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  1. I am almost afraid to post something to this thread, but here goes: Audio is fun for me. Music is something I need to calm the storms around me. I write, I share, I hope that others find what I do interesting, but in the final run it is about the Music! I do not have the talent to make music, play music or produce music. I respect those talents greatly! I want this place to be somewhere I can learn more, find music to listen to, etc. Just like the rest of the world some members relish disturbance, and worse. I am not 100% sure why I am even responding to this thread. I would not normally even read it. Maybe it is just to thank those who work to bring music to my life! Maybe it is to just say that I do not want or need more acrimony in my life. OR maybe it is just me re-stating my reasons for being here, sharing, learning, listening! Bob I found this of interest: https://darko.audio/?s=try+walking+in+my+shoes There are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words and still not understand you. And there are others others who will understand without you speaking a word." Unknown
  2. I have decided to sell my Mojo and Poly with the Leather Case and a Tronsmart Charger. The kit retails for about $1300. I will sell for $800 via PayPal to USA address only please. Here is my review: I have acquired a Hugo 2 and this is now spare. Bob
  3. I think I found part of my problem. I have two MoOde devices running Squeezelite and they hade the same name on the network. I have fixed that and things are a lot better.
  4. Over time I have found that running either Stylus stand alone or Stylus EP has sounded better than running RAAT. For both of my systems the difference has been clear in favor. As of late I have been testing a different endpoint MoOde OS. 6.4 on an Allo USBridge Sig. I am finding greatly improved sound quality, even my wife is commenting on it and she never does that. When I run a Roon Server on either ROCK or Euphony to the Squeezelite renderer there is a Sound Quality improvement. The system is unstable and music does not start right every time I make a change. I am mostly using Audirvana+ to UPnP . I hope to test Euphony to UPnP when it gets further along.
  5. I bet that the update changed the permissions on the share. Catalina security model has changed. I would go to sharing and update the settings there.
  6. That is one of the tests I have not finished yet. Before I brought Roon back into the picture I do not think I could here any difference between using any UPnP player to the USB Sig or just playing in the USB Sig on it’s own. I am not sure I understand the network traffic completely on these configurations yet to develop a better sense of what is going on. I am surprised about what I am hearing with Roon. I have to go back and get some time listening. (Work getting in the way of music....)
  7. Jorge, I cannot give you a direct comparison as I do not have an UltreRendu to compare to. I have not gotten an etherRegen to put into my system so I do not know what it would do for me, yet.. My testing to date is as follows. Playback using only the USBridge Sig and MoOde OS. Then with MoOde OS set in Squeezelite with Roon on my NUC (Roon ROCK). (I will update my system diagram today). I have not tested bridging or much of anything else. I have done a little swapping between Ethernet and Fiber Optic network connections on the USBridge Sig and I am not hearing any difference. I can make two definitive statements about my system. No endpoint I have tested sounds better than the USBridge Sig running MoOde 6.4 stand-alone . Second there is still a difference/improvement in sound quality running with Roon server to the USBridge Sig as a Squeezelite renderer. There are more folks out there listening to the USBridge Sig now. I am very interested in what others say. Bob
  8. I am no longer in need of my LYR2. Will sell USA only shipping included for $550. Paypal please I have the NOS 6N8S and the 6NS7. The NOS tube is not even broken in! Bob
  9. I am no longer in need of my Element H Card. Will sell USA only shipping included for $150. Paypal please Bob
  10. I am no longer in need of my TLS Switch. Will sell USA only shipping included for $300. Paypal please Bob
  11. I am no longer in need of my MANI. Will sell USA only shipping included for $85. Paypal please. Bob
  12. I am no longer in need of my WYRD. Will sell USA only shipping included for $40. Paypal please Bob
  13. In further testing I was unable to reproduce the results from before. I was testing with an older Sonic Transporter and small Synology 416Slim NAS. A few days ago I had been running with a different systems design (still shown in my configuration on my profile. In my custom server I tried putting an M.2 SSD inside and it was noisy. I have an external Spinning Drive that has a separate power supply. I have done A/B testing and could not hear the difference. I had stopped maintaining the external drive in favor of the NAS for simplicity of data management. I am in the process of making some other changes and that HD is back in my system. I have another article in the works about where I am today. I am not sure that there are perfect cables or perfect networks. I run enterprise networking hardware to keep up my skills in that realm and have the reliability I need (Ubiquity).
