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  1. For those of us on a budget--this looks like a good buy. https://www.amazon.com/Dell-Inspiron-Desktop-Storage-Keyboard/dp/B08DQ7QM9N?ref_=ast_sto_dp CJH
  2. Due any of the internet providers in the US actually bring the fiber into your home or is it just fiber to a junction box and coax into the home? CJH
  3. John: I assumed as much after searching the net for a modem with fiber input and/or output. Thought maybe doing a fiber conversion after the modem but couldn't even find a consumer router with fiber input/output connections. I guess there might be industrial grade stuff out there but probably quite costly. Thanks for taking the time to reply. CJH
  4. Alex: Uptone has put a lot of time and effort into isolating network connections after the modem/router. Can we do some type of fiber isolation (ONT) to the coaxial internet connection after it enters our home but before it gets to the modem? That way we we get rid of most of the noise that comes from our internet providers equipment before it gets to our audio system. Sounds like a great new product. CJH
  5. Speaking of Sanders, do any SR1a users also use Sanders ESL loudspeakers or Martin Logans ESLs and can comment on the sonic transparency of these electrostats compared to the RAALs. CJH
  6. Another DAC that offers quality internal high rate DSD conversion are the Chord DACs. CJH
  7. Following up on my previous post. I received mini USB adapter to power my MP SR with a double regulated MP Audio 5V supply. This completely solved my sonic problems running HQP Control from a second Laptop. Sound is now consistent with or without HQP Control. Experiencing improvements in bass control, depth and width of soundstage, spacing between instruments and tonality resulting in a more natural, less mechanical presentation. One surprise was how good upsampled PCM now sounds, though sampling to DSD 256 still edges it out. One of my favorite test tracks is Zigeunerweisen, from Uncommon Rit
  8. cat6man: Using HQP desktop on an older I7 laptop with music on network nas, both connected to network switch along with router in storage room. Switch is powered with Hynes constant current regulator. In music room I control using HQP control app from a small laptop. uRendu is used in HQP NAA mode. Tried another experiment last night. Added a 2nd switch (powered via double regulated MPaudio) with fiber in-between to isolate the I7 from the nas and router--no improvement and actually it seemed worse. Like the addition made the sound fuzzier with slightly less distinction between inst
  9. Tried the Slimrun USB3 and am getting very good results vs. an uRendu powered by double regulated MPaudio. Only problem is when using HQPlayer it sounds great until I use my Chromebook (via wifi) to control HQP (2 different rooms). When the HQP control app is used the soundstage shortens and high frequencies are exagerated. Turn it off and the magic returns. The Slimrun has an option to be externally 5v powered so I will try this as a remedy--problem is power connection is via micro usb so I am waiting for appropriate cable connectors to arrive. Anyone have similar experience? CJH
  10. Mean Well https://www.trcelectronics.com/View/Mean-Well/GST220A12-R7B.shtml
  11. CJH

    HQ Player

    HQPlayer Desktop will not open at all. HQClient does open. CJH
  12. CJH

    HQ Player

    Have been using 4.31 and been trying to setup 4.33 but it simply won't open (tried admin etc.) uninstalled and tried again. Program loads but won't open. What next? CJH
  13. Just replaced SO 2.7 with SO 2.8 on my microRendu and is working fine. While I was not pleased that my Rendu just stopped working and was told by Jesus to purchase 2.8 at $29 as the most likely fix. Andrew at SGC gave prompt service and all is well. Thanks. CJH
  14. Not being able to listen to all files being upsampled to DSD512 (even though your DAC is 512 capable) is common due to your computer not having enough computational power to complete the conversion quickly enough. There is lots of this discussed under Software-- HQ Player. CJH
  15. Miska--I tried a straight USB connection with a two different USB cables (Belkin Gold) and still having problems. Following up--I contacted Drop about my misbehaving D70 and they said: "Contact Topping, thank you for giving us your money--have a nice day" . I will not purchase from Drop again due to the lack of responsible customer service. Hopefully, Topping will come through with a working unit and it won't cost me $$$ in shipping charges. I will say for the few minutes I got to listen to the D70 at 768--it sounded quite good. CJH
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