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  1. What have you found out about the CPU isolation, etc? I have not tried that. I will have to revisit my BIOS Settings as I do not remember where I left things.
  2. Guys. I love the info about other OS configs,etc. but let’s keep this to Euphony stuff.
  3. Thank for the info gang. Let’s try to keep this thread on the subject of Euphony setup and issues please.
  4. For me it is about time to try the different ports to see if there is a difference. Then evaluate that! The element card was in there for the USB disk drive. I was actually thinking about taking it out to reduce stuff in the case. I am looking at some new RAM and I may open-er-up and do both at the same time. I have to source the ECC RAM first.
  5. I need to find a source for the RAM and make sure it will work with my Motherboard, etc.. It is on the list.....
  6. I can demonstrate very simply that various "USB Sources" make a significant difference in sound. G.I.G.O. !! The Kii's will let you hear what you are feeding them. I think they also "elevate" things that are not that good. I have a couple of longer posts headed out soon. They will be on the Massive thread in order to keep this cleaner. RJF
  7. It is in the server. I am switching between it and the USB on the motherboard. I am not ready to talk about that.
  8. Today I made another change to the system. The server has a fiber ethernet cable to the main switch in my basement. I was using a generic FMC from FS.COM and today I replaced it with the Sonore Optical Module. I am using the same cables I had before. The GHENT JSSG360 Ethernet cable between the server and the FMC. I will test with the Sonore provided short cable also. I just wanted to change one thing at a time. So here is the current USB setup with the SoTM and the Lush^2 cable: Here is a shot of the Sonos Optical Module before I put it into the system: **Note I am using Single Mode Bi-directional fiber cabling so I have a different SFP module. ** Bob
  9. I have made some changes to my system and I will document part of them on this thread. I am going to update the lead page with the changes to the server as it has evolved to eliminate the things I migrated to both hardware and software! In the most recent systems change I have replaced my ISORegen with an SoTM txUSBultra from Audio Sensibility, with their full set of mods. I am feeding it from my HDPLEX 400 through an LPS1.2 for power. I am using an Ghent JSSG360 USB between the server and the txUSBultra and a Lush2 on the output to the Kii Control.
  10. I have Ubiquity gear in my home and at several customers. There can be a little learning curve on the setup. The gear is absolutely rock solid! HIGHLY recommended. IF you get the system buy the cloudkey to go with the Security Gateway. IT is better than running stuff on a PC or MAC all the time. The Gen2 cloudkeys are faster and if you think you are going to want security cameras then get the one with the hard drive inside.
  11. I received my optical module today. It is replacing a FS.com generic FMC. I am using the same GHENT JSSG ethernet cable that I have been using. I will try the short ethernet cable provided later. I wanted to change only one thing at a time! The Optical Module is powered with a 5V rail from my HDPLEX 500 supply. The initial experience is a pleasant surprise! I will start a thread shortly on what I have been doing that includes this module. Thanks to the team at SONORE for this lovely little box! Bob
  12. We will be very interested to hear about how things sound as you go forward!
  13. Chris, Thank you for the update! Can you tell us the software configuration you were using for the second part of the review? Roon, LMS? Etc. What was behind the scenes here?
  14. I know what I am doing before breakfast. 🎶✌️👍
  15. I am betting that they are getting heat from both the consumer and the provider side. They could be in contract violation with the music labels! This is not a fun place for them to be. (Or us). This feels like an instantiation of the major risks of connected/cloud/services. I can imagine the losses of revenue that they may be experiencing. I wonder if they can measure it? I would be very interested to be in the after-action meeting when they get this cleaned up. I was wrong about my initial assumption of some sort of SQL injection attack. This is worse, theft of services, WHEW. Is it bad API design, is it bad software design? If I was Tidal/Spotify/others I would be looking at this VERY CAREFULLY! VERY!
  16. @Jud may be on to something.... Maybe just maybe. Hanlon's Razor applies here: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Or Bob's Corollary: Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by lack of software testing! https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hanlon's_razor
  17. Aangen, I am currently playing from Qobuz on my Volumio Primo just fine. I am also streaming directly on my iPad. Anger does not really help. We know for sure that about a week ago there was a problem with their systems and they had a crash! Recovering from that process required some of the vendors to make changes. I do not know what might be going on today. Lets use some logic to find and fix the issues: Go to the following website for Euphony and put in a support ticket: https://euphony-audio.com/hesk/ Tell them what your issue is. I am sure you will get a response soon. Remember they are on the other side of the globe! You can also trying DMing @qobuz. on twitter to see if they can help. ---------------- You can also dig around here: https://help.qobuz.com/hc/en-us I am pretty sure the Qobuz app cannot send stuff to Jriver. I do not think that Jriver has a Qobuz plugin..........
