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  1. Hi all, I'd like to share some news with you Room shaper plugin : I have added an optional level correction to complement the plugin. This new level correction only applies to steady state parts of the input signal and so differs from correction based on filters. The idea is to protect transients and get the most transparent correction. The updated versions are available here (calibration process has to be performed again to account for this new feature) Audirvana users : I have generated a convolution plugin to apply the filters generated by my service. Buying a third party plugin is no more needed for Mac users. For Windows users it opens up for "turnkey" solution as there is currently no affordable true stereo convolution plugin Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more info, Thierry
  2. Yes, thanks @kohmelo for the alert and for the support to test the fix ! FYI I have uploaded modified versions for Windows (32/64 bits) & Mac here
  3. FYI I have updated the Room Shaper Mac versions to avoid the issues with administrator rights : Room Shaper Mac versions
  4. I realize that there are some misunderstandings : Room Shaper is providing a new type of correction that can either be used - alone, for the ones looking at minimal correction not impacting the whole audio signal (transients for instance) - in combination with a more standard correction (filters) you can get from my service or any alternative solution like DEQX, Dirac, Acourate, etc..
  5. FYI I have added Mac versions of the Room Shaper plugin here I have made a revision of the Windows versions and added a standalone option that can be used as workaround for Roon users (see the tutorial available in the same directory, this option is valid if your DAC is directly connected to the PC running Roon)
  6. Yes the additional measurement positions are mandatory for phase (timing) correction. For levels correction I put more importance on the sweet spot measurement but consider as well the other ones to account for all possible slight variations (like head position)
  7. Ok, this should be linked to your configuration. I am not sure we can solve this issue but you can contact me at [email protected] to further dig into your case
  8. For Room shaper you can only measure listening position for left / right channel. The multi positions is for my DSP loudspeaker/room correction service.
  9. I advise you to try a DAW as VST host (like Reaper) as I got as well some issues with VSTHost previously
  10. What kind of VST host are you using ? do you have upsampling ? I have done some testing with similar computer resources as yours w/o issues up to 192 kHz
  11. The Windows version of the "Room shaper" plugin is now available. Some infos and download link can be found here
  12. Roon is not yet supporting external plugins but there are some workarounds like routing the output to a VST host or DAW. There are some examples on the Roon community.
  13. Hi all, things have been moving slowly but I am now close to have a product. I have been working on a new type of correction to address the uneven decay times coming from room resonances. As it is not standard filtering technique, I had to develop a specific plugin. The Windows version is under final testing and should be available within a month or so . Next step will be to adapt it for Mac...
  14. Thanks for all these feedbacks ! it is really encouraging. I am working on something new and will come back soon with more infos.
  15. @amir57bs FYI I am providing room correction & crosstalk reduction filters with super easy implementation in Roon My website : https://www.homeaudiofidelity.com/ Related discussion on Roon forum : https://community.roonlabs.com/t/roon-home-audio-fidelity-room-correction-convolution-filter-creation/29389
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