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  1. Thank-you @matthias ... I do know of the site ... some early comparisons there , for sure ... If the EITR is 'warmpoo' compared to UNISON, perhaps that may be a subjective preference!! I'm not sure I want a totally clinical presentation, It has to be smooth, engaging, detailed and musically entertaining. .... I keep an open mind but remain to be convinced.
  2. @Holzohr Bizzare occurence ! Back on topic ... I would be interested in hearing anyone's views of EITR versus UNISON. Only Bifrost 2 with UNISON at the moment, but I would guess there might be some Bifrost 1 owners that used EITR (or built-in Gen5) that may have switched to the 2. Early days yet, I guess.
  3. @Holzohr I bought the Gungnir from Schiit-UK originally so perhaps I am obliged to use them for servicing ... not sure if that's the case. I'll check nearer the time when the upgrade will be available.
  4. @Blake ... yes, I use the BNC input on the Schiit Gungnir ... in my experience, its USB (pre-Gen5) is the worst input, and I find the BNC input rather better than RCA, especially from EITR. I may consider the new UNISON USB upgrade when it becomes available ... depending on cost and the shipping circumstances after Brexit, as I would have to post to the UK.
  5. I missed that update... less speculative than I first thought !
  6. Yes, my view is that the CD-Transport is speculative, based on some comments Mike Moffat made some time ago ... possibly a wish rater than an actual product at this stage,
  7. I just received my last EITR (probably) ... and I took notice of the serial numbers ... of the first one I bought in 2017 (soon after it was launched) and the most recent one ... I'm really not sure if they run consecutively .. the prefix is the same tho' ... but the difference is only 2186. That really doesn't sound like an awfully high number to me for the period of time involved.
  8. @creativepart .. Yes, you're quite right ... the main (Schiit) power supply stays. It's the 5v through USB that is not isolated, from what's been said, and that's where the benefit is, IMO.
  9. Ok, then perhaps the LPS isn't necessary for the EITR as it's getting a clean power/signal from the ISORegen ... if I understand your chain correctly.
  10. I'm not sure about the need for the ISORegen ... so, perrhps you could use the Uptone LPS for the EITR (with the right connector). Kill the 'cat' ... metaphorically speaking, of course !
  11. Might be worth it ... and if you're in the mood to splash a bit more cash, a couple of us have hooked up an Uptone LPS to inject clean 5v power into the EITR to avoid dirty power from the source PC or MAC. I think it makes a worthwhile difference ... YMMV
  12. UNISON, aka Schiit's homebrew USB handler to replace C-Media, will likely NOT appear in an EITR type product ... from what's been said by JS in the past. At this stage, it seems, it is destined only within Schiit DACs, either new product (e.g Bifrost2) or as an upgrade to existing upgradeable DAC products, sometime early 2020.
  13. Not on Qobuz in France ... pity !! EDIT: Found it ... Listed as a Trio album
  14. Point taken, although I was really more getting at the fact the JS is not intending to produce an EITR-UNISON version (whatever that may turn out to be). UNISON will almost certainly be patented ... but I'm guessing.
  15. There is possibly another reason ... with UNISON coming out in their DAC products ... and in the absence of an EITR-UNISON, there is a greater 'encouragement ' for people to invest in the newer DACs rather than upgrade them via an EITR. It would drive greater sales of the more lucrative items in their product line. I'm not saying that's wrong ... it makes good business sense and funds future R&D/Engineering costs. EDIT: IOW ...perhaps EITR cannibalised the higher ticket price items too much.
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