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  1. My Slimrun works fine from a Z490 Vision D to a Holo DAC. The Slimrun does not require outboard 5V supply. You have the option to plugin a low noise 5V supply that will will replace the PC 5V power to the end USB plug. The input USB plug remains powered by the PC. I prefer the sound using 30' Slimrun compared to a 6' Belkin Gold Series USB cord. CJH
  2. CJH

    HQ Player

    Are there sonic or measurable improvements having CPU cores set to a fixed frequency vs. variable--less jitter? CJH
  3. Looking at pictures of inside of May (and Spring 3) I see a large film cap at the output of each channel. How are these used? If used for DC coupling at the output, shouldn't there be two for each channel with a fully balanced design? CJH
  4. Miska Which version of the Spring 3 are you getting? CJH
  5. Anyone know if any of the Giabyte Z590 mother boards have DAC-UP 2? I asked Gigabyte but no reply. CJH
  6. Is this a one-off DSD DAC. I see no information on the web. CJH
  7. CJH

    HQ Player

    Many of us are already pushing our PCs to the limit . Any chance we could get a poly-sinc-ext3-2s? CJH
  8. Pipeline question. I currently have PEQs setup and working for 1 & 2 for 2 channel playback. What is the best way to load a whole new set of filters for 1 & 2, but still keep the old ones readily available so I can switch back and forth for comparison. Thanks. CJH
  9. I don't think Z590 MB supports optane--you would need Z490. CJH
  10. For those interested in this unit. I received an email (after request_ stating Exasound will build the E68 with balanced outputs (mini XLR) upon request. CJH
  11. From Tim C: Current Spring 3 Details; Price: Level 1 $1998 Level 2 $2298 KTE $2798 All Models have optional Pre-Amp module for an additional $500. This is a fully balanced, discrete design. The module can be easily installed at a later date if you change your mind. Trickle down technology from the May DAC. Exclusive to the Spring 3 KTE model; The enhanced USB module found in the MAY DAC, which includes Titanus 2.0 FPGA circuit. Additional details to be disclosed on the launch date. Estimated for late-April to mid-May 2021. CJH
  12. i5-11600K looks like a lower priced alternative for DSD 256 7EC at $269 Newegg. CJH
  13. D70s desktop MQA DAC-TOPPING (tpdz.net) CJH
  14. CJH

    HQ Player

    Will HQP see the ADI-2 Pro FS as a 4 channel DAC using ASIO? CJH
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