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  1. Hi, i’ve had the M700’s for a week and found them to be just what i need in my system. Great soundstage and detail and obviously power to burn but with finesse! I’ve spent many hours digging out favourite tracks and taking them for a burst with the new amps. Direct stream junior is next on my list.
  2. Got the Altair. Well built and great sound! I've transferred my itunes library to a NAS. Does anyone know how to stream my itunes playlists???? The Lightning DS App wont do it.
  3. Heres a link to a review/comparison from Audio Bacon: https://audiobacon.net/2016/12/01/ps-audio-lanrover-review-vs-microrendu-uptone-ultracap-lps-1/ looks interesting........Also keen to hear from anyone whos had a good listen!
  4. Hi, I'm a new Audirvana user for my itunes, hd tracks and tidal libraries. In itunes i use iVolume for loudness adjustment. Do i need to turn this off in itunes before i can use replaygain normalisation in Audirvana?
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