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  1. Thanks MikeyFresh. Did you power your Qutest DAC with LPS1 as well or what? If so curious to know how did you find LPS1 vs stock SMPS?
  2. If you are meaning you powered Chord Qutest DAC, out of curiosity what is the power cable did you use since the input power plug of Qutest is microUSB and this connector is very rare to find.
  3. Really appreciate Roy for coming back with your new experiments. Keep posting as much as you can, thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks for sharing this invaluable information. And looking expectantly to your new build. Also I would like to thank @Nenon for his contributions on this hobby as well.
  5. For those who purchased recently what's the lead time to deliver?
  6. Hopefully @paulhynes can chime in and give us an updates
  7. Anyone got his SR7 custom build or received a reply from Paul.
  8. Wish to receive your damaged one soon. May i know who is PHLid and what is his email?
  9. Wish to receive your damaged one soon. May i know who is PHLid and what is his email?
  10. thank you @auricgoldfinger for your feedback. Curious who replied to you Paul or Mark and on which email? Because i sent an emails to both known emails and so far i'm waiting their feedback.
  11. I didn't find the Qobuz plugin on LMS advanced settings, anyone knows how to run Qobuz on 200Ultra without using Roon
  12. Thank you @austinpop for this updates, Just out of curiosity, how did you find the HMS with SR7 vs the supplied SMPS?
  13. Curious to know how it looks like the Evox Caps inside tx-USBUltra?
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