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    HQ Player

    In fact, this can be verified by ripping a CD by dBpoweramp to a set of FLAC compressed files and another set of uncompressed FLAC files, and then comparing the SQ between these two sets of files. There is a selectable option in dBpoweramp for different levels of compression. You can also conduct blind test between these FLAC files and the corresponding WAV files.
  2. Hi @Miska, thank you for your advice. You had mentioned that there were two tested options. But there were actually 3 options stated in your message. Did you mean that one of the 3 options hasn't been thoroughly tested, or was it just a typo only? For option 3 (RME HDSPe AIO card), you had mentioned that the driver is a bit buggy. Did you mean that the option may not be working properly? Thank you for your kind attention.
  3. @Miska, I remember that you had mentioned in certain threads some time ago about how to use Chromecast Audio to stream music sources as input to the HQPE. Could you please kindly advise how to achieve it or refer me to the right thread for the information? Thanks!
  4. @Miska, is there any sound quality difference that you find between direct connection of HQPE to DAC and via NAA? Kindly advise. Thanks.
  5. Hello Joel, not at all. You are welcome. Cheers.
  6. Hi Joel, although I remember I had read the answer somewhere else, it still took me some time to find out the right thread. The simple answer is to send an email to @Miska. For details, please refer to the thread below. Cheers. https://www.computeraudiophile.com/forums/topic/19715-hq-player/?do=findComment&comment=908065
  7. I have encountered situation that is a little similar to your case. Originally, the AL 0.5 worked fine on my system. But after I had upgraded it to 0.7 with web interface access according to the procedure provided by Piero in the messages on this thread days ago, I had encountered about 5 times of system hang or suspension with the display of some unknown messages. Previously, I noticed that each system problem occurred just after I had update the system kernel by selecting this option on the menu. Each time after encountered this problem, I had to re-installed AL 0.5 from scratch and then update it to 0.7 or 0.8. After two such undesirable experience, I did not dare to update the kernel again. I had also reported the case to Piero. He then asked me about the messages displayed. Because of this, I had tried to update the kernel again. In accordance to my previous observations, the same problem happened again. Then I captured the screenshot of the messages to Piero for his reference. Then I re-installed AL 0.5 and upgraded it to 0.7 or 0.8. I did also try to update the kernel manually according to the procedure on AudioLinux website instead of using the menu option in order to check if there was any difference. Unfortunately, the system problem happened again. This was the fourth times that I had to re-install AL 0.5 from scratch and upgrade it to 0.8. Piero had told me that it might be because that the latest kernel does not compatible, and told me not to update until the kernel will be updated again later on to fix it. Then AL 0.8 works well for a few days. However, even though I have not updated the kernel, the system suspension has occurred two times again today. After two times of reboot, it seems to resume working for the time being. But it seems the AL 0.8 is not quite stable now.
  8. simonklp

    HQ Player

    Wholeheartedly agree with you on the fantastic value that @Miska has been contributing in development and continuous improvement of the HQP. I had selected to purchase the license of HQPE in addition to HQP Desktop as my support and salute to @Miska, in spite of the difficulties and problems that I had encountered in picking up on how to use the HQPE on my system. BTW, wish you and all CA fans/ friends a Merry Christmas and Happy & Wonderful New Year!
  9. Wish Phil, your family and all of the CA fans/ friends a Merry Christmas too! Cheers!
  10. simonklp

    HQ Player

    Hi @Miska, kindly advise where to find the information or procedure about how to connect and use the realtime audio inputs on HQPE. Thanks.
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