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  1. Thanks for sharing Larry. Do you feel the UI of Roon too good to sacrifice to try the Euphony Stylus as a one box solution or is that test configuration in the pipeline? Geoff
  2. Thanks Rajiv. What if one boots from a Euphony from a USB stick and there is no internal SSD/HDD. Music files are stored on an attached USB HDD. G
  3. Hi tapatrick, Thanks for sharing your experience. Just to clarify; are you using the NUC7PJYH as a single machine with Euphony Stylus? Secondly, may I ask how your NUC7PJYH powered? Geoff
  4. Hi mozes, What machine are LMS and Stylus EP running on? Geoff
  5. Thanks Rajiv. Is the "Buffer before play" equal to "Use Cache" if one doesn't have an Optane SSD boot drive?
  6. Hi Bob, I take it the best sound so far requires 2 Euphony licences; one for server and the other for endpoint running Stylus EP? Geoff
  7. Thanks bobfa. I did read Roy's comments but wondered if others have experimented and can confirm his findings. Roy suggested his preference for different settings depending on the genre of music. I personally would rather set and forget than change settings as it is a bit of a fiddle. Geoff
  8. Hi All, In a AL server/renderer setup, is it better to run the server on low CPU speeds and renderer on high or vice versa? If this has already been tested by others, I would rather enjoy my music than spend lots of time testing the various combinations. Thanks in advance for any tips. Geoff
  9. Hi Chris, What is the make of the speaker with the red/orange cabinet in the first photo?
  10. Hi Piero, Sorry for the ignorance but how is this different to 2Gb output buffer settings in Squeezelite as expounded here previously when in Ramroot mode?
  11. Hi Piero, Does that mean core isolation is not compatible with NUMA audiolinuxBFQ boot mode? G
  12. Hi Alex, I am currently using the new 36W SMPS "energizing" supply for both my LPS1 and LPS1.2. I have been advised by an audiophile friend/dealer to use a good quality LPS like the JS-2 as the "energizer" instead for better performance. I imagine you have a resolving system and wondered if you have tried this configuration yourself. Is there any merit, theoretical or otherwise, to this suggestion even if the gain is only marginal? Regards, Geoff
  13. Hi Rajiv, Forgive my ignorance but why does 2GB have fewer digits than 50MB? Geoff
  14. Thanks bobfa. I look forward to your observations. G
  15. I think the powerful server suggested above may only be relevant to users of Roon with a Squeezelite endpoint. We don't yet know if Euphony works just as well with a NUC type device vs a powerful server. Someone needs to do the actual comparison as what may work well with one OS may not translate to another. Euphony was designed as a one box solution which has a lot of appeal yet many here are insisting on using it in a server/renderer configuration. As above, I am just not sure if this has actually been tested as it seems to be assumed that a 2 box setup is superior. If one already has a Roon licence and enjoys the user interface then I understand. However if Stylus is not terrible and sounds as good, those without a Roon licence could potentially put resources elsewhere to improve their setup further. Can someone with the resources please test these 2 issues and advise. Cheers, Geoff
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