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  1. Latest Dirac live & latest Processor: It's hard to believe that a software that is supposed to cost 350€, has a professional claim, is not able to find standard audio outputs. I recommend the developers to install Reaper in parallel...then you will see how it works. Reaper finds my Yggdrasil DAC as well as the UMIK-1 without problems, on both systems, win10 pro and catalina...and is ready for operation. Dirac Live fails...does not find ANY audio outputs or even the UMIK-1 on both systems: No devices found Do your homework first, before you waste my time,
  2. Last week I bought the standard filters from Thierry. The filters sound excellent in Roon. Previously, I had given Windows Server 2019 and AudiophileOptimizer 3.0 to my MacBook Pro. On the iMac/win 10 pro & AO the Roon Core works while the MacBook is connected to the Yggdrasil via the Mutec mc-3+ usb. The sound quality is now a dream. By the way, the difference is huge when I go from the MacBook in the mutec via usb or via S/P-DIF input to the Yggdrasil via AES3/11 XLR. S/P-DIF input sounds much more precise and tidy. Usb is much thicker and doesn't play as transpare
  3. Hi, AO on Server 2019 via Bootcamp on my macbook pro works wonderful. but I can't get Audirvana running. I can install Audirvana plus, but it will not start. Audirvana is now in v3.5 available. I only have a link: https://audirvana.com/delivery/windows/index.html This one does not install at all. A windows opens and says: need another app to open ms-installer So i assume something is missing. On my imac i have win 10 pro 1903. Audirvana runs in latest version. Did a AO optimization on this machine. Did the windows strip dow
  4. Dito...find 2.x much more realistic regarding low end rendering. With 1.x I have had hard times to fix that "too much bass" in the filters. With 1.x filter I usually went -1 --2db in the low end. 2.x is way more realistic regarding low end rendering. Besides: I found something interesting: Compared to mathaudio RoomEQ I always found that music in Audirvana/Mac always distorted a little or very much by Dirac 2.x. Interestingly, the audio unit beta of 1.x does the same distortion, although not as big.. If a piece was distorted I always loaded mathaudio RoomE
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a working usb Wlan adapter for the SOtM sms200 neo. The device is at 4.6 ...but it does not recognize any Wlan adapter with RTL8812AU chipset. Tried three different dongles... Is there something wrong with latest firmware, known issues? thanks
  6. A fundamental question: if I call up a stored project in diraclive. The sound card, measuring microphone including cal used for the measurement are not connected to the macbook...so diraclive complains: no ...no calibration file etc. Now I create a new filter. Are the corrections of the file calibration still included in it? Are all relevant data stored in the project? Or do I need to reconnect all devices and then create a filter?
  7. Inside Audirvana I think it does not save the setting. I did lower the gain volume inside processor -20, saved and closed the audio-unit window and started playback. Stopped playback open processor: gain shows 0db, checked the slider to -20db and then to 0db and saved, started playback...no volume level differences. So I think inside audirvana the gain volume is not saved. In Reaper my main DAW, the gain setting is not saved either.
  8. When I choose in Audirvana real time control I see that gain control works...but the processor simply does no save the control setting without realtime control. looks like a bug. need save action for DLNA.
  9. Since 0.93 we have gain control slider in the processor. But, it seems the processor does not save a level control setting. No function at all...or a saving bug? Does not save in Audirvana and reaper.
  10. Hi Flavio, in latest 0.94 which sample rates are supported? 44,1 & 48 & 88,2 & 96 kHz? Or just the sample rate the measurement was done? Or just 96khz? When do we can say hello to processor version which supports sample rates from 44,1 to 192khz? Thanks
  11. thanks...i thought that it should be that way....but...version 1.x so far is more clear in this aspect because one measurement is responsible for sampling rates from 44,1 to 192khz. This beta/alpha works only in the sampling rate selected in processor. This beta/alpha does not work with umik-1 on macbook pro retina...no way.... No mic signal at all. version before works....did a successful measurement with that version. Sounds pretty cool...although only 44.1khz worked. Did a measurement dirac supposes, 9 points with math audio room eq... sounds prett
  12. Thats nice...in my setup with schiit yggy/ragnarok shd is to edgy and bright without room definition. ..kills all the goods schiit presents... No my setup is without any bridge and sounds sweet again...
  13. Did on another partion a el capitan install. Audirvana 3.5.15 works as expected without any problems. Now integer mode is up again and all audio units are working. seems to be a problem between mojave/audirvana. Still sudden slow performance with 3.5.15 on latest mojave and no audio-units. I can select an audio-unit but it does not load. What makes me wonder is that yesterday it worked totally ok on my macbook and today suddenly, nothing has changed on my system, no more audio-units. Tried from 3.5.10-3.5.14...all versions crash at start. 3
  14. Yesterday, I could still go to the on my MacBook Pro Retina Mojave 10.14.5 with Audirvana. Just go into digital out in the Yggdrasil. Dirac live is inserted as audio unit. Today Audirvana almost doesn't want to start and doesn't load any audio unit plugin anymore. Can do what I want. Macbook booted...nothing works anymore. When I now start Audirvana 3.2.15 everything works fine again. On my iMac I've only had trouble with Audirvana 3.5.15 for days now. Also here plugins don't work anymore. What's going on?
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