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  1. I use the x4 Townshend Pods under my speakers and subs. Perhaps not as stable as the platform but much cheaper. I don't have young kids/pets to worry about so it's not really an issue. I have a timber floor on concrete. My REL subs used to vibrate on it's feet at loud volumes as timber floors are never completely flat. I tried the spikes but it was still no good. I contacted REL who suggested Blue Tack but this is much better. I just used a spirit level app on my iPhone to adjust the position. G
  2. Hi Fred, Thanks for sharing your experience. Can I ask why you use Roon volume control instead of that on your preamp? Surely there is some loss in transparency using the software volume control. Geoff
  3. I believe it's a well renowned one beginning with E. Have another listen and it may be clearer now🤓
  4. The long wait times only extend to custom builds by PH but that is now closed. I think the standard supplies from PH Ltd including the SR4T's are shipping relatively quickly.
  5. Forgive my ignorance but the BS-GS2016 has been confirmed by some here as using the same board as the Melco S100 yet the latter is a 8 port device whereas the former is a 16 port switch. I would have thought the BS-GS2008 would be more like-for-like and therefore perform much the same as the BS-GS2016. Would that be a correct assumption? G
  6. Hi @bbosler, I received my Extreme 3 days ago and spoke with Emile via WhatsApp as he helped me with setup and configuration. I was previously using a NUC/Euphony Stylus server so I am not familiar with Roon. I asked him about the Roon update issue and he reassured me that it has been resolved. As I understand it, most Extreme users use JPlay as an output for Roon. It seems that particular Roon update did not work properly with JPlay but it wasn't apparent initially and the sound degradation was attributed to Roon itself. Clearly after further examination, the issue was discovered and hence the retraction. As I use a Chord DAVE like @ray-dude, Emile configured my Roon output with Chord ASIO driver. I can attest to the fact that the improvement in sound is very clear and NOT due to expectation bias even cold out of the box. Hope this helps. G
  7. Totally awesome attention to detail and master level workmanship. Simply the neatest job I have seen. Great work!👍
  8. As a electronic nube, I would really appreciate it if you could share some internal photos of your finished power supply.
  9. My apologies Stephen and Paul. I didn't realise this was the wrong thread. I'll try and have it deleted. Geoff
  10. Hi All, Just like to notify everyone that Paul has just responded to my email sent a month ago. He and his family are well but self isolating at home during the "lockdown". The PS build calendar is therefore on hold for now but he hopes to resume work in June. The patient wait continues but in the context of a potential global meltdown; there are more important matters at the moment. Keep Safe G
  11. Hi str-1, Is the SR4T-19 19v? If so how do you step down to 15v for M scaler?
  12. Another question about Euphony Stylus when streaming Tidal. When streaming 16/44 files, I noticed the Instant Bit Rate varies anywhere between 100Kbps to 900Kpbs. Why is that different to the Instant Bit Rate of 1411Kbps when playing 16/44 local files and does it make any difference to sound quality? I just wondered if there is something wrong with my network causing a limitation that I might need to improve. I have 100Mbps Modem/Router and switch. Cheers, Geoff
  13. Can anyone help me understand how Euphony Stylus continues playing for several minutes when streaming even if I disconnect the ethernet cable. On 16/44 album, it even loads the next song. I didn't leave it disconnected for more than a few minutes but was surprised it continues playing. When loading a new track, there is a short burst of network activity but I have no idea how much it is actually pulling from Tidal. I guess it must store the file or part of it somewhere on the server even if not in RAM. Just wondering🤨 Geoff
  14. Hi All, Does Euphony do the unfolding of MQA Master Quality files automatically? On my system it somehow only does 24/48. Is there a setting I need to switch on? Cheers, Geoff
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