  18. From what I have read there is/was/still is?? A defect in Qobuz that caused an outage. It may be related to what is most likely an accidental SQL injection vunlerablity in their API (My assumption). The revoked some of the API keys for different software packages that talk to their API. So there may be a need for a software update or just sign out and sign back in..
  19. Welcome to the forum. This post might interest you
  20. I have never used the PTS server device so I cannot comment on that specific hardware. I would think you should be able to start a Roon Trial on that device only and try what Rajiv has suggested above. I am running a custom built XEON based server with that same software. I switch between Roon and Stylus on a regular basis. I have also been moving between a single box and a dual box solution. With the new version of Euphony running in RAM I am finding the single box solution very compelling. Much more listening to do and some tweaks on the USB interface to my Kii Three Speakers.
  21. I did not think that the LPS-1.2 would run the TXUSBUltra. I will try to start with that when mine arrives from Audiosensibility. I am torn by power supply selection and I am not going to rush.
  22. A bunch of folks were making assumptions about QOBUZ outages a few days ago. Here is some real data and "My assumptions from that data"! First the email: Dear MyVolumio user,This is to inform that we released an emergency update to restore QOBUZ Functionality.What happened:On friday 20th QOBUZ contacted us to notify the would temporarily suspend our API access. This was due to a particular search string that caused malfunctions on their infrastructure. They required us to make an urgent change on our implementation, which we did the same day. On Monday 23rd however, they communicated instead that they were issuing a new API key for Volumio, in order to restrict access to old Volumio clients.This means that existing users would not be able to access QOBUZ until they update to a new version with this new API key.Solution:To restore QOBUZ functionality, simply update to latest Volumio version. Then log-out and log-in in QOBUZ.We are sorry about this inconvenience and we did all that we could to solve the matter with the least disruption on your side.Thanks again for being a MyVolumio user!Enjoy the musicThe Volumio Team and the release notes: SO Bob's Guess. I am betting on software bugs. This tells me something SQL injected them and caused an outage.. Now was that intentional or human error? I am also going out on a limb and guessing that the bug might not be fixed yet as they are asking vendors to not send them "certain search strings". My Prediction: Watch for an "announced server outage" in the future. RJF. (CISM, CISSP --- Retired) Now back to listening to music!
  23. "Bob's Summer of Fun" Over the summer I have been busy with work and, I have not been posting to Audiophilestyle. I have also been waiting for "part 2" from Chris on the Signature Rendu SE Optical. Today I decided to go ahead and post about my experience this summer. I have used products from Sonore for a while, but I had drifted over to custom-built hardware. I have been using a custom server and a couple of different endpoints based on the Intel NUC platform. In all of the work/fun, everything seemed incremental. I would mix-match-remix, and it sounded "the same but different." After Chris did his part one review, I decided to give the new Sonore box a try. Since the beginning of July, I have had the Signature Rendu SE Optical Tier 1 (SRSO) in my system. I have also purchased the large SD card from Sonore, but I have not done a lot of testing with LMS and none with MPD for the moment. My primary playback system is Roon. My Server has been running a beta version of Euphony that allowed running the OS in RAM to improve sound quality. I just updated to the 20190912 production release today. I will not discuss that here other than to note that it does edge things up further. Listening to the SRSO in my system, there is more space, more depth in the musical soundstage. The music has a smoothness that I have not enjoyed before. The sound quality improvement does not come at any expense in detail. I feel that this is the best endpoint I have ever had in my system. I have to take the time to listen to LMS and MPD with the SRSO! I know that Chris liked it. My short look of LMS running on the SRSO was favorable, but the two box Roon Server system was better. I hope to get some more time to listen to the system with the SRSO by itself using LMS and MPD. I can pry myself away from Roon; I know I can! This solution is not in-expensive, but it does deliver. I am not ready to try the Tier II upgrade YET! There is more I can do in my system. The Server is set to bridge the network with two FMC devices that are of dubious quality. I would love a dual ethernet card with SFP slots that are supported by Linux. Maybe a Sonore Optical module, maybe an EtherRegen. I know that I could replace the Ghent USB cable with something else. I do not know what I will try next. Time will tell.
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