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Audio System

Main System in my Living Room


Speaker System: Kii Three Speaker System with BXT

Turntable: VPI Traveler with Soundsmith Carmen --> Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL -->Kii Three direct

Music Computer: Euphony 3 OS  Xeon Fanless workstation  (Roon Server). (Music on QNAP NAS)

Network Config:  Network  (optical) -->Xeon Server-->Ghent USB (SSG360) --> Kii Control

Voice "control":  Google Chromecast --> HDMI audio extractor  --> TOSLINK --> Kii Control


AC/DC Power:

All IEC cables are Transparent Gen 5 High-Performance

Power conditioning is a Transparent Powerbank P6

Hubble hospital grade outlet on a dedicated circuit of 10/3 stranded wire to a new 20A breaker

HDPLEX 400 supply for the DC needs


Music Storage:


Music Storage and backup:  QNAP NAS



Desktop system


Volumio Primo  —> Analog (transparent Audio Plus cables)    —> Schiit  LYR 3 —> headphones


Around the house


A couple of Amazon Echo's and Apple HomePods.


Mobile systems


iPhone  or iPad

Chord Mojo/Poly

Several headphones







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