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  1. I have not invested much in the BNC digital cables. We will see what my pair of cables from Moon audio does!. Toes firmly dipped into the water. Hopefully the bottom of the lake is not quicksand!
  2. I am in the process of running about 500 albums to 24bit. Just letting things crank!. I wish my mother board did 128gb of RAM. I may just build another PC. I have about 4TB of music files that I could re-master. I have not started on the classical yet, or the DSDs.... All I need is the RAM and a Motherboard that will take my CPU. The old machine is sunk cost....
  3. The TT2 is fed via and Andnao PCIe to USB from my server. There is a diagram and info on my profile. The Bluesound is a separate feed to the speakers (coax digital). I have added my turntable back and that is not in the diagram. It is unbalanced analog to the Five 17 ‘s
  4. I have not had any time to do comparisons or write anything. I need to update my music server with some new software and see what that does first. It will be a couple of weeks before I can even think about this.
  5. It is actually really simple; The Fiber connection extends the PCIE bus out to the remote end. The remote end is a PCIE USB board where the interface is the FMC vs the PCIE connector. The FMCS are SFP+ 10Gbps devices. The computer sees the DAC directly. Works fine with Linux and Windows. Their base kit has all you need to test. A PCIE board for the computer, and the PCIE to USB card for the other end. A ton of research has gone into FMC,s for this and fiber. @lmitche has been working this for quite a while. I did some very basic testing! My serve
  6. While that is interesting, it is a different endpoint board than what I am talking about. You need the PCIE bus board from ADNACO. I am using the USB output device.
  7. Remember that there are two passive radiators on the sides also. And Yes it goes very low. Along with the long throw driver and DSP management.
  8. Thank you for the note. I am VERY happy with these speakers. From the sound to the look in my Living Room, they are what I was looking for.
  9. 1. There is a trial version. It will do five files at a time. 2. Read Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy 3. I paid the full license fee and I am sure others did also. Ray Noted this in his post above! 4.The software runs a very complex set of operations that to be frank eats RAM while running. 5. All I did was add RAM to my Ryzen 7300 machine and a 4tb SSD for input and output conversions. 16fs files are huge! 6. If you read the documentation you should see that the system needs Internet access for time checking to validation license, etc. 7. I do not see any re
  10. @Confused I have done some basic testing with basic mains filtering systems. I found that the PSM156 was better, it was a step up from the Transparent P6. I really like the fact it filters each outlet individually. I have also done some basic testing with their power cords. In my last test I used three cords to the Farad3 feeding my DAC and the Puritan cable was better. I am sure that I could make this even better, but when does it stop? Is it madness? Puritan has some new power cords. I am thinking about working with the distributor to test a couple. A w
  11. Bundle of cables running beside the air vent has the following: Ground wire for the Puritan Ground Master Fiber Optic cable for the Adnaco to the server in the basement Spare Fiber Ethernet cable Spare copper Ethernet cable They are wrapped in a SnakeSkin wrap. It is the simplest way to get the cables to the basement without drilling holes in the middle of the floor. It was easy to slide them next to the vent! I am really happy with the look! Also I added a logical diagram of the system to my profile.
  12. An interesting article, Thank You.

    We both run Kii BXT systems.

    I have found the AES/EBU digital input to be the highest performing on the Kii.

    I am currently running an Audio-Gd Digital Interface HE (sounds great but glitchy firmware :(







  13. It is part of the testing and systems design. The speakers will auto switch to a new input after fifteen seconds of silence, so I do not need to switch inputs on the DAC manually. Google Assistant is linked to Bluesound so you can voice activate the system. In addition it is interesting to see what the performance is using that audio path. Just start with the speakers and the Node 2i and you have something VERY nice. I will have to try SPDIF to the TT2 one day soon. Rainy weekend, we will see! Bob
  14. The Plant and the opening to the Dining Room might help with first reflections. The plant just looks nice!
  15. Here is a summary of the changes and some notes. The system design is shown in my profile! The most significant change is the addition of a Chord Hugo TT2 powered by a Farad 3 LPS. I have removed the turntable and set the Google Chromecast aside for now. Neither of them got any actual use. I am expanding the server's storage using an 18TB drive to store up-sampled files generated offline. I am using "Snake Skins" from American Recorder to bundle the signal cables to the speakers. There are also subsequent minor tweaks with the spe
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