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Audio System


Main System in my Living Room


Heavenly Soundworks FIVE17 Speakers

Hugo 2 DAC --> SE --> ISO Transformer -->XLR --> FIVE17

Rega Planar 8 Turntable w/MXVYNL --> SE --> FIVE17

Bluesound Node 2i --> SPDIF --> FIVE17

Chromecast Audio --> TOSLink --> FIVE17

IEC cables are Puritan Audio Labs

Power conditioning is a Puritan Audio Labs PSM156

Allo Shanti PS --> Hugo 2 & ADNACO


12.9in iPad Pro as control point device


Roon server in basement rack

http://www.paretoaudio.com/ Custom AMD server

HEPLEX 200 and HDPLEX 400 LPSs for server



AC/DC Power on System:


Hubble hospital grade outlet on a dedicated circuit of 10/3 stranded wire to a new 20A breaker for Living Room


Headphone system


Server --> Lyr3 Multibit --> HD-6xx headphones




Mobile systems


iPhone  or iPad

Chord Mojo 

Several IEMs


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