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Audio System


Main System in my Living Room


Speaker System: Buchardt Audio A500

AURALiC Altair G1,  via XLR to the speakers

DIY RYZEN 7300 Server running Euphony OS with Roon Core. 

Buchardt supplied WiSA Hub.


12.9in iPad Pro as control point device


Google Chromecast 4k to a 27in monitor and Audio extractor to feed the G1 TOSLink. 


AC/DC Power on System:

All IEC cables are Puritan Audio Labs

Power conditioning is a Puritan Audio Labs PSM156

AudioQuest Water XLR cables to the Speakers.

Allo Shanti Power supply to the Hansong Hub


Hubble hospital grade outlet on a dedicated circuit of 10/3 stranded wire to a new 20A breaker


Headphone system


AURALiC Aires Mini to a Chord Hugo 2


Around the house


A couple of Apple HomePods and Google home devices.






Mobile systems


iPhone  or iPad

Chord Mojo or Hugo2

Several headphones















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