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  1. I have. It offered a massive, audible improvement in every single possible way. Best bang for buck upgrade I ever made. I still have the DAC and PSU now but use neither. The supply I bought was from PCRU/Longdog Audio.
  2. The Ambre betters both the Aries Mini and original Aries Femto. I can't make a comparison to the newer G1/G2 range as I haven't heard them. I still own the Aries Mini and use it with a LPSU.
  3. Sonnet Audio are releasing precisely what you need shortly: https://sonnet-audio.com/index.html. Cees previously owned Metrum Acoustics, and is a superb designer. Sonnet Audio is a new company he has created and has a number of items in the works. I have spoken to him about his 'Roon DAC' which is a NOS DAC with Metrum Acoustics Onyx/Jade levels of performance. Ethernet in, RCA/XLR out. Simples. Send him a message to discuss as I have no idea what the time lines are.
  4. I had them on home demo. Didn't like them and they went back, so they aren't the be all and end all.
  5. I own both the Aries and the Ambre. Never heard of the other thing. What do you want to know?
  6. Why is he telling us his age? How bizarre. He doesn't know his stuff either, he's reading from a card off camera.
  7. A Farad Super 3 will be perfectly adequate to power a NUC. That's basically what mine is doing now.
  8. Busy weekend, sorry. I'll update with some photos etc. tomorrow; 0047 here and time for Zzzzzzz!
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