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  1. Or, in other words, it turned into a standard, run of the mill, high end audio show.
  2. Which is exactly what I plan to do. Tidal is working just fine for me at the moment. Qobuz certainly looks attractive, but in the end of the day it will require dealing with my old Squeezebox network and getting favorites migrated over and so on. I'm in no hurry and will wait until they get it past "beta" stage. There's no online App available for Qobuz through mysqueezebox.com, but I guess you can access it through 3rd party plugins in Logitech Media Server. Of course I guess that also means always being connected to your local network in order to get access to Qobuz via Squeezebox.
  3. I am of course very aware of all the things you describe here about FM Stereo and the problems it had. So let me give you a little context: I was around 13 years old and my first experience with FM Stereo was hearing it on my neighbors Zenith table set with a second stereo speaker. To this 13 yr old it was magic. Seeing the red light come on, and hearing the stereo effect being transmitted over radio waves fascinated me. FM stereo through a good audio system has always been problematic for me, for all the reasons you mentioned.
  4. I knew him very early on in his career while he was living in Illinois and working at Abbott Labs. He was modifying AR turntables to accept SME tonearms. We sold a few through our store. No great fan of his speakers, but Dave was certainly a very pleasant and talented guy.
  5. I haven't had a "WOW moment" in many years. Some of this is due to over-exposure (I worked in the industry for over 40 years), but some of it is due to the fact that real breakthroughs that result in jaw dropping experiences are few and far between. Amplifier technology (other than Class D which I'm not all that fond of) has been stagnant for a long time. Same for speakers. I worked in the loudspeaker industry (drivers) for 23 years. Lots of changes in materials, and better manufacturing processes, but marginal improvement in actual performance. E.g., Dynaudio or ScanSpeak textile dome tweeter from the early 90's is still a totally viable and technically competitive driver today. So here's some of my "WOWS" from a long bygone era: The first time I heard Stereo FM Quad ESL 57 ARC SP3A Original Magneplanar Tympani 1 AR 3's powered by a Dynaco tube system (early 60's) My first magnetic phono cartridge My Stax SR 3 headphones
  6. One of the most common causes of this noise is dc offset on the mains. Do you have any dimmers or lamps with solid state controls? Try switching them off or changing outlets to the amps and see if anything changes.
  7. jmsent

    Tidal - Oh No

    Apple didn't buy MOG, they bought Beats. Beats bought MOG and destroyed it, and then sold the whole mess to Apple.
  8. Was looking through Tidal last night and found a bunch of Pat Metheny ECM albums now available. Great news.
  9. But if this is indeed what's going on, and those cables are operating normally (not shorted) then this raises serious red flags about the design of these amps. Knowing who these engineers are, I find that hard to believe. Good grief, the industry has only been designing solid state amplification since the mid 1960's. Thousands of products have been made that are unconditionally stable into virtually any load. Something this modern and with this engineering pedigree shouldn't be acting like this. Either you've got a bad amp or Schiit needs to go back to the drawing boards.
  10. I suspect a defective amplifier. I'm sorry, but any amplifier that goes into protection based on simple speaker cable parameters has to be considered broken. It's not as though you used anything out of the ordinary. A solid voltage source, which this amplifier claims to be, should be nearly totally immune to small variations in cable capacitance, inductance, resistance, etc. Perhaps there was a short in the amp by the speaker terminals that you cleared by connecting and disconnecting the cables. I'll bet if you go back to the cables you originally tried, it will work fine with those too.
  11. Perhaps they're referring to this? http://www.clarifisound.com
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