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  1. Yes, the easiest solution would be an integration of my algorithm directly into Roon or HQP... and an i5 CPU is powerful enough to run Room Shaper plugin. As workaround, you can use an extra NUC in your network using this topology : Roon -> network streaming using the squeebox/UPnP tool -> NUC running Room Shaper plugin with Foobar has host -> UPnP network streaming -> renderer (endpoint) Not really straightforward... but you can contact me to get the detailed procedure if you want to make a test.
  2. I can only answer on how I personally use true stereo filters : - for loudspeakers / room correction and model based crosstalk reduction, the measurements have to be performed with a mono mic and for left and right channels independently - for HRTF based crosstalk reduction, the measurements have to be performed with a binaural mic (miniature microphones to be placed at ears entrance) and for left and right channels independently
  3. It is a little bit off topic but I use true stereo for my DRC service as I am offering some unique features like crosstalk reduction and direct / reverberant field correction.
  4. In all cases you need to end up with 2 stereo waves files following this mapping : so if you start from a stereo wave file you first need to split it in 2 separate channels before assembling the _HL and _HR wave files, like described in my previous post. The confusion certainly comes from the fact that my mention of "stereo convolution" does not relate to the way the 2 filters are set (one stereo file or 2 mono) but more to the fact that there is only 2 filters (one for each channel). On the other hand a "true stereo convolution" requires 4 filters, and this is why you need to feed the "missing" filters with silent. I have no personal experience with SoundSource, but any player or audio system manager accepting AU plugins is fine, Thierry
  5. Hi FYI you can use my own free convolution plugin if you are ready to do some files manipulation. The plugin is available here HAFconvo in Audio Unit format for Mac It is a "true" stereo convolution engine so using stereo wave files for filters definition : True stereo mapping As this tool has been designed for the customers of my service, you just need to create a "HAF" folder in your "Documents" folder and put your filters respecting the true stereo mapping described above and following this naming convention : HAF_xxx_HL.wav and HAF_xxx_HR.wav where xxx is the rounded sampling rate (44, 48, 88, 96, 176, 192, 352, 384) The plugin will automatically select the right files depending on the actual sampling rate. If you just want to use stereo convolution file, you can use a tool like Audacity to set the files like this - HAF_xxx_HL.wav : put your left convolution file on left channel and silent on right channel - HAF_xxx_HR.wav : put your right convolution file on right channel and silent on left channel Hope this can help, Thierry
  6. Room Shaper is an audio plugin, so a piece of software that is inserted into the audio reproduction chain to modify the digital signal. The processing is different from filtering and so can't be converted into filters. You can use Room Shaper directly with audio players like Audirvana, JRiver and Foobar as they accept external DSP plugins (the processing is quite demanding so a computer based solution is required - like a server / player configuration) Roon is not offering the option to load external DSP modules but there are some different workarounds for Mac or Windows, Thierry
  7. Hi all, I just published a video to make Room Shaper plugin effect more tangible for anyone Thierry
  8. Hi all, In that very special period, I am happy to announce some news from HAF - I have developed a brand new measurement tool to ease this process and make it accessible to anyone : info and link to the tool are available from this page - The service is now expanding to headphones with a brand new plugin (Soundstage shaper) : this plugin aims at providing more natural listening experience in an audiophile way (no virtual loudspeakers simulation) Infos are available on the Plugins page A companion tool to perform headphones equalization is coming soon... Kind regards, Thierry
  9. Hello, A solution using Audio Hijack with my Audio Unit plugin for convolution might work.. The audio chain would be : Apple music -> Audio Hijack + HAFconvo plugin -> AirPlay to DigiOne (Airfoil might be needed) I am not able to make a test myself, but it is worth making a try. Thierry
  10. I think the issue is solved, @OldBigEars had wrongly extracted the zip files whereas it is just needed to download them and select one of them in the DSP engine.
  11. Hello, Yes you need to measure L+sub and then R+sub and yes there will be an intermediate conversion to PCM for convolution. Thierry
  12. Hi all, I'd like to share some news with you Room shaper plugin : I have added an optional level correction to complement the plugin. This new level correction only applies to steady state parts of the input signal and so differs from correction based on filters. The idea is to protect transients and get the most transparent correction. The updated versions are available here (calibration process has to be performed again to account for this new feature) Audirvana users : I have generated a convolution plugin to apply the filters generated by my service. Buying a third party plugin is no more needed for Mac users. For Windows users it opens up for "turnkey" solution as there is currently no affordable true stereo convolution plugin Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info, Thierry
  13. Yes, thanks @kohmelo for the alert and for the support to test the fix ! FYI I have uploaded modified versions for Windows (32/64 bits) & Mac here
  14. FYI I have updated the Room Shaper Mac versions to avoid the issues with administrator rights : Room Shaper Mac versions
  15. I realize that there are some misunderstandings : Room Shaper is providing a new type of correction that can either be used - alone, for the ones looking at minimal correction not impacting the whole audio signal (transients for instance) - in combination with a more standard correction (filters) you can get from my service or any alternative solution like DEQX, Dirac, Acourate, etc..
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