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  1. Just to add a little to this review. I did a short video of the operation of my Altair G1 using an iPad mini. The Altair G1 is a rather marvelous combination of hardware and software. bob
  2. If any of you have devices that fall under the info in the following post from their community: https://community.roonlabs.com/t/uncertified-roon-ready-devices-announcement/120298
  3. I never saw a top of the page button! I want that please... Otherwise basics seem to work.
  4. Over the last couple of years I have been amazed at what small teams of dedicated software developers have done with Linux in audio systems. I use Euphony, Audiolinux, and GentooPlayer as the underlying OS in my testing. They might be targeted to users with different skill sets and tastes, but they all have helped me improve the sound quality of my systems. I cannot pick a favorite! I like Euphony for the steadfast stick to their guns direction. I like GentooPlayer and Audiolinux for their flexibility and selection of different playback options. I really need to go back and get a new ins
  5. My language may have confused. When using the Gaia isolators the bottom of the isolators need to be coupled to the floor. Either using some sort of platform, a hard floor, or their carpet spike plates. I am currently using temporary platforms. I now have the right size Gaia spike plates to use. That should happen today!!! I have extra hands to help me!
  6. We are watching Hamilton right now. I will move it to the server tonight. With Sublime+ it was like $6. Cannot have enough Beethoven!
  7. Downloading now. WE TRUST YOU ! Well I do.
  8. Chris, I started building a server and an endpoint using AMD Ryzen 7300 CPUs and ASUS motherboards a couple of months ago. I have also had trouble getting graphics cards and power supplies. I have been running one of them as a single box Roon Server and endpoint. You have inspired me to play a little bit further and in a slightly different direction. I will update my threads with what I am doing. I do have a couple of CAPS related questions. How do you sync your music files between your NAS and your Server? I am using Qsync with my QNAP because it is
  9. Chris, Thank you for the nicely articualted view into your vision for a server. Clearly a few steps beyond the "normal" PC build. Very carefully thought out. Beautifully implemented. I am sure the trials of the build were many! You make me want to try HQPlayer now! RJF
  10. https://isoacoustics.com/isoacoustics-speaker-isolation-technology/ The above link goes into some detail about how the isolators work. Each side of the isolation system has to be coupled properly. I am currently using platforms made out of 3/4in MDF so that I can adjust the speaker locations. My plan is to put the carpet spikes under mine. The physics of placing the spike plates under the Kii Threes is a bit odd. I have a plan when the time comes.
  11. You need to get the coupling right. Sitting on carpet without a base or their bases does not allow the isolation to work. I will be move to the carpet spike bases soon
  12. I have pretty much ignored profiles. I have not had a lot of time to play with them.
  13. GentooPlayer is a platform of software that can do a lot of different things. So one example to answer your question is to run Logitech Media Server (LMS) to index and a manage the library. Then you would run the Squeezelite player software to actually connect to the DAC for playback. Both of those software packages run on the same box nicely. I am slowing working on a mini-guide on how to set that up. The other main system is Roon Server. Again install the server and go. BUT Roon does not run without a license that costs real money! As LMS is open source an
  14. bobfa

    The Quest

    The CPU cooler is a Noctua cooler that can use two fans if needed. With these loads the second fan is not needed. The fan in the back of the cabinet pulls air out of that big wood box when the pulldown door is closed to keep everything inside cooler. It makes a difference! The CPU cooler is plugged into the mother board. The "case fan" is plugged into 12 power from a power supply so it runs all the time. The case fan is super quiet and is not PWM. The CPU cooler is PWM and I am looking to change that to see if it makes a difference. NOTE that the coo
  15. I do not remember.
  16. That sounds like an interesting new way to load balance. My Ryzen 7 with 8 cores and 16 threads will be fun to play around with. I just moved to profile 1 on my listening this morning. I cannot say what it did yet.
  17. I have been using GentooPlayer on my Allo USBridge Signature for a long time. I am in the middle of testing a new Roon server using GentooPlayer. I have changed several things in my system of late and so there is some getting used to the changes going on.
  18. I run R2. I do not pay attention to my few DSD files when I do this. Max sample rate is 192 in Roon settings for the zone, select advanced and turn off FLAC compression. Do an A/B test and let us know what you hear!!
  19. On their website is the basics. Download the software, use Etcher or the like to write the image to a USB drive. Boot the USB drive on the target system. You can use the menu system via SSH or you can use a web browser to run the menus. Let us know what music software you would like to use. I can record a video or something to help with that. bob
  20. That is great! I am trying to help @antonellocaroli with a couple of guides for setup. I have found the system to be stable and to sound great. I use a combo of the web interface and the menu system in an SSH session to the OS. I tend to use the SSH session. What playback software are you using? bob
  21. if you are so inclined give Gentooplayer a try. I have been using since my review as an Squeezelite endpoint for my Roon system. http://Gentooplayer.com There is a pretty active thread here on Audiophile Style I am running Gentooplayer on my Ryzen 7 system right now. it is my Roon core and a Squeezelite endpoint for my Kii Threes.
  22. I am booted off of USB. Working GREAT.
  23. bobfa

    The Quest

    Mark, The Berkeley helps a lot. Sorry that the Allo is not making you happy!.. It will be a while till I go visiting. I have 90 year old in-laws I am helping out and a new baby granddaughter. RJF
  24. You seem to have found part of the mystery here. I saw all these posts saying the Roon started sounding bad. I do a lot of my listening when I am testing using Qobuz as I do not have downloads for my playlists ( some from your other playlists you have shared). I started messing with GentooPlayer to see what I could find there. (No conclusions yet) I need to swap back over to Euphony again.
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