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  1. On Moode I think you need MPD and UPnP setup to use UPnP... I have not tried Kazoo so I do not know if it works with tidal. bubble is android only does not work on apple. Mconnect also works on Apple.
  2. The meter measure the current draw on the AC side of the system. This does not translate to the actual current that is being provided on the DC side. There are losses in the supply.
  3. Thank you for the observations. I have not done a proper comparison of the DigiOne to the USBridge. I wonder what the differences in cabling or the differences in the inputs to a DAC do to these comparisons? I have to get to this soon!
  4. I should have said USA. This by country stuff is just weird to me!
  5. SJJ, Hello! Welcome to the forum. I hope you have fun and we can all learn from each other. I have tested with both SSD (SATA) and SSD (NVME) internal to servers. I have found that for me they muck with the sound. When I moved to an external USB spinning hard drive, powered by a separate power supply it cleaned things up a lot. I have not tested with USB SSD. I have not left an un-used SSD in a box to see if I can hear any noise from it. If you have seen my article on my server configuration it may show you what I am doing: (I need to update that thread.....) I wonder today with the new software I am testing if I could hear the difference between the external drive and the NAS. Just do not know! I am working to reduce the management work of wrangling the large library For my current server I only have the Intel Optane 32Gb stick in the server for boot/ Roon database, etc. I have 70 K tracks with no issues. I keep my music on a NAS out of the living space so that we do not hear the physical noise from the drives or the fan.
  6. Not anything I have seen. Is this streaming or local files? I would put it a help ticket with more info.
  7. Qobuz is missing album: Destroyer Kaputt. Looks like Tidal has a lot more of their work. https://listen.tidal.com/album/37266662
  8. Roon talks a lot in their documentation about using Solid State Drives. While Processor is less important for some things the SSD is rather critical for them.
  9. I have no idea. I think the modalities here are not well understood, at least by me! What I have found is that every software package and OS makes changes to how things sound! So the Roon Bridge sounds different that Squeezelite. Bob
  10. I have the Shanti supplies on both of them. I have not experimented with others. Too many items in the matrix to test. I also wanted the Allo testing to be on a common ground and price scale....
  11. When I say endpoint I mean. The renderer, D to D. Typically Ethernet to USB or other DAC input.
  12. Matt, I think it is an interesting way of looking at the situation. It is also a “new” way of distributing the computing power. While this works for a single system it becomes expensive when there is more than one endpoint to drive. I also think that you have to address the link between the computer and the DAC. I know that the SG Extreme does that too. I think, i do not know! That the attention to power supplies and system layout has a large impact. Software and Operating Systems is yet another part of the matrix. What we DO NOT know is what the modality of the problem we are solving is. We cannot directly measure it. The folks at Sonore, and UpTone Audio are working this from some other angles.. DCS seems to have a pretty good idea of what they are doing too! Over the summer I was using my Xeon box and a txUSBultra as a single box solution that worked very well it was the best my system had sounded. When I reviewed the Allo I found it a great endpoint solution that sounds a lot better than the Xeon system alone. NOW here is a interesting question. I was not using the same software platforms on the endpoints. There are so many combinations to test. I can now get the same OS on both Pi and x86. I wonder what my server will sound like with GentooPlayer. Is my combination of home brew server, txUSBultra, and OpticalModule comparable to the USBridge Sig?? Finding this out is a matter of time/planning and the will to do it. I still have to review the DigiOne board in my Allo. Whew... With a more ??sane?? budget, I am working to get better results. So far I am succeeding in making things better and better. Bob
  13. Now that I am set back up with the NUC free to use and an endpoint I can run GentooPlayer on it and see what happens. I actually had not thought of testing this way. Thanks for the idea. bob
