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  1. thanks a lot! looking forward to reading some reviews from people in munich!
  2. hi guys, is the price of 15K Euros confirmed yet for the BXTs? and when are they expected to be available?
  3. thanks a lot for this comprehensive answer, really appreciate it @Confused
  4. @Confused did you consider at the time buying the sCLK-OCX10 clock from sotm vs the Ref10? are you happy with the performance of your Ref 10? I'm hesitant between the 2 clocks for my Mutec MC3+ USB which clocks my dCS network bridge. Thanks
  5. who made this test here? is it on this thread or another one? for me the MC3+USB doesn't change anything alone as external reclocker vs internal clock from dCS. Wondering about the addition of the Ref10 though... thanks!
  6. @stevebythebay can you please share which setting in Roon you are using to set the 1000ms delay? I would like to use it as well.
  7. I use the same 1st gen Apple remote. Comes with the Kii Control actually.
  8. Not wrong but I am comparing it to what I had. And the 272 is first and foremost a streamer.
  9. I honestly don't believe the trifecta could surpass my set-up, but it's just a belief, nothing to substantiate it. I did have a microrendu with LPS1 before, and the difference was significant. What decided me for the dCS bridge: I use Tidal, Roon and...Spotify Family (nobody's perfect!) which my wife, kids and I all use for the great play-lists they have and the fantastic app. Today Spotify isn't hi res but I'm still counting on their move in the future. Using it with SMS 200 ultra, you'd use Librespot for Spotify which I don't trust is a sustainable solution, I insisted
  10. I haven't done this test yet (Mutec as reclocker) as it seemed a bit counter-intuitive to me initially but that is something I'm willing to do, I have the necessary cable for that. I'll let you know how this turns out...
  11. FWIW, I compared it to Naim's NAC272 with XPS DR and the dCS network bridge was very slightly better but a better deal and I didn't need a preamp anymore, only a network bridge so sold my Naim gear with 0 regret and 3K back in my pocket...
  12. I have both dCS network bridge and Mutec MC3+ USB feeding it as external word clock. There is absolutely zero difference if I use the Mutec as external word clock vs using the internal clock of my dCS network bridge. Of course adding the ref 10 to the Mutec MC3+ may increase overall sound quality of my set-up but it's a pricey leap of faith. I repeated this test at least 10 times, had other audiophile friends do it with me and no-one heard any discernible difference. Hope that helps.
  13. best is to go direct digital in the Kii Threes vs using the analog option. I don't miss my previous DAC either (Schiit Yggy)
  14. I have my Kii Threes since 2 months now and I'm amazed at their performance. I bought them against a pair of ATC SCM 50A that auditioned at the same time, there was - for me - no contest. The Kii Threes were significantly above what the ATCs did for me, emotionally speaking. I agree with firedog they are not warm per say, rather natural and precise. In general, I am very very pleased at what I got for the money here...not cheap, but clearly providing significant value compared to higher priced alternatives.
  15. This was the one person now missing in the convoluted equation to go full circle.
  16. yes @flummoxe, I know this since I have the dCS bridge and it would only accept it via a Mutec MC3+ USB as external wordclock. There is no direct input for a ref clock. The mutec MC3+ USB changes absolutely nothing to SQ when used as external wordclock vs using internal clock of the dCS network bridge. Maybe the Ref 10 would increase overall system SQ but it's hard to say.
  17. It's turned into a very interesting thread - didn't expect that but I learned a lot in the process. I am indeed exploring the option of the isolation transformer, although being in EU I also learned that the mains tend to be cleaner. And no, I will not spend $5k to $10k for clean power, way overkill for me...
  18. thanks a lot guys - someone earlier mentioned that a power regenerator was going to be more appropriate than a conditioner. Why is this?
  19. thanks both, I take it that's also the Topaz isolation transformer that is mentioned in another topic, if I understand correctly?
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