  14. I have been running for a few days with the new MoOde 6.4 as a Squeezelite renderer. I have had a couple of glitches where music stopped. Two new software releases in one week, GAAK! I am very happy with what MoOde 6.4 did to sound quality. Roon 1.7 may have improved things on that also. Seems to round out the edge I was getting on UPnP. A lot more listening to do. Remember that the Shanti Power Supply is an interesting bargain. I have a second USB-Sig and Shanti on the way for my headphone listening.
  15. Thank you I will go listen to as much as I can find. It is sort of like me picking different "versions" of Pictures at and Exhibition. So many variants!
  16. Rajiv, I do not have a Mahler 4 in my library. Would you say this is “the one to have” or would you start with a different interpretation? For the price I should just get it! bob
  17. bobfa

    AXPONA 2020

    All, Ticket's are available starting today. https://www.axpona.com April 17-19 2020 Schaumburg, IL USA
  18. Matt, I was comparing stored files. For Tidal and Qobuz you have to use an app such as MConnect. You cannot stream from those services inside of MoOde any more. Bob
  19. Goldilocks Redux Now that I have found software that I love for sound quality, I have to figure out what I like for controlling the playback of music. Over the past couple of months, I have been using Linux MPD, providing UPnP endpoint API. While this kicks Roon out of the picture, other software works in this space. There are many lows and a few highs in User Interface and functionality. I am using the two best-sounding endpoints I have in-house, the Allo USBridge Sig and the Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical. On the Allo, I have found the MoOde OS sounds the best of what I have tested to date, and it has a rather lovely implementation of the player software. Using your web browser, you connect to the web-server in MoOde and control playback. You have access to the local library and Internet Radio. With the Allo, I can attach a keyboard, mouse, and display to do local and internet radio playback. Note that a 4K display attached to the Allo was slowing operation down a lot. On the Sonore, they have provided YMPD, which is a rudimentary folder browser and queue builder that also runs in the browser. All I can say is that it plays music. There is not a way to attach a display to the Sonore. Trying to move up the ladder a bit, I add a smartphone or a tablet to the mix to run UPnP control apps. I have been using Bubble UPnP on Android and MConnect on iOS; both are very functional and bring in streaming services. Neither of them can handle a library with 79,000 tracks of local music. They are slow; they repeatedly re-fetch things from the library. I do not use Android as a primary tool, so I spent less time with Bubble. NOTE: I have tried several others, but these two rose to the top quickly for me. I may be doing something wrong here, but this is just not fun. To bring the experience up a notch I had to add some additional computing hardware to the mix. I have a 2014 MacMini and an Intel i7 NUC I can use. Since I had found that MPD was my "best" software play on the endpoint, I cannot merely run say LMS or Roon. I started to play with Jriver Media Center, but it just feels old and weird to me. It was not cooperating to play to UPnP, and I just gave up! I had used Audirvana 3.2, so I updated it to 3.5, and I gave it a try. It very nicely finds the endpoints and makes music. Their mobile apps seem to work well. I am glad they are paid for apps so that it hopefully supports their continued development. I find some of the UX choices a bit different, or maybe odd. The one thing I can do that is just so refreshing is to move around my library and streaming services a lot faster than even with Roon. So I paused and just listened for a few days and I wrote up the thread starter here. The beat does still go on; I am started to see how the Euphony Stylus with UPnP is coming along. But WAIT, there is more! REALLY! This week MoodeAudio released MoOde 6.4, and the sound quality has improved rather markedly. But, I do note that there is more "edge" to the highs I do not like. With only a couple of days and not many hours of listening, I am trying a course change. I wonder if the Sound Quality improvements carry over to Squeezelite? Just because I have the hardware, I installed Roon ROCK on my Fan-less NUC. I connected an external HD for music and finally connected it to the Fiber Optic network with the Sonore opticalModule. All powered by the HDPLEX-200. I can now A/B with a software switch on MoOde between Stand-alone UPnP and Roon to Squeezelite. We will have to wait for the listening results!
  20. I think that MPD is just a handoff of traffic so it should make no difference. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Music_Player_Daemon
  21. That is one of the tests I have been doing. I am having a lot of trouble hearing any differences on that specific test.
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