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  1. Hello Theng Kiat. I will do as you say later today when I get home from work, but I can tell you that the raid card is the Dell PERC H330. I'm actually not using raid at all right now, just running the hard drives off that card in HBA mode and so letting the system bios control the four ssds. But I will run that command and tell you what it reports. The internal fans are noisy (perhaps in more ways than one) so I am going to yank them, cut a square opening in the top of the case directly over the cpu/ram area, and mount a large, slow and quiet exhaust fan there, powered externally. This area is well towards the back of the case, so this hardware mod will be invisible when the server is in the rack with other components. I may also yank the power supply and replace it with a decent linear psu external to the case, but that's a little more complicated. I'll see.
  2. Since you asked, Zack, the server is actually a server: It is a Dell PowerEdge R330. with a low power (25 Watt) processor, four ssds and 16Gb of ram so that, in all, it will be a pretty low wattage box. (It is low enough wattage that I can probably yank the internal fans if this is recommended...I get the sense that there are differences of opinion as to whether that does matter but I am entertaining the idea.) I chose this because my components are rack-based and this is a small 1U rackmount server, and because the server was a good deal, had that nice low-wattage Xeon in it, and I enjoy modifying off-the-shelf computers. However it seems that these Dell servers only play nice with redhat or ubuntu linux. I have attempted to install vortexbox as suggested by Richard above, without success (it is Fedora-based) but was able to do a full install of ubuntu 18.04 without a hitch. In forums Dell is coy as to whether or not the 13th gen PowerEdge servers are compatible with Fedora, suggesting that some are and some are not (they asked a user inquiring about Fedora to pm the system id to them). At any rate, since ubuntu installed easily, your suggestion of the ubuntu-based snakeoil sounds promising, and I do have a second home-brew rackmount computer meant to be a "control" computer if needed, so the headless nature of snakeoil should not be an issue.
  3. Hi Zack, thanks a lot for your questions and suggestions. Actually, I am open to most of the possibilities in your questions. I'll research your suggestion of snakeoil for an os--off the cuff, it sounds like it might be a good bet but I need to read up on it. Again, I really appreciate you taking the time to educate me.
  4. Thanks Richard, I am now researching the things you mentioned.
  5. Hello folks, I have some very newbie questions--having never set up a music server and never having used linux or Ubuntu. I hope for useful rules of thumb. 1. I have a fresh server with four blank ssd physical disks. It seems that I need to do some pre-configuration of the disks using pre-os software (bios setup and the like) in the system board, perhaps partitioning the disks, perhaps choosing some non-trivial raid configuration (rather than pass-through) and also perhaps doing a few other things before installing ubuntu. Any rules of thumb about these early decisions for (what will become) a linux music server? 2. When installing ubuntu server, any rules of thumb about decisions to make during the installation? I'm sure I need to answer some other questions about what's downstream of the server. Some of those decisions have not yet been made, but the proximate goal is to feed a Gustard X20U DAC (perhaps after feeding a separate control computer first). Thank you for your indulgence of a very newbie.
  6. I like mine made out of upsidaisium... gives a lighter-than-air quality to the music. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Upsidaisium_(story_arc)
  7. Do you know what the theory (or empirical generalization) is? Certainly it seems there are few JustADACs.
  8. I'm in the same spot as the op, and increasingly leaning toward the Gustard x20 family. (There are "x20u" models, and "Pro" models.) A number of people, @GUTB, @Quadman, @pkane2001 and @ACHiPo have repeatedly made positive comments about the family. I am hoping they (and others) will provide insights for prospective buyers like me... what one should consider when choosing a model from the family; the 9018 vs 9028; what if anything one needs between the computer and the DAC. (I have a v1 PPA USB card powered by an lps... do I need extra gizmos on the USB line between that and the DAC--what do y'all think?) Thanks for your wisdom and opinions.
  9. Not to nitpick, but I think Run DMC's point was that Aerosmith's version of Walk this Way was rap. Back then, that very unifying point made a huge impression on lots of youngsters: Aerosmith turned out to be the gateway drug to rap for Millions of Young Honkies. I also think many people miss the connection between rap/hip-hop and much funk in the early 70s. Here's a couple of examples from Funkadelic, from 72 and 75 respectively, "Loose Booty" and "Get Off Your --- And Jam" (the latter is most definitely NSFW).
  10. And Dan Hicks, who was like no other at the intersection of folk and jazz. 2016 sucked. "He's a loose dude, In a loose mood..."
  11. I grew up in a part of the country where the radio almost never played funk. I had to go away to college to hear it. This was one of the great tunes of that style and that era. Maurice White had a hand in writing it; he's another of the greats we lost in 2016.
  12. Right you are. Clearly I'm not firing on all cylinders today. That must be why today's programming efforts have been slow and painful.
  13. Ooops, sorry. The X11SSM (without the -F at the end) will support it, but I don't see that for less than $200 (plus the added price tag for ECC memory), so I get any reluctance to go down the server board route.
  14. That's a great name for a new thread.
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