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  1. Americana
    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    @thyname I couldn't disagree more with you about folk/americana metal I could care less about.

    I lump/choose folk/american with country& western and almost anything I search for comes up even obscure people like Pat Guadagno a Jersey Shore saloon/bar singer who covers Dylan comes up-A Bob Fest on his birthday(check him out) plus covers of Waits, Cohen, Dylan(Barb Jungr for example) etc almost ALL the Dead plus loads of their covers almost all Dylan and his covers, guys i never heard of Jerry Jeff Walker and Ray Wylie Hubbard the Del-Lords etc and check out JazzDoc post #19 in Music in General under country western. ALL anybody would want and more of Kingston Trio PP&M search Bakersfield Sound or Nashville and there are just pages and pages of artists under americana  alone. There is a lot there and half the fun is just looking for/searching(and reading different threads/topics on this august body of work) sort like what it was like at Sam Goody's or Tower Records-just put anything into search and click... and when you request do it to @dmackta or @ David Craff you might get better results on this thread.

    @al2813 you could keep Qobuz by transferring all your Deezer/Spotify playlists to Qobuz via Soundiiz Premium I did this for my Deezer and Spotify and my TIDAL playlists and retain the SQ you like so much on Qobuz... just a suggestion OR get ROON I got the 'lifetime' subscription at 499$ and it has paid for itself( my CFO wasn't happy she said "what is 'lifetime' at YOUR age?''


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