throw that into the mix as well.
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