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  1. Hi ZB. Are you also working on a way to make "off line" DSD conversion to PGGB less memory intensive?
  2. Thanks Rajiv. Great work. Especially like the way you link your evaluation playlist. Looking forward to part 2 and your take on eq. @PriaptorDoes RAAL offer a "better amp" than the HSA-1b? "Of course, the "while I'm at it attitude" crept in and I decided, a system like this needs a "better" DAC as well as the better amp that RAAL sells and on and on."
  3. Does this look correct. I want to combine tracks 1-3 then 15-17. G
  4. Hi ZB, Sorry to be such a noob on this. I can't seem to add the " in the file. Can you please show me a screen shot of what you mean. Thanks G
  5. Hi ZB. Regarding combining tracks; is there a typo in the PGGB guide? Where it says "tracks 2 to 7" should it be "2:7" in the photo instead of "2:4"? In the folder; do I write i) combine.json["2:x", 7:14"] exactly or ii) ["2:x", 7:14"]combine.json Thanks
  6. Hi ZB, The 32DXD was not available when I downloaded the 24DXD. Is there any point in the 32bit version if using PGGB to output 24bit for use with SRX-DX?
  7. Hi ZB. I am trying out some filters made with Acourate. After correction, the overall level is -6dB down when compared with no correction. When plugging the filter into PGGB-EQ, does the track get processed with at -6dB as well?
  8. Hi Rajiv,


    Not sure if this has been asked before but did you manage to complete the RAAL-Requisite review?


    Best Regards,



    Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 3.40.39 pm.png

    1. austinpop


      Working on it. Stay tuned!

    2. HeeBroG




  9. Ok; final question on the topic ZB. Some live albums have tracks spliced in from another "take" but done at the same venue and with presumably the same equipment. This is often done quite cleverly during the applause between tracks to make it less obvious. Would combining these tracks be still be a valid approach? I ask as it would be quite laborious to perform this step try and distinguish which tracks to combine for certain albums. My inner OCD is getting the better of me!😅
  10. So in other words; combine tracks whenever possible if the album is a continuous recording.
  11. @Zaphod Beeblebrox Hi ZB, When combining tracks in a live album with say 3min tracks over 30mins duration; Each track at 3min would be about 128M taps. Whilst if combining the 10 tracks of 3min each would yield 1280M taps overall. Am I right that in this instance there is no advantage mathematically in combining the tracks? It would only be useful if tracks were of disparate lengths with some being particularly short say 45sec where there will be 32M taps? I'm trying to wrap my head around this concept and trying to
  12. HeeBroG

    HQ Player

    @Miska With regards to convolution filters; I used the UMIK mic in REW to measure my system response at the default sample rate of 48kHz. I have had correction filters created for me at multiple rates. Do I insert the 48KHz mono wav. file into the convolution engine or a file that has been upsampled to 384kHz? I am playing files back at 705./768kHz. Thanks G Geoff
  13. @austinpop Hi Rajiv. I am new to PGGB on my Win10 PC with 64GB DD4 2666MHz RAM. I have configured the Virtual RAM with a further 200GB as you suggested in your post Jun 8. For a 1FS album at 24/705.6, what is considered blazingly fast so I have a reference. Thanks Geoff
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