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  1. Hi Piero, Does that mean core isolation is not compatible with NUMA audiolinuxBFQ boot mode? G
  2. Hi Alex, I am currently using the new 36W SMPS "energizing" supply for both my LPS1 and LPS1.2. I have been advised by an audiophile friend/dealer to use a good quality LPS like the JS-2 as the "energizer" instead for better performance. I imagine you have a resolving system and wondered if you have tried this configuration yourself. Is there any merit, theoretical or otherwise, to this suggestion even if the gain is only marginal? Regards, Geoff
  3. Hi Rajiv, Forgive my ignorance but why does 2GB have fewer digits than 50MB? Geoff
  4. Thanks bobfa. I look forward to your observations. G
  5. I think the powerful server suggested above may only be relevant to users of Roon with a Squeezelite endpoint. We don't yet know if Euphony works just as well with a NUC type device vs a powerful server. Someone needs to do the actual comparison as what may work well with one OS may not translate to another. Euphony was designed as a one box solution which has a lot of appeal yet many here are insisting on using it in a server/renderer configuration. As above, I am just not sure if this has actually been tested as it seems to be assumed that a 2 box setup is superior. If one already has a Roon licence and enjoys the user interface then I understand. However if Stylus is not terrible and sounds as good, those without a Roon licence could potentially put resources elsewhere to improve their setup further. Can someone with the resources please test these 2 issues and advise. Cheers, Geoff
  6. Thanks. That would be another useful datapoint. G
  7. Was your NUCi7 previously powered by an LPS1.2? Is your SR4/19V switchable? If so does the +7V account for the improvement vs LPS1.2? G
  8. Where are you guys getting 4.57/4.58? I checked system update in eunhasu.local and v4.56 is the only one available which I already have. Cheers, Geoff
  9. Sorry if you have already done this but did you "save" settings and reboot?
  10. Hi All, I might be mistaken but Daphile seems to not be able to play Apple Lossless files ripped from CD natively where I expect the bit rate to be 1422kbps. It seems to play it at 705kbps variable bit rate (VBR) In the "advanced settings" under file types, transcoding or decoding into either FLAC/PCM/WAV gives a different VBR but all less than 1422kbps. What does this all mean and is there an optimum setting. Thanks for any pointers. Geoff
  11. squeezelite conf "-D -r 44100-768000 -b 800000:200000 -e alac -o front: CARD=Blu2, DEV=0" With the patience and help from Piero; I managed to get Squeezelite to play DSD256 via DoP on my DAC. He also helped me fix the instability of Squeezlite playing Apple Lossless files. Regards, Geoff
  12. Hi All, I am running LMS and Squeezelite via AL headless on a NUC7PJYH with 4GB RAM It plays DoP fine for DSD64 and DSD128 but can't play DSD256 even though my Chord DAVE/BluMkII is 768kHz capable. For those using Squeezelite as an endpoint for ROON; is playing DSD256 possible via DoP? It was working without any problems on my previous setup with Macmini/Audirvana. I would appreciate any help. Thanks Geoff
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