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  1. Maybe we could start a club....I also have a Sony SCD-777ES that is faulty....Wish it could be repaired! I do have a Oppo 105....and I've quit listening to Multichannel since I joined Roon...and miss the audio that is provides....since it sounds so good!
  2. George, Like everyone here states, thanks for a detailed review. I really enjoyed reading it since you wetted our whistle about it in your Yggy review. I own a freshly modified Yggy to the B spec and am really happy with it's performance using the AES input! Are you saying here that the Pontus gives the other more expensive DenaFrips DAC's a run for their money??? Thanks again!
  3. I am definitely not saying it's simple....I don't even know how when I have my iPhone and my iPad sitting closely, when I ask Siri a question how to "they" decide which device answers me..?? I would be happy to pay for such a feature to pair with Roon! It works great when in my car or walking the dog with headphones....(I'm wearing the 'phones not the dog! 🤣)
  4. All I wish is for Siri to work with Roon. Though I have examples of Alexa and Amazon's assistant (gifts), I never plug them in because I don't want them listening to my life 24/7. Google, Facecrook are nothing but data rapers I care not to align with them. I have been an Apple customer since the first iPhone...I think Apple is the least intrusive into my life via Siri. I user an iPad for Roon Control, and it works seamlessly...I'm already spoiled ...Roon with Voice control would just be icing on the music listening cake!
  5. The more I read these replies the more $5/disc transfer price seems the way to go to avoid headaches and maybe messing up your whole collection?
  6. Thanks for the motivation! I'll let you know how I do after trying to figure this out... I enjoy reading your articles after being a devoted reader to Stereophile since they started many many years ago!
  7. Thanks Kal for the reply! I guess I’ll give it a try....why not?
  8. After looking at something like 18 steps for each disc, $5 for Stereo/disc sounds worth it to have a service do it!
  9. Well I do own an older Oppo 105 if that will work. Ever since I got Roon I no longer listen to single discs... Thanks, Larry
  10. I have quite a few SACD's and some Blu-rays....I understand that there is a way or even folks who provide the service of getting them ripped to be able to play on Roon, which I use every single day! Is this true? Thanks, Larry
  11. Well I have the modded Yggy A2 with the Unison USB.....however I so wanted to get my Yggy up and running since I shipped it to Valencia to be modified, that I just re hooked up my USB to AES Bridge Audiobyte Hydra Z, that I have not even tried the USB cause the AES sounds so good. The digital signal comes from my MAC Mini that I run on 12VDC and then send to my Audiobyte that I also run on 5VDC (Multi-outputs LPS from HD-Plex) ...but I really wish I had that lovely black case as my Yggy is the only component that is dressed in Aluminum Silver. ... I also agree with Geo that the
  12. With only 8760 total hours in a year, I simply cannot understand having 22,000 Albums.....but hell why does everything have to make sense...???
  13. Josh....thanks for this! Though i have heard Mr Withers many times in my 69 years...I've never owned any of his music...I'm currently listening to "Still Bill" while typing this (96 kHz/24 bit)!! One of the beauties of Qobuz is being to get almost any recorded music in a heart beat! Being able to appreciate his talents on this album will get me l to listen to many more of Bill Withers albums! Thanks again!!! Larry
  14. I haver never understood people with ridiculous sized libraries. I have a measly .5 TB and I have stuff I don't remember buying. How in the hell do you listen to 10-21 TB???? You could not possibly listen to that much music in any ONE lifetime!
  15. bluesman, You are right...it's a ritual...mine started with finding the album you want, pull out the special liner I bought from Mobile Fidelity, ....putting the album on my record cleaner, wash it with alcohol/water solution...then closing the lid to vacuum off the solution....then put it on the table, cue it up to cut(s) I wanted to hear, lower the tonearm...race back to MLP....because of this ritual, I did not listen to music as often as I'd like. With Roon, it's so easy to listen to anything I want in a split second!!...Mick Jagger one second and the Rippingtons the
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