  14. A Tale of Three Roon Servers To haul this thread a bit more back on track, here is a little story about SQ in my systems. I have been using Allo USBridge Sig endpoints to a couple of different music server software systems. I have tried UPnP, Audirvana, and Roon. I have narrowed down the software in the Allo to either MoOde or GentooPlayer. While both sound good, MoOde does not seem to work right with Roon! GentooPlayer has held up well for me. The Allo USBridge Sig is the best sounding endpoint I have used to-date in my systems. While the Allo does an excellent job of isolating the noise from the DAC, it is not perfect. Two NUCs running ROCK and a Xeon running Euphony I wanted to find out if the server mattered any more! I started with two different 7i7 NUC devices: The first one is in the Intel tall chassis with fan and the external switching supply. The second one is my fan-less build with an HDPLEX 200 power supply. I installed Roon ROCK on both systems so I could swap back and forth. There are other differences in the hardware, RAM, and SSD vs. Optane, so the differences are exaggerated. On both Allo endpoints, the difference was instantly observable. The Intel chassis model sounded harsh, and the dynamics are constrained. It felt like I stepped back ten years, yuk! I hope my HD-800 cans were not insulted! The next test is to bring in my Xeon server with an HDPLEX 400 LPS. I added back in the Sonore Opticalmodule, bridged the network to the Allo on my Kii Three speaker system. The music feels excellent; there is additional detail, bass clarity, and midrange strength with none of the high-end glare! Now the fan-less NUC running Roon ROCK is pretty darn good, but the Xeon box is way better. And not a Paul Hines SR power supply in sight! There is so much more to research. I can take out the Opticalmodule and use a generic FMC or wired ethernet. So much more with software. Different kernels and settings. I am not even loading endpoints or server OS into RAM yet. What is incredible is that after several months of reviewing and testing, I got my Roon back! For right now, this is an excellent place to pause and Enjoy the Music. Bob Reference Threads: https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55383-from-0-to-nucalram-in-2-hours/?tab=comments#comment-917302 https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55681-from-0-to-xeonalroon-server-in-2-days/?tab=comments#comment-928961 https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/allo-usbridge-sig-review-r858/ https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/55235-gentooplayer/#comments
  15. Do you know what the difference is? Does it work with Roon? Does it sound different to you?? Easy to test!!
  16. as a test. open up the terminal app on the Mac. Type the following command ssh [email protected] The Mac will ask you to save the SSH key; type YES That should get you on to the Gentoo Player box and run the menus from there. IF that is working then we are close to getting you playing music. -------- You can also try in safari to type into the address bar and see if it responds. ----------
  17. Zachawry, The Rendu does not need to be connected to the “internet”. It does need an IP address on your LAN (local area network). Almost all devices by default get their address from the Router on the network assigning that address using a protocol called DHCP. You can operate as you are now until you learn more about network bridging. Then you can set up a network bridge on your Mac to relay the IP traffic needed on the network. Below is a help article to give you some more info. https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/bridge-virtual-network-interfaces-on-mac-mh43557/mac There is a lot of discussion about using Macs in audio systems here on the forum including some stuff on bridging. It is not hard, just different! What software are you going to use to play music? You have to get the Rendu setup to talk to that!. Bob
  18. I dug around a little bit and it looks like there is a beta that will run on the USBridge Sig. I will see when I have time to play with it. Thanks.
  19. Nope I have not even heard of Picoreplayer. Is there a thread on it here on the forum? If not start one and we can look into it. I am doing server testing right now so it would be a while till I can get to looking at it.
  20. now I get it. Actually I got it after I messed around. THANKS. cat by any other name!
  21. How should the disk be partitioned before starting?
  22. nbpf what is your software chain for the comparison? I keep finding that the software is a HUGE part of the equation. I love direct experience comparisons!
  23. What is happening with the Codex? Was it Roon to MoOde? During my testing MoOde and Roon are unstable together. Audirvana to MoOde UPnP is better. I swapped out to GentooPlayer with much better results on the stability front. I have had trouble with Sonore products and some DACs too. I do not think there is a panacea here. I have avoided WiFi with a passion! Over the years when I was testing I found that WiFi transmitters caused issues with some of the gear I was running. I think it it was the ARCAM rDAC at the time. Of course running wires all over the house is not always practical, but it is an engineering challenge.
  24. I have completely changed setups twice since about August 2019 Right now it is my NUC running Roon Rock to two USBridge Sig endpoints both running Gentoo Player. (USB to Kii Three and Hugo 2) I am in the process of some kernel testing and I am looking at moving off of the NAS for storage to an 8TB drive connected to the server. I will also (as the time allows) testing Audirvana via UPnP to the endpoints. This is more of interest than need.
  25. I am interested in what the settings due if you can tell us.
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