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  1. Mitch, I enabled driver overlap and gave my 15 inch a slow sealed cabinet type roll off to about -10db at 60hz from 140hz the crossover point. My sub(.41 qtc) takes it down from 140hz flat to about 30hz with Audiolense's target designer. The 15 inch goes up to 950hz and from there the CD takes over. Essentially the second woofer(15 inch) lacks a high pass, all done with Audiolense's digital crossovers. The bass is phenomenal. I know there could be potential ringing and phase issues with different width overlaps and I am still yet to learn how to read them on the impulse response but noth
  2. Hey Mitcho, I have for the last 3 years continuously been reading your articles over and over again. Its always been a pleasure. I actually have similar set up to yours, of course I've been emulating your set up for several reasons. We have talked about this on the ASR forum. I have been convinced on how a set up like yours might hit the spot with audio nirvana. I have to say that the difference between my 3 way Troel 3WC with subs vs my 15inch/compression driver doesn't provide a significant difference. Your experiment(article) comparing the bookshelves with your JBL'
  3. Hello, I am curious if the UDIO-8 sends full signals out to each output? Why I ask is because 1/2 out gave me stereo out into both my NAD pre amp and Maratnz pre amp with the 5/6 out only giving half a signal. The rest did not work at all. I have a weird set up but regardless each output should work right? UNless I am doing something wrong from Jriver?
  4. I am guessing what I have to say has some connection to the article as I am not too in-tuned with mastering and mixing techniques but no doubt that I have lost the full ability to ever listen to studio recording albums ever again. The overall quality you really can't budge, the added reverb tail is also not too bad but something is missing and I am guessing its the dynamics. I agree my room is more like a studio control room which doesn't help with recreating a the perfect musical space but adding some lateral reflections and increasing the overall reverbrance isn't going to magica
  5. Fascinates me that the difference is so little. But yes of course the larger the speakers, higher SPL and more air being pushed. But it seems at lower volumes your not really feeling that difference in displacement... But I am guessing that to recreate a concert hall with monster PA's at home with your sound system you will still need a certain amount of reverberate field, keeping lateral reflections though ensuring stronger direct sound from narrow dispersion speakers. So the critical distance needs to be based on the end goal of what we want to create i
  6. Great article! Interesting to see that the differences are not that big but there must be a reason why you prefer the larger JBL's? What are those differences that make you enjoy large 15's and compression drivers when essentially you point out that the difference is minimal? "I spent quite a few years in pro sound and recording studio control rooms. The former used pattern controlled speakers and the latter was in rooms that were pretty absorbent. I got used to liking more direct sound than diffuse sound. If I was a classical music lover and frequented concert halls,
  7. I got enough to go on from its great to have a reference like this. Ill go on Jriver forum and go from there, thanks for your input.
  8. Hey Karl, Although the above is a little above me, it seems there is a way to do it, so that is great. It seems I got a little catching up to do with JRiver know how.... If you could just send me a jriverwiki link on where this topic lies, I could try and untangle it.
  9. It seems without a pre pro and opting for the multichannel DAC/minidsp DIO-8 option renders me with JRSS as the only option of upmixing on the fly. Has anyone got any experience with JRSS on Jriver? I know there really isn't any upmixing options on multichannel DAC's on the fly. How does the JRSS extract the centre channel? Is it any good? Is it satisfactory? Or is upmixers such as Dolby etc better? And this one is a weird one if anyone can help, can I send full frequency range to say the front and right speakers(on a multichannel set up) and connect a electronic crosso
  10. Hey Guys, I'm new to this site and its seems like the most informative. Hope you guys can help. I am interested in the Freya as well but Ill be putting it in between my preamp and poweramp section of my integrated amplifier. There is also a crossover as well in between the pre and power at the moment, im sure that can enter the loop as well. There is preouts and main ins on my integrated allowing me to do this. Could the Freya be used in this application and more importantly my amplifier is a NADC356 would the Freya be an upgrade or would the difference be minim
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