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  1. I will remain skeptical of the middle range gear. Will see.
  2. When I was testing the A500s I went to the Orea series for the right loading. I use 4 under each speaker. (I have cats) https://isoacoustics.com/orea-series/ The extreme toe-in is an old trick... The testing process he was using is a bit primitive. It also looks like the spikes are not really getting into the substrate, the carpet looks too thick?? Hard to tell in the video. I put down 2x2ft MDF panels on the floor. Set the stands on the panels and use Herbies Audio Lab Gliders: https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/loudspeaker-rack-decoup
  3. Glad I read this. I have a product from them on eval. GOING back right now!
  4. My Lush^3 arrived today. An immediate improvement across the board, staging, detail, and more vs my Transparent HP USB cable. Breaking it in along with the new server from @lmitche! I have to get settled in before I play with jumpers!
  5. I have had no issues with the speakers. I assume you are using the hub? Maybe a reboot?
  6. Yes just the other day. I was not concentrating on the A500 so I may be a bad reporter. I did not have either of the speakers optimally placed as we were evaluating something else. Read the Kii Three review that Mitch did. The Kii Three on its own presents a very very even and detailed response. They are more detailed. The A500 is less detailed but it images very nicely on its own. I really would not want to compare them in this way as they are in different price classes. I sometimes worry that we over emphasize the differences in things
  7. I cannot say what would be best for you. I have recently purchased a custom assembled and configured Roon server from @lmitche https://nuckleheadaudio.com The server is directly connected to the DACs via a custom interface that he provides that gives me USB. It seems that many folks are really happy with the current Buchardt hub. I have been using them with the analog in and not using the hub at all. I know that Mads Buchardt has openly spoken about building his own. It will be interesting. The Soekris DAC is just very interesting to me. I want to liste
  8. I would not go overboard on DAC for this. I am looking at the Soekris DAC2541. Do not jump in too fast. Also you may want to consider the whole chain. The server/streamer is a lot more important than you think. If all goes well I may be selling my Altair G1 shortly.
  9. I have not found the WiSA hub up to what the speakers can do. I have been running DAC direct to the A500 with AudioQuest Water XLR cables. I have tested two streamer DAC using just the DACs and not the streamers to see what I liked best. I am looking at an R2R DAC to test next,; I will report on that later. I know that Mads Buchardt is working on his own Hub. I have no idea as to date. Bob
  10. View Classified Transparent HP Ethernet Cable 20ft New in Box, Transparent HP Ethernet Cable 20ft Price includes PPL and shipping con-usa Seller bobfa Date 01/17/21 Price 350.00 USD Category Cables  
  11. Time Left: 19 days and 23 hours

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    New in Box, Transparent HP Ethernet Cable 20ft Price includes PPL and shipping con-usa

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  12. View Classified Dutch and Dutch 8C Speakers These are the the home audio versions in Black. I am the only owner, non-smoking. Ship con-USA only please. I have original shipping boxes. Price includes shipping and PPL fees for USA Seller bobfa Date 01/17/21 Price 8,200.00 USD Category Speakers  
  13. This listing is completed.

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    These are the the home audio(the 8c Not studio) versions in Black. I am the only owner, non-smoking. Ship con-USA only please. I have original shipping boxes. Price includes shipping and PPL fees for USA This does not include stands SN 8c-981 and 8c-982

    8,200.00 USD

  14. Did you post this on the Roon community? It sounds like a networking issue of some sort. Are you on wired or wireless networking?
  15. Chris, Great interviews, very fun! It was nice to get some more history and to hear the passion that the Roon Labs team has for their software. With a system as large and complex as Roon many folks have critical thoughts about what Roon has been doing. I have been critical at times. But I keep coming back, because it WORKS! More podcasts please! Bob
  16. Currently my system is pretty stable. The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge is acting as the core for the A500 Speakers. I am still hoping that the Buchardt/Hansong Hub software will be stabilized so that I can really test it some more. At the core of my music playback system is a Roon server should be replaced in a couple of weeks to improve performance! Tomorrow I will be moving the system back into the end of the living room which helps with the room performance. This will let me relax more when evaluating/reviewing equipment. That is exciting. I will post some more pi
  17. I do not think there is a "BEST". I have major concerns with two things. 1. Hardware that is no longer supported with updates 2.Hardware such as EERO and Google WiFi that REQUIRES cloud support from vendors like Amazon or Google. I have personally and professional chosen to use Ubiquity Unifi gear for my home and my customers. Their software and hardware are constantly improving. There is a bit more complexity in setup! I am not a fan, and I have tested many of them, of the mesh systems. I normally do not like any of the network extender syste
  18. At about $120 for four of them it is one of THE BEST upgrades I have done. I had been trying the Gaia-1s that I had under my Kii Three BXT and they were not as effective. I bet the speaker stand was acting as a lever arm...
  19. Today I tried a little change. I setup my Sound Anchor stands under the A500's with a set of 4 Iso-Pucks under each speaker. The change from using the Gaia isolators under the stands is downright stunning! I sat and listened to a playlist for over an hour in amazement.
  20. i will do a report on the DAC2541 when it gets here. I think it will be a very nice match to my Buchardt A500 speakers and my HD800 headphones. I want to get on the SBAF forum to ask some questions of Soren, but I cannot get the reCAPTHA to load on any of my computers so I cannot sign up.
  21. Looks like hidden gems, and it fits my current planning for my living room system.
  22. I have been studying their DACs. I just ordered one of the DAC2541 models to see how it compares to some others. http://www.soekris.dk
  23. I just skimmed their docs. I see that they may have some sort of fee structure for their cloud platform? Have you run into that?
  24. Yes the “gateway” is usually a combo of a modem and router... I run both cable types. I do not use fancy cat6. For Fiber I run Single Mode BiDi single fiber runs. I use Ubiquity gear for all my networking that has SFP slots in it. (Longer story). Never just run one wire! I almost always pull two, just in case. That is a longer run so two would make me feel better. Fiber requires translation to and from ethernet. You need Fiber Media Convertors FMC. The Sonore Optical Modules work well. They really do a good job of not introducing more noise into the system.
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