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  1. According to todays What Hi-Fi this offer is available to UK users, but no mention of the rest of the EU Studio Premier will only be .textClipping
  2. No sign of it in UK yet. If we don't get parity with the US I'll quit my Studio subscription and switch to the not too bad Amazon HD which I have on trial till December. I will not put up with discrimination.
  3. No sign of it in UK yet. If we don't get price parity with the US I'll quit my Studio subscription and switch to the not too bad Amazon HD which I have on trial till December. I will not put up with discrimination.
  4. I've been trying out the free Amazon HD and found it OK at the best. HD (16 bt ) was better than I'd experienced elsewhere including my own ALAC CD rips but the Ultra was nowhere near the SQ of Qobuz & Tidal top of the range streams. Also as I play on a number of devices (Mac mini desktop, another Mac mini connected to a AV system & a DAP) I wanted a proper favourites folder I can access with no issues like on Spotify & Qobuz, and also being able to integrate with Audirvana on my desktop. I'm in a position where I can make direct one on one comparisons and IMO Amazon doesn't really compare that well, so I'm not going to take up the subscription in three months & am sticking with Qobuz at around twice the price, but best of luck to those who find this suits them, it's actually very good value. Amazon may of course make improvements all round, in which case.....
  5. I was always a fan of DVD-A & SACD 5.1, so will give this a chance. I suppose it will work with any Atmos amps or soundbars & not just Amazon echo speakers.
  6. As an Amazon Prime member I've had no billing issues, so that might help. Have had this for a few days now and while the SQ is OK I find the user interface is not good at all. You cannot create favourite artists and have them in 'My Music' (like in Spotify, Tidal or Qobuz) as they only allow Albums or singles in there. I thought clicking on "following' would do the trick as it does on Spotify but no luck. Also you cannot delete all music that you no longer want listen to again in one go. Has to be done one song or album at a time, so don't build up a large collection if you only intend listening once or twice.. A button like in gmail would be useful to clear everything out in one hit. There's been at least three software upgrades, so it's still a work in progress and we do have the option of letting them know of any improvements we'd like via the facility in our settings.
  7. I empathise. I have a decent quality dedicated MacMini based AV system in my living room and also another MacMini in my study. At the moment I have just an old pair of Logitech + base speakers, but am looking for something much better for a quality secondary system. This looks really, really interesting and should be right up your street. Not due till early next year, so lots of time to consider your options. Yarra 3DX – The Future of Immersive 3D Audio.webloc
  8. Thanks Jud. So really it doesn't matter how low I set the A+ sample rate it will get the 24/192 treatment when it reaches the DAC. I guess the same applies if my music is of higher (than 24/192) sample rates, it will get downsampled to the Explorers maximum. My concern was that too much processing might cause SQ problems.
  9. So I set the A+ upsampling to 24/192 and the Meridian then auto upsamples it for a second time? Doesn't seem right to me. Or have I completely misunderstood the interaction between player & DAC?
  10. I’m going to be soon installing a Meridian Explorer2 USB DAC, and am a bit concerned over the impact of A+ upsampling on the Meridian which itself upsamples to 24/192. Should I set the A+ (3.0.6) forced upsampling to “none” (currently on 24/96) to avoid doubling up? Seems to me that processing the music twice in this way would be a bad thing. Any views on this please?
  11. I was just about to reply to your previous post and suggest unchecking exclusive mode in Tidal or any other apps. I always quit Tidal when playing iTunes or listening via Audirvana (which you've already done). Seems a bit odd. Sorry I can't help.
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