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  1. Do you already have a ZENith MK3? That would be your first step. You can always try or buy the PhoenixUSB later.
  2. I was going to say the same about the sofas, but I didn’t. I did not want hurt anyone’s feelings 🤭 Maybe the two side sofas can be moved back a few feet or so, since it seems like there enough space in that room?
  3. Spot on Alex! 99% of people confuse this all the time. Now... how did I come up with that percentage? I completely made it up 🤪
  4. It's up now! http://www.innuos.com/en/go/release-1-4-4
  5. I doubt it. And I am not willing to try. If you are curious, you can certainly try for yourself
  6. On the Statement? It doesn’t . Statement has practically a PhoenixUSB built in. Plus other stuff.
  7. A “birdie” told me the other day that the new InnuOS 1.4.4. update will be out this Tuesday, 5/19. It is supposed to fix the Roon SqueezeLite experimental feature among other things
  8. Of course! For every single product out there there is a China equivalent at half the price (or less) LOL!!
  9. I also have both. Tidal and Qobuz. Annual subs. For the moment, I need both. They complement each other. Ideally, I want to just have one. I feel I am not there yet
  10. ‘It’s been a while since I did this with my Innuos and NAS, but I think the key is to create an empty sub folder in your NAS, then back up to that folder, using the NAS’s IP address
  11. ‘Can you please share how exactly to do that? Are you saying you can backup Roon database to the Zenith’s internal SSD? Thanks
  12. You are on the right track. Now that the link is established on Roon Backups, repeat the procedure again. Start the music back up on my.innuos.com, so that the link with the external hard drive is established, and while that is working, go immediately in Roon Settings/ Backup and initiate the back up again. In other words, while the communication link is established in Innuos website, it works on Roon backups as well. I don't know why this is the case, but that's how it works. Not sure why. But it works all the time for me. Another consideration: Try to do Roon back ups in other places. I personally do two additional Roon database backups on my two NASs, and one on my Dropbox. In addition to the external hard drive connected to my Innuos
  13. Yes, backing up Roon database and Roon metadata is the same thing. We are talking about the same thing. You will need to create a backup link on Roon settings / backups. What I am saying is to start the backup (of music) on my.innuos.com first, for that particular external hard drive you said already set up and done already, then while that starts, immediately go to Roon settings / backup, create one. While the backup is running on my Innuos web interface, Roon should be able to “see” your external hard drive
  14. ‘On Roon Backups, is that Backup link to your external drive already established, and simply fails? If so, start a backup sequence on Innuos site / settings first, then while it started to run, quickly go to Roon and start the database backup there
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