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  1. I forgot one thing... My music was connected to a Mac Mini in another roon, connected to the same router. Maybe I'll be losing quality...
  2. Hello you guys, What's the signal path audio runs since PC (Roon Server) until DAC? Is it Path Red or Path Green? (Black are the Ethernet connections) If the path is Red, it's ok! But if it's Green, I think PC server quality is completely useless. If is Green, can I configure something to make path run the short one Red? Thanks!
  3. May from Sotm told me sps500 is better.
  4. Apparently, AL is not good anymore. The wow of this time is euphony. Best sound ever. etc etc etc
  5. IMPRESSIONS WITH A NUC SERVER Mikrotik router SFP Fiber + Nuc7i7BDNE Akasa (LPS Zerozone) > SnH-10G sclk-ex (stock ps) > Direcstream Sr. Bridge II AudioLinux Ram: sound very sharp, bright, lean, very detailed, a little fatigating, very stable (nuc gets very hot) Windows Server Data Center 2019 (no A.O) (M.2): details, bodied, harmonics richness, very enjoyable, network not very stable occasionally I will keep AL for some auditions and impressing some friends, but for my ears, WS19 sounds better (understanding better as natural and real). Now, I didn't understood why all that AL fuss...
  6. I will try direct connection bridged with fiber too, using two USB to SFP adapter/converters. Its only US$25 from chinese brand Winyao.
  7. IMPRESSIONS ABOUT SNH-10G (sclk-ex) Sold my Sotm Ultra Combo and replaced it for the SNH-10G switch + PS Audio Bridge II. Setup 1 Router > Mac Mini (stock ps) > Snh-10G (stock ps) Router > Snh-10G (stock ps) Snh-10G (stock ps) > PS Direcstream Bridge II Setup 2 Router > Mac Mini (stock ps) Direct Connection > SNh-10g (stock ps) > PS Directstream Bridge II Setup 2 is clearly and undoubtedly better. Level is some db higher, more musical, more body, more everything. bridged ethernet connection is a no return config. But I will try fiber one time. Next steps to listen (after Brazilian carnival): Replace the dlink for a SFP input router (zerozone lps), fibered to SNH-10G. Replace mac mini for i7dbne on Akasa (Linear Power Supply Zerozone) running OSX on M.2, Audiolinux headless and Windows Server 19, both ram mode. Replace Snh-10g stock ps for a linear power supply (sps500 or zerozone).
  8. DNKE and DNHE uses the same DNBE board. Order a DBNE if you use a chassis other than stock.
  9. Turntable seems a lot more natural.
  10. If you need to have two unities to get the best SQ, there was a little project failure.
  11. @Superdad how is possible stater kit includes a linear power supply for only $99 if the cheapest lps of smallgreen is $159? is it another lps? Could you send picture and specs please?
  12. Does following path could work? A option to try clean the path of ethernet beggining in the router wall wart.
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