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  1. Yup just cell phones .. Do very well in India and China .
  2. My 103 d has a streaming app. Tidal ! So I'm confused
  3. Isn't that one of the Mexican border wall prototypes ?
  4. Output tubes 2 of the nos Philips SQ e88c Rectifier nos matsushita ( mullard tooling). Gz34 Output coupling cap 2 clarity cmr 2.2 uf /400 v . At 35 $ each these caps are 80 % of what a $300 dollar boutique caps gets you ie duelund. I'm running single ended not balanced so don't need to replace all 4 sets . The cap and the rectifer made biggest difference for me . Dac needs burning time at least 50 hrs . I do like both dac chip sets avail. But the es9038 is real expensive and I guess it's a little more air and detailed vs the ak4497 . I'm told it's a matter of per
  5. The latest bdp3 With the very same dac chip set. Tube rolling and cap rolling ? Sorry for typo. Tubes ie 2 outputtubes at 39 $ each . I'm running single ended so just need to upgrade 2 not 4 and the single rectifier tube was 59$ and 2 output coupling caps at 35$ each . I didn't order the options listed on the site cept the ability to swap out the dac chips . That's because I'm experienced enough to know what I like and where to buy cheaper
  6. Yup I just bought one . Boy is it real good . And betters the $ 3k bryston dac to boot at half the cost after my tube rolling cap rolling I did upfront cause I could and I'm a tube guy ..so I'm into it . The output coupling cap change had the biggest impact actually .. No soldering required.. Cool ! I just can't get over how good this dac is and it future proof to boot Color me tickled .
  7. Yup i pulled the trigger , had Weiss , Bryston , Mytek DSD previously This puppy tops all them . I use Computer Audio / Roon for discovery mostly as Come on now spinning LP,s sound so much better . Well with this dac .. yeah i got some nicer NOS circa 1963 tubes { output and rectifier} , Plus upgrade output caps So cost me what .. 1000 for the dac and 300 for additional parts . Man this thing really sounding analoge sweet ... soundstaging ... timber ... detailed WOW ! Highly recommended . plus you can change out the dac chip .. ESS , AK . as they have dif
  8. Yes true everyone knows mini - soda'ens are Canadians eh!
  9. Sorry beer You buy Chinese lksin his example it doesn't carry approvals ie csa or Ul Any idea my friend the cost to do so ! Lol you would be shocked Sure a consumer blueray player the volume is their to afford it in payback . But a dac .. Not So the new bryston dac as example carries approvals and that huge cost is carried in that cost to you to buy one . And I'm not talking about ten bucks . Your on a futile mission Back to the rose coloured glasses !
  10. Airborne Rf is as in radio .. Am . Fm. Etc.. Weather radar Man if you only knew the shit flying around our heads Lol
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