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  1. Yes, I've been following progress on the CD Transport. I wasn't aware of the price ... I didn't think that had been released yet. Pricey indeed, perhaps too pricey to simply act as an EITR replacement. But, it plays CDs as well ! 😄
  2. By preference I would use an isolating transformer ... I use one in my speaker system ... however, I do have a grounded AC iPower (2 green lights) in use for a couple of key devices (DAC & Amp) in my headphone setup. Tonight I took the iPower out of the block and although the difference wasn't massive, the was a noticeable decrease in dynamics in the music. So, it's doing something worthwhile to my ears. The only items plugged outside of the iPower are a couple of SMPS's, a lamp and my MacMini. I don't suppose the noise from the iPower would affect those from an audible point o
  3. @audiobomber ... both @Abtr and myself inject 5v DC from a decent PS at the USB-B plug, using an adapter for the purpose, thus eliminating 'dirty' power on the USB power lines from the source computer. That will certainly improve the EITR SQ.
  4. @audiobomber ... I believe the Shiit EITR wallwart is a step-down AC output PS ... is the iFi iPower not DC ??
  5. I do intend to get another Airlink transformer at some point, as they make such a worthwhile difference. I'm glad we found that solution through our discourse in the past. I seem to recall you did a mod to yours which I felt was beyond my capabilities ... I'm a software person and avoid 'hardware' issues when people ask for advice ... and certainly steer clear of anything electrical or electronic. 🙂
  6. No, I don't think it is better ... the Airlink is performing service with my Naim Mu-so 2 speaker setup, where it makes a big difference. But the iPurifier is certainly better than straight mains.
  7. Yes. With the same LPSU25, It has two 5v outputs. I appreciate this may not be ideal for good electrical reasons. It's all I had to hand at the time. I no longer have the Airlink on my headphone setup. I have instead used iFi AC iPurifier. The Uptone LPS-1 energiser before the iPurifier and everything else after. Yes, my tests made that clear to me as well.
  8. As a final aside: I really think you should get a replacement UpTone LPS-1 @Abtr, if only to prove/disprove my tests ! 🙂
  9. I tried the Audiophonics LPSU25 power supply connected to the Topping D10s, as well as to the Hecate (before you ask @Abtr 🙂). Surprisingly, I prefer the D10s with the LPSU25 overall (versus with the UpTone LPS-1)... although I found the bass guitar chord-tones a bit easier to follow on the Hecate/LPSU25. They were that bit clearer and sounded less muted (softened ?) through the Aeons. So, the attack/bite margin has closed between Hecate/LPS-1 and D10s/LPSU25 .... Not, however, the ambience/airiness. Ambience has more presence on the Hecate/LPS-1, especially when liste
  10. I had the LPS-1 connected to the D10s ... I'll try the Audiophonics LPS25 to see what difference I can detect, as you suggest.
  11. Glad of any input you may have @audiobomber
  12. I do agree with your conclusion that the difference between D10s Toslink direct to DAC and Hecate/DeLock is not big ... it is close.
  13. I have been somewhat distracted by code deadlines for the last week or so. I did re-test my setup, to make sure there were no redundant connections anywhere that might affect my hearing results. I have to conclude the same result, i.e. a personal preference for the Hecate/DeLock in my system. I do wonder whether this has something to do with the difference in our transducers to our ears, your KEF's and my Aeon Flow Open Headphones. Is it the transient response differences of our transducers ? ... is it transients in the music that I am observing are missing, when I describe 'attack
  14. Mmm ... I'm sure when I first started I didn't have the coax connected at all, just Toslink. That's what I focused on initially. But I'll re-do the test next day or so to make sure. Entirely possible. Hecate/DeLock is more refined than EITR/DeLock ... I have no doubt about that. The difference between Hecate/DeLock and D10s Toslink direct is more subtle but enough of a difference to draw a distinction to my ears. Personal preference may be the decider here. Or, simply some system differences.
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