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  1. With only 8760 total hours in a year, I simply cannot understand having 22,000 Albums.....but hell why does everything have to make sense...???
  2. Josh....thanks for this! Though i have heard Mr Withers many times in my 69 years...I've never owned any of his music...I'm currently listening to "Still Bill" while typing this (96 kHz/24 bit)!! One of the beauties of Qobuz is being to get almost any recorded music in a heart beat! Being able to appreciate his talents on this album will get me l to listen to many more of Bill Withers albums! Thanks again!!! Larry
  3. I haver never understood people with ridiculous sized libraries. I have a measly .5 TB and I have stuff I don't remember buying. How in the hell do you listen to 10-21 TB???? You could not possibly listen to that much music in any ONE lifetime!
  4. bluesman, You are right...it's a ritual...mine started with finding the album you want, pull out the special liner I bought from Mobile Fidelity, ....putting the album on my record cleaner, wash it with alcohol/water solution...then closing the lid to vacuum off the solution....then put it on the table, cue it up to cut(s) I wanted to hear, lower the tonearm...race back to MLP....because of this ritual, I did not listen to music as often as I'd like. With Roon, it's so easy to listen to anything I want in a split second!!...Mick Jagger one second and the Rippingtons the
  5. I use a dedicated i7 2.6 GHz with 16MB RAM MAC Mini with a 1 GB SSD run on 12VDC. I then use a AudioByte Hydra also run on 5VDC to send a AES signal to my DAC. It's extremely quiet and really quick. I think my rips sound cleaner & more detailed than listening to my Qobuz files. After using Qobuz for almost a year, it's not worth the price over rips. I find Roon allows me to listen to my collection way more than my vinyl days. I believe Roon is the finest music you can use to explore and listen to your collection, read liner notes like the vinyl days and get reviews of t
  6. That Sony DAP looks great - just reading about it now. If only it had 4TB++ of storage, I'd buy one right now. A couple of years from now I expect 4TB or more of storage to be a non issue, even in small DAPs. How in the hell do you listen to 4TB worth of Music??? I only have a .5 TB and there's always Music I stumble across that I have not heard in years and I listen almost every day! Holy smokes that's a ton of tunes!!!
  7. I use a MAC Mini/with SSD for my RoonServer controlled by my iPad. I find that Roon blows all other music players away for all it offers and the great Roon community to learn from! The way they can incorporate HAF filters for Room Correction is amazing! It's cool that they just made all iOS devices endpoints. Makes backyard listening great looking forward to using a HomePod to do the same....
  8. The update required MORE than software....it actually required new boards....why is that so hard to understand?? Everyone should be completely excited that the Yggy can be updated at all....Do I want to spend $700 (Analog 2 + GEN 5) plus shipping plus be without be beloved Yggy for a spell.... If it takes another jump in SQ it will be worth it.....
  9. While $550 is bit of money....like a lot of folks, many other DAC Mfg'ers don't even offer upgrades.....The original Yggy won a Absolute Sound's Product of the Year.....so it's no slouch for sure....nobody's forcing you to upgrade....options are everywhere!
  10. Your serial number will start with a "B".....they supposedly started shipping the update in October...
  11. I'll be getting mine updated and get the GEN 5 USB board at the same time... Thanks CA for the info...Mike let the cat out of the bag last nite...saying "if you want to get a Yggy you have a 12 hour window to take advantage of".... Now we know what the upgrade is....Way to go Schiit!
  12. David, Nice that you mentioned this...I run RoonServer from my MAC mini where my library is stored (1TB SSD). Other folks have told me to separate into Core and Library. But I simply cannot believe getting and setting up a NAS, yards and yards of CAT 6 cable, more Connectors/Connections, when my 12VDC MAC Mini run through my DDS Hydra Z gives black silence between the notes...
  13. Love to add the Red Dragonfly...but the Jack outlet would not work.....unless there is a 1/8th Inch Stereo Jack to USB...I wonder if there is...I'd get the Dragonfly in a heartbeat...
  14. For the time being I really like my wired connection...not a BT fan at the moment for my Car at least...
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