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  1. Dave, I agree with your thoughts here but I think at different level. We are all hostage to software in some way or another. So one OS of interest is GentooPlayer. It runs on multiple platforms and is bespoke for audio play back. It is a single purpose OS. Similar to AudioLinux and Euphony. It is supported but a very small developer. It is free. I do not know how long that software delivery model is supportable. I can hope for a very long time. AudioLinux is in basically the same model but there is a nominal cost of entry and it is being used in commercial products such as Pink Faun. Euphony is basically a vertical software platform around their Stylus player. Euphony does support a limited matrix of other playback tools. Again small dev team and additional sales of customized hardware. I have used all three of these operating environments and they deliver a lot to us. I want them all to succeed. I have also owned Sonore devices, Microrendu, ultra Rendu, Signature Rendu SE. They again have a variant on the software delivery method. They rely on hardware ! So does SoTM and so many others. I “think” that controlling the experience to simplify operation is a viable system delivery model. Roon has a broader model to deliver software for music playback and integration of multiple vendors. They also have hardware + software to integrate professional home control into their “fold”. Roon may be going for some sort of overarching market dominance. Roon works pretty well also! I also like the model that companies like Jplay have taken on. They have a software package that works to make getting good sound on Windows simple. And they supplement this with a hardware ecosystem. And want appears to be future system that has a custom hardware platform. I “prefer”, “hope” for long term stability in whatever system we use. But I am flighty, and always looking so maybe that stability is a myth for me. This is serious business for those involved on the supply side and music for my ears. Wow is it fun!
  2. @bluesman This is great and it will help a lot of folks out. I have found that the OS can matter but maybe less that I expected. If the Playback software is "tuned" to the environment then the OS becomes less relevant. I have not used Windows or macOS as the core software for my music playback system because I felt more obligated to manage it more tightly with OS updates and the like. Several of the Linux distros that are "music" oriented have a web based console to control the operation. To me this improves the overall usability of the dedicated computer for music. Yes it limits in other ways. Some of these distros run from a command line menu system using SSH. This can be frustrating for some and way over the head of others. I really have no skin in the OS selection game. I do have some worries about the long term viability of say custom hardware with custom linux installed. I also worry about where Microsoft is going with Window 10 and their data collection efforts in Windows 10. In the last couple of months I have been happily surprised by software on Raspberry Pi and on X86. That is cool. Thanks again.
  3. @Nenon Thank you very much for this thread. I love how you detailed out the power supply setup and more. I still have this niggle in the back of my head that a Xeon and ECC RAM might, just might be interesting. (I have built one). I think I want to go further with it. I should have some JCAT cards on the way this week. I am wondering if there is a full ATX motherboard that might be "magic" also.??? So many ideas to test! Thanks again for sharing the project with everyone. Bob
  4. Thanks for the reporting. I was wondering what software are you running on the USBridge Sig?
  5. On my headphone system I use the second supply to power/charge the battery in the Chord DAC!
  6. On Moode I think you need MPD and UPnP setup to use UPnP... I have not tried Kazoo so I do not know if it works with tidal. bubble is android only does not work on apple. Mconnect also works on Apple.
  7. The meter measure the current draw on the AC side of the system. This does not translate to the actual current that is being provided on the DC side. There are losses in the supply.
  8. Thank you for the observations. I have not done a proper comparison of the DigiOne to the USBridge. I wonder what the differences in cabling or the differences in the inputs to a DAC do to these comparisons? I have to get to this soon!
  9. I should have said USA. This by country stuff is just weird to me!
  10. SJJ, Hello! Welcome to the forum. I hope you have fun and we can all learn from each other. I have tested with both SSD (SATA) and SSD (NVME) internal to servers. I have found that for me they muck with the sound. When I moved to an external USB spinning hard drive, powered by a separate power supply it cleaned things up a lot. I have not tested with USB SSD. I have not left an un-used SSD in a box to see if I can hear any noise from it. If you have seen my article on my server configuration it may show you what I am doing: (I need to update that thread.....) I wonder today with the new software I am testing if I could hear the difference between the external drive and the NAS. Just do not know! I am working to reduce the management work of wrangling the large library For my current server I only have the Intel Optane 32Gb stick in the server for boot/ Roon database, etc. I have 70 K tracks with no issues. I keep my music on a NAS out of the living space so that we do not hear the physical noise from the drives or the fan.
  11. Not anything I have seen. Is this streaming or local files? I would put it a help ticket with more info.
  12. Qobuz is missing album: Destroyer Kaputt. Looks like Tidal has a lot more of their work. https://listen.tidal.com/album/37266662
  13. Roon talks a lot in their documentation about using Solid State Drives. While Processor is less important for some things the SSD is rather critical for them.
  14. I have no idea. I think the modalities here are not well understood, at least by me! What I have found is that every software package and OS makes changes to how things sound! So the Roon Bridge sounds different that Squeezelite. Bob
  15. I have the Shanti supplies on both of them. I have not experimented with others. Too many items in the matrix to test. I also wanted the Allo testing to be on a common ground and price scale....
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