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  1. I did it via config.txt, turns out the real problem was the ethernet driver in Volumio. Once updated, the player has worked flawlessly.
  2. The fix was to update the Ethernet driver. It is pretty painless, although when Volumio has an update, the process needs to be done again. I hope Volumio fixes this in the future. The issue never affected the SDPIF, by the way. the difference between SPDIF and USB I suspect is as much a function of the DAC as it is the streamer. In my set up with a Schiit Bifrost 2, the difference is almost undetectable with the slightest of edges going to USB. The Schiit Unison USB input is pretty darn good, so I am probably going to stick with USB. All things equal and if I had to pick just
  3. Thanks for the help. Everything seems good now.
  4. Moode seems to be immune to this issue, although I prefer the sound and functionality of Volumio. Also, the Digione Signature output on the same unit doesn’t exhibit the popping, crackling and squealing either. It seems isolated to the clean usb output using Volumio. Help?
  5. Similar story as others have described. I see that advice was sent via PM, so I am hoping I can get a few things to try. USBridge with Digione Signature Hat in aluminum case Shanti Power Supply Volumio OS Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC (with Schiit Unison USB) Date of purchase 1/25/2020 directly from Allo Any help?
  6. I have no doubt that Volumio is the culprit. Just like any software product that becomes more mainstream, it gets bloated in order to make it more user friendly. I can say without a doubt that turning the unit on its side stopped the Volumio playback issues. I am not savvy enough to know how to fix the CPU speed to a static speed, but that makes sense.
  7. Thank you for the reply. The only comments I have are that since my cable swap, the unit has worked without fail. Ihad read other people were having some cable sensitivity issues, I was more or less confirming that I have as well. In terms of RPi4 throttling back when it gets hot, that is true. However, based on my experience, it apparently throttles back to the point of Volumio not functioning properly. Since I have flipped the board stack on it's side to allow for airflow, the unit has worked without a hitch and the case is MUCH cooler to the touch. I wished someone made a real
  8. I purchased a Digione Signature and wanted to share my experience with others since there was little help online for me. I am running it on a Pi4 with Volumio plugged into a Schiit Bifrost 2. BE SURE YOU Power it up in the proper order (clean side, count to 10, dirty side). Failure to do so will result in the Pi not "seeing" the hat In Volumio, turn on I2S DAC and select Allo Digione as the DAC. I know, it's not a DAC, but that has to be the selection Use a quality coax cable. I was about to give up and grabbed the coax cable to bring it closer to me and then
  9. Does anyone have any practical experience with these two DACs? Clearly there is a sizable price difference, but it is not a non-starter for picking up a Bifrost 2. For background, I have: Bluesound Node 2i streamer (built in DAC) Parasound zPre3 preamp Schiit Aegir amplifier (single) Tekton Lore Be speakers Problem I am trying to solve is that there is a touch of etch and sibilance that seems to be common with Beryllium tweeters that I am hoping to cure with a "softer" source. I know the Modius gets rave reviews at it's price point, but my research is telling me that the
  10. Wow... looks like I got under the skin of the iFi fanboys... on a thread where I am heaping praise on an iFi product. Cool. The Schiit was not designed to be mobile. That's a complete non-issue. The Schiit power supply is built in the unit and is a LPS as opposed to SMPS, I see no disadvantage there other than being able to select a different source for power... but if the built in supply is great, who cares?? Non-issue Schiit is not on board with many of the new formats, and I can't say I disagree. I have no interest in DSD, DXD or MQA. You are getting into an area of diminis
  11. He is also speaking of the original USB version of the Modi (not the Modi 2 and not the Uber) and as we all know, USB power issues can compound SQ problems. The iFi Nano is a little more robust than the original non-Uber Modi, so I take no exception to that post.
  12. I have heard the Peachtree DAC-ITx and Cambridge DAC Magic 100. Both are good, but for MY SYSTEM, the Modi 2 MB was the best choice. The other two had a little too much glare for my liking. The Wharfedale 10.7's are quite revealing at their price point, but like most revealing speakers at that price point, they can be a little brittle up top. The Modi 2 MB smoothed them out and lessened the fatigue.
  13. Since no one replied, I ASSUME no one has the Modi 2 MB + iPurifier combination... so allow me. The difference for me is as large as going from my Hifidiyme DAC to the Modi 2 MB. I am using a CCA streaming Tidal as a source, which is apparently notorious for jitter. There are new details I am hearing, just when I thought I had everything on a recording. Also, there is a new "tightness" to bass notes. The best way I can explain is that there is a more defined leading and trailing edge. For the iPurifier, I say this is well worth the $150 as an upgrade to the Modi 2 MB. What strikes
  14. Are they powered monitors? If so, I would go Schiit Modi 2 Multibit with SYS passive preamp.
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