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  1. You certainly do NOT need an HC version for PhoenixUSB
  2. Wow!! Truly amazing! Congrats! I cannot help but notice: what do you have both Esoteric K-01XD and Luxman D-10x? Aren't they both SACD players?
  3. Anyone here with Esoteric gear using Ref10 ?
  4. Unfortunately Roon forum is dominated by a handful of people who believe NOTHING can improve anything. It’s not worth engaging, as they will pile on you as a bunch of hyenas.
  5. Ghent sells two Ethernet RJ45 cables, both listed as JSSG360. This means they would be OK for EtherRegen, upstream and downstream?
  6. Bingo! I bought Roon Lifetime subscription about three years ago. It was $499 then, and until a few months ago. It is by far the best purchase I have ever made in this hobby
  7. Yes please, let us know how this goes, and what you ultimately end up getting
  8. I have no idea what you just said in here. As long as you know you would need a streamer for the Luxman D-10x, it’s all good. The Tambaqui has a streamer built in, which is Roon Ready certified. That was all my point. Sorry if I sounded confused. The DAC in Luxman D-10x is brand new. No other Luxman has it. Even the chip is made from a company that I had never heard it before. So, if you are looking for opinions on that, you have to wait until people you know and trust try it. Or better yet, try it for yourself. Any comparison/ opinion from other Luxman models is irrelevant.
  9. This one does not have a streamer built in. It’s also $16,750
  10. Did you mean “from a ZENith MK3”? 😂😂 In all seriousness, thanks for sharing your impressions. I gotta try your approach some day. The signature Rendu SE (optical) looks amazing. What are you using as Roon Core? Nucleus?
  11. That is is not what I said or implied
  12. I know I know, just a joke. Is that a Mapleshade Samson rack on the right?
  13. Just a wild guess... are you a Farad fan? 😂😉
  14. sonicTransporter is a great server (Roon Core) for its price. There is a sT i7 now for sale on US Audio Mart. Great value
  15. Honestly, if you are looking for a SOTA USB cable, and have the cash, Shunyata Sigma or Synergistic Research Galileo SX, are the best. A distant third, Audience FrontRow
  16. I must have tried over 25 USB cables over the years. Yes, that’s fun. My top picks: Synergistic Research Reference X Kimber Kable Select (Ag or HB) Sonore by Cardas Budget: Triode Wire Labs (dual conductor split power & data)
  17. In all honesty... speaking as a Statement owner and a previous Zenith MK3 owner.... add a PhoenixUSB to a ZENith MK3, and you are all set! Innuos is an outstanding company with extremely innovative products
  18. Do you already have a ZENith MK3? That would be your first step. You can always try or buy the PhoenixUSB later.
  19. I was going to say the same about the sofas, but I didn’t. I did not want hurt anyone’s feelings 🤭 Maybe the two side sofas can be moved back a few feet or so, since it seems like there enough space in that room?
  20. Spot on Alex! 99% of people confuse this all the time. Now... how did I come up with that percentage? I completely made it up 🤪
  21. It's up now! http://www.innuos.com/en/go/release-1-4-4
  22. I doubt it. And I am not willing to try. If you are curious, you can certainly try for yourself
  23. On the Statement? It doesn’t . Statement has practically a PhoenixUSB built in. Plus other stuff.
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