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  1. Try Roon.....you'll never look back!! Audirvana could not carry Roon's jock strap!!!
  2. I agree with you. I use Qobuz mostly to find out if I would enjoy the purchase. It seems That my rips exhibit similar qualities as you describe. I don't quite understand where the Qobuz version plays from before you actually "add" it to your library. Anyway, because I think I hear boosted bass from the Qobuz versions, it seems my rips are more accurate. I would like to see Chris's "Bit for Bit" comparo so I could what he was writing about above. His Bit for Bit identical infers that they have to sound the same, but I still would like to know where the file plays from. I just had a
  3. Has anyone here compared Qobuz to their own rips? FWIW, I find Qobuz seems to boost the bottom end a little compared to my own rips....Anyone?
  4. I'm not "stuck" with Roon....it's the best Music management software available! The rest are just pretenders... HAF does a great job of building my filters that lets my system provide me the most enjoyment possible.
  5. That may be true but then you're adding yet another Box, with AC, more cables and connections! This route is unnecessary when adding convolutions to the best Music Playing software on the planet!
  6. After trying a Dirac system and being disappointed that their system involves another ADC to DAC before being sent to the preamp, undoes all the work my DAC did. So I went with HAF building custom convolutions for me, to install into Roon, that made the biggest improvement in my system. The bottom ends sounds great and plays nice with the rest of the Freq. Response....from even low volumes and scales nicely! https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com
  7. It seems if Mr. Atkinson would reverse course based on his further examination of MQA, he regains huge strides in his credibility!!
  8. You would think that a group like AES would be credible.....Marketing should not have 1 second of discussion from an engineering firm. The truth is getting harder to come by making money is the real issue. DISGUSTING!
  9. I have read where educated ears recognizing High Res from 16/44 is at best 50/50....So if even Golden Ears get it wrong half the time...why is there even DSD if 192kHz cannot be recognized faithfully? Do all these guys/gals work for McGowan???😂🤣😂
  10. This world is so full of corruption, that I use one word to judge a person or company. Credibility! PS Audio and Paul McGowan have zero with me….!
  11. Thanks for the decidedly unbiased view....
  12. With all this nonsense/fraud about MQA, how can anyone feel good about buying ANY PS Audio gear? Qobuz is only $120/year...seems reasonable for what you get and can sample anything you can find before deciding to actually purchase a copy...
  13. It seems to really well recorded....my problem is that it is what I call Free Form jazz...different band members just doing solos they could never play the same twice ....The Jazz I most like is called Smooth Jazz or what I call Structured Jazz. Each song has a beginning.... middle... and end and they can play the same song again ...it got direction and actual music written for each instrument....Free form jazz sounds to me like each band member just makes stuff up as they go sometimes solo and sometimes with other members.... The best example of this type of Structured Jazz can b
  14. What a great article! Got an "edumacation" on the differences between Analog and Digital recording methods....surprising that they like the 3M digital version the best! Exactly the reason I gave up my Turntable fetish over two decades ago... Thanks to Josh for the post! I never had any idea how little Donald knew about actual writing music! And to read some think that Morph the Cat was a better recording...which I agree...makes sense though with the benefit of 25 years later and the technology that the time period brought with it!
  15. Man I can't wait until I have time to read this! I am huge Fagen and Steely Dan fan! I got myself canned from a job in the early 80's and to keep money coming I decide to try selling Health insurance to low income folks ....unfortunately the location was over 2 hours from home...Anyway I used to play Nightly Fly damn near every night loud as hell blaring from the little GTI's sound system.....anyway long story short...Mr Fagen saved my life more than once....Love the guy...it's a real shame Walter's demise came way too early! I am glad Two Against Nature got the wide ranging recognition it
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