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  1. Has anyone here tried the STAR Pure DAC http://www.audiodesignguide.com/DSC2/index.html . CJH
  2. Holo Audio Spring 2 Level 1. Note: I have no personal experience with this DAC. CJH
  3. Say you have a powerful PC music server HQP/Roon with two lan connections. One is connected to a switch/router for streaming etc. and the other to a Rendu. Do the the processed music bits travel directly from the PC to the Rendu (the PC acting as a lan switch) or must they travel back to the router/switch and then back to the lan connected to the Rendu? CJH
  4. Thanks, I'll check it out. CJH
  5. Getting close to ordering parts for DIY HQP capable machine for upsampling 2 channel EC 256 PCM/DSD at moderate cost. Would appreciate comments if I am under/over buying on any items. CJH Seasonic Focus GX-850 WIN 10 Pro Noctua NH-D15S Fractal Meshify Mid-tower Gigabyte Z490 Auros Pro Intel i9-10900K Samsung 970 EVO M.2 2280 1TB G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 3200 16GB x2
  6. CJH

    HQ Player

    Hi @MiskaAre you going to offer Black Friday discount this weekend? +1 CJH
  7. tgb: Yes. I had used a Micro Rendu + Iso Regen for at least 3 years and was dead set on getting either an Ultra Rendu ($875) or Optical Rendu ($1295) when funds allowed. In the mean time, I read about the Slimrun ($135) on Whatsthebestforum and thought I'd give it a try--with good results. A friend with an expensive music system bought an Aries G2 to replace his Ultra Rendu, so he let me borrow the UR for a couple months. The Ultra + Iso Regen was better than the Micro + Iso Regen, but in my setup, not as good as the direct connection from laptop to Topping D70 using the Slimrun + IsoReg
  8. I plug my Slimrun from laptop into an Uptone IsoRegen to get added power isolation. Both are powered by MP Audio supplies. Works well. I compared this to using an Ultra Rendu (powered by MP Audio) and preferred the Slimrun. YMMV CJH
  9. If you want to play native DSD and keep it as DSD, then perhaps analog electronic filters after your DAC is a good solution. Not much different than adding an analog preamp between DAC and amp. CJH
  10. For those of us on a budget--this looks like a good buy. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-Desktop-Storage-Keyboard/dp/B08DQ7QM9N?ref_=ast_sto_dp CJH
  11. Due any of the internet providers in the US actually bring the fiber into your home or is it just fiber to a junction box and coax into the home? CJH
  12. John: I assumed as much after searching the net for a modem with fiber input and/or output. Thought maybe doing a fiber conversion after the modem but couldn't even find a consumer router with fiber input/output connections. I guess there might be industrial grade stuff out there but probably quite costly. Thanks for taking the time to reply. CJH
  13. Alex: Uptone has put a lot of time and effort into isolating network connections after the modem/router. Can we do some type of fiber isolation (ONT) to the coaxial internet connection after it enters our home but before it gets to the modem? That way we we get rid of most of the noise that comes from our internet providers equipment before it gets to our audio system. Sounds like a great new product. CJH
  14. Speaking of Sanders, do any SR1a users also use Sanders ESL loudspeakers or Martin Logans ESLs and can comment on the sonic transparency of these electrostats compared to the RAALs. CJH
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