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  1. Hi All. The ER sounds like a fantastic product for server/endpoint/NAS setups and/or for those who stream music. If I understand correctly, the B side is attached to the PC closest to the DAC and isolates upstream noise. I would get one as well but I don't stream and plan to use a single PC setup very soon as top notch power supplies can be expensive. My PC/NUC would only be connected to ethernet to control playback. Is there anyone out there using ER in a single computer setup (eg. Euphony Stylus) who only plays local files attached to the local computer (ie. not NAS)? Thanks for any advice.
  2. The option has just been made available after contacting KempElectronics.
  3. Hi, Where is it that one can specify the Furutech Rhodium IEC connector on the ordering page? G
  4. Hi John, Are you allowed/able to share details of your current server/endpoint/software setup? Cheers, G
  5. Was this with Paul Hynes himself or the new Paul Hynes Design Ltd Company? Which email address are you using and when was your most recent contact? Geoff
  6. Thanks Rajiv, I am using AL/LMS on my Macmini server and Euphony/SQL on my NUC; the latter on trial. I was previously using AL/SQL on my NUC as well. I would like to properly trial Euphony Stylus EP but it makes LMS slow and unresponsive. My music is on a USB 3.1 HDD attached to my Macmini. I am not sure how to check my network speed but my Macmini is directly connected to my NUC via an ethernet cable (legacy of the "bridge"connection)😁 The NUC however works fine and just like AL/SQL when I use Euphony/SQL. As stated previously, I ultimately plan to use Euphony Stylus on a single machine but my Uptone LPS 1.2 won't power the NUC with the USB drive attached. I'm still waiting for my PHSR7 to return.😪 Thanks again for taking the time to help. Cheers, G
  7. At the moment I run AL on my Macmini server and Euphony on my NUC7PJYH. I tried Stylus EP but found long pauses between tracks and new tracks take 10-20sec to load depending on file size. I noticed that memory usage was only 4% and it is not adjustable. Things run more smoothly using Stylus Squeezlite and the buffers are adjustable and it so happens that 79% of 8Gb is used with my settings. From this I surmised that Stylus EP doesn't use the RAM in my NUC and is more reliant on AL/Macmini to preload files which I am not sure I can adjust. Could be wrong. In any case in my system there is not much difference in performance. G
  8. Hi All, I have a few WAV files in my library. Euphony seems to have trouble playing them and skips to the next "playable" track. Has anybody else had this issue?
  9. Hi Rajiv, Do I recall correctly reading that you use the distributed setup when "grazing" but Stylus monolithic when listening seriously? This implies Stylus is better in monolithic setup; at least in your system? G
  10. I believe this scenario would ultimately require x2 Euponhy licences. I'm not sure if I want to use the distributed method long term particularly if Zeljko doesn't think it is "necessary" given the underlying design principles of Euphony. When my PH SR7 returns from repair I will be able to run Euphony Stylus on a standalone NUC/Macmini. Has there been any trials to indicate the distributed mode is better? G
  11. Thanks Rajiv. I am now trying StylusEP. As for the Squeezelite buffers, the suggested settings are o longer "sticking". I have 8Gb RAM and what used to be 79% usage is now 4%. Here is the screen shot of the CPU isolation as well. Cheers, G
  12. Hi All, I finally managed to get Euphony running on my NUC7PJYH after using AL for some months. Unfortunately I can only run it in Squeezelite mode as my Uptone LPS 1.2 is not powerful enough to power Stylus with a USB drive attached. Still sounds good with Macmini running AL LMS as server. Have 8GB of RAM in the NUC and have setup ram buffers as suggested previously on pg. 9 my Rajiv. Can someone help me setup CPU isolation for the NUC which has 4 cores. Thanks in advance Geoff
  13. Thanks for sharing Larry. Do you feel the UI of Roon too good to sacrifice to try the Euphony Stylus as a one box solution or is that test configuration in the pipeline? Geoff
  14. Thanks Rajiv. What if one boots from a Euphony from a USB stick and there is no internal SSD/HDD. Music files are stored on an attached USB HDD. G
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