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  1. That's interesting, thanks. I can't tell any difference between AES and I2S between Ambre and Adagio. In your opinion, does the performance difference of the Bridge justify the cost over the Ambre? I will PM you about alternate OS so as not to take the thread off topic.
  2. Interesting. Thank you. The Bridge is something that interests me and I keep circling back to time and again. Can I ask what streaming solution you had before the Bridge? How does the SQ compare? Does Mosaic integrate Tidal/Quobuz?
  3. Has anyone compared the dCS Bridge to the Metrum Acoustics Ambre; particularly over AES?
  4. Interesting. Using Roon currently; tried to find streaming URLs to add some of the more popular UK stations like Capital yesterday and failed horribly. They only seem to stream via an app and I wasn't able to find a list of URLs any where. The lightning software in the Aries Mini in my headphone station does have an integrated list, so you can just choose a station. No idea why Roon hasn't implemented something similar already. Nice the dCS Bridge does this. Does it receive regular firmware/software updates?
  5. Are the Internet Radio stations available via Mosaic natively, or must you add the URLs?
  6. I already posted that above. It is usual for direct prices to be less; taking the mick if they don't drop them.
  7. Where did you hear that? Will be interesting to see if their prices are reduced accordingly.
  8. It appears I completely misunderstood then. I was referring to comments in the EtherRegen thread about upstream components making no difference. Apologies all. As mentioned, I shall be buying one, then I shall know. @austinpop I wasn't aware of the thread's purpose. Comments noted. Also 'Cool your jets Brother!' - LMAO! I knew you liked me really
  9. It's not speculation, pretty sure Uptone have said as much themselves in their forum. Don't you think that would be a good thing?! I've already told SuperDad I'd like one
  10. You like Sonore then?! Have you tried any of the other streaming solutions?
  11. Shoildn't be necessary with EtherRegen. Any well made cable should do the job.
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