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  1. Oh, I still remember your setup! You have a big rack behind the wall with perfect cable management and I remember you used a lot of supra cables! I want to do similar once I buy a big house with a dedicated room for audio! So if the lamp did so much changes, I would imagine the impact of audio (heavy) curtains on the closest window to the left speaker. It seems this window reflects sound directly to your sitting position.
  2. Same chipset, but maybe is not the same clock, near the chipset there is a clock, who has melco, can you remove radiator and check small clock near chipset. It is here on BS-GS2016:
  3. First one doesnt support Roon, second contains dac onboard. And the price range, I would compare NDX2 + 555 with rossini or bartok for at least, as they are streamer + dac in one box.
  4. Ok, will answer by myself. It requires to fill in all fields. Gateway and DNS as well, otherwise it wont work!
  5. Yes, it would sound better. My friend has same setup NB + debussy and he said, that NB has better clock.
  6. @AMP hello, i have a question regarding dcs NB. I tried to put static IP address in menu. But after refresh the page it shows dhcp on and my changes are not saved. Is that a known bug or I am doing something wrong? Thanks
  7. Hi @vhs, Im curious, why you decided to use supra cable (i know its very good ethernet cable), but 13 meters!, instead of optic fiber, especially when you have eR?
  8. Seriously, no one uses lawyer insurance here? This could be a good reason to check an insurance quality!
  9. looks like he did that signature "The Linear Solution" with his own nails, just imagine, what the hard time he had though
  10. and he can get to jail for fraud as well. If you all have payment proof etc, its real fraud with serious consequences.
  11. Sometimes less know better sleep. Dont open yours ps. honestly, i would worry about result, not how it was reached. If it sounds great it doesnt matter, how its done inside. I know, im a perfectionist and i would be mad to see this crap. But, really, check photos of Lampizator. It looks like my 3years old kid just found a soldering-iron, but results are awesome!
  12. You may didnt see Lampizator inside
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