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  1. Good choice Doc....Been listening to this gal for 20 years +...Seen her in concert many times....she can put on a good show! "Turn up the Quiet" is recorded so well it's spooky!
  2. I have been intently listening to this women for half a century! I have all her albums including the one above.....She simply has no peers! Thanks Ray-Dude!
  3. Is Classical all that is listed here? The guys below are fun to listen to.....well recorded Electronic music will have you taping your feet quickly! I usually listen to Jazz, Smooth Jazz and some Classic Rock....give these guys a try....!
  4. Thanks for reporting you are back to whole again! When my tunes are not working properly I’m a grouchy SOB!..When my tunes are working everything is alright with the world! I’m looking forward to giving these a try myself! Thanks!
  5. I install Thierry's Filters as convolutions in Roon now. I also have a DDC in the chain between my MAC Mini and my DAC. It changes the USB signal to an AES signal for input in to my DAC. So then how would that work? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the reply! Do theses get installed in Roon like your other filters do? My Roon streamer is a dedicated MAC Mini with an 2.6KHz i7 with 16 GB RAM and a 1 TB SSD to play from. So I should be good. Thanks Thierry!!!
  7. Great to hear Thierry has something new to try. I just really love his filters both Regular and Crosstalk!! The bottom end in my system sounds so good and as I like to say 'plays nice with the rest of the FR"! I have stereo Subs and with Thierry's help made them seamlessly fit well together with my main towers! This makes me want to send Thierry some new measurements since I have changed a couple things around. Can the Soundstage Shaper and the Room Shaper be used separately or together?
  8. Ol'JA is digging himself deeper and deeper into NO CREDIBILITY!
  9. So JA....Please tell us....do you still believe in MQA and all the benefits you previously touted?????
  10. Well I would classify myself as an older reader of both Stereophile and TAS. But I cannot read them if I know the editors are full of crap and that every word they write is disingenuous.....period! I quit the vinyl religion two decades ago....and yea I had a VPI record cleaner, a hideously expensive TT and cupboards full of MoFi Vinyl. But digital has come a huge distance in 20 years! Vinyl is a huge time sync that I don't feel is worth it anymore. Roon lets me enjoy Music way, way more than I used to with Vinyl.
  11. Stephen, Sweeping comment? Well how come JA will not come forth with a CREDIBLE EXPLANATION??? He could save his butt with his readers or FOREVER NOT BE CREDIBLE!!! He cannot have it both ways....credibility doesn't work like that!
  12. So I guess that JA does not mind that he has BURNT ALL HIS BRIDGES WITH HIS READERS?????
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