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  1. From what I've seen, Amir has pointed out the limits of human hearing in terms of noise floor. He also points out when noise/distortion of the measured product are beyond audibility limits. I do agree that there doesn't seem to be much value in measuring the 300th Chinese DAC that measures flawlessly at this point as it is solved problem But then again, it seems like a lot of companies upped their engineering game as a result of these published measurements.
  2. Should have been more careful with my description but that's what sometimes happens when I type on my iPhone. Was trying to emphasize that I like to use phone apps to control streaming of music. In any case, I could stream hi res using Audirvana but I prefer the Tidal and Qobuz interface on my phone over the A+ iOS remote. I tried once again to use stream Tidal MQA files by specifying UPnP Volumio output on mconnect app. I could get it up to 24 bits depth but could not get past 44/48 khz on volumio.local even when mconnect indicated that hires files were playing. I even tried
  3. Ive tried this with mConnect and cannot get volumio to show higher than 16/44 even when playing known hires files on mConnect.
  4. Mconnect is at the highest streaming resolution. I have no issues streaming hi res to volumio from Audirvana.
  5. When I check volumio.local all hi res files are reported as 16/44. Please also see this link: https://www.qobuz.com/us-en/info/hi-fi/bancs-d-essai/qobuz-application-m-connect-player180019
  6. I’ve actually tried mconnect paid version on the iPhone but could not WiFi stream hires. I understand that mconnect HD may be able to but that app is only available on iPad.
  7. I currently stream Tidal or Qobuz app from my iPhone 7 to my Allo Digione via UPNP. As far as I can tell, I am limited to 16/44 even when I am playing higher resolution files. Is there an app that will let me stream wifi from my phone at higher resolutions?
  8. If you want to use optical inputs, you might want to consider Google Chromecast Audio. They’ve stopped making these but you can still purchase them eBay.
  9. Hi Bob, Coffee and espresso is my other big hobby. I currently have a 2014 Cremina paired with HG One grinder. My favorite roaster these days are all from NorCal: Four Barrel, Red Bay, and Ritual.
  10. I'm currently feeding an Allo Digione (RPi 2) installed with Volumio into a Focusrite Clarett 4Pre connected directly to a Classe CA 200 (I believe this is a direct coupled amplifier). I use Tidal app on my iPhone to stream music. Every so often during a song change, I will hear a popping sound coming out of my speakers. I use maximum buffer settings in Volumio. I have no issues when the Clarett 4Pre is connected directly to my McIntosh and streaming music via Audirvana. Any ideas on how I can stop the pops?
  11. There is an "exception" to the Nyquist sampling theorem although not in the direction you would like: https://www.technologyreview.com/s/412593/why-compressive-sensing-will-change-the-world/ I have a buddy who is a math PhD who works in compressive sensing so I'm familiar with some of the concepts.
  12. Not defending Stuart in any way but there is at least one exception to the sampling theorem. The sampling theorem is not an incontrovertible law of nature that has no exceptions.
  13. Except Archimago already conducted a test where listeners slightly preferred PCM over MQA (roughly 55% to 45%). If you were smart, you would have said you compared 10 albums and preferred non-MQA files 80% of the time. That could have been believable.
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