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  1. Seriously, no one uses lawyer insurance here? This could be a good reason to check an insurance quality!
  2. looks like he did that signature "The Linear Solution" with his own nails, just imagine, what the hard time he had though
  3. and he can get to jail for fraud as well. If you all have payment proof etc, its real fraud with serious consequences.
  4. Sometimes less know better sleep. Dont open yours ps. honestly, i would worry about result, not how it was reached. If it sounds great it doesnt matter, how its done inside. I know, im a perfectionist and i would be mad to see this crap. But, really, check photos of Lampizator. It looks like my 3years old kid just found a soldering-iron, but results are awesome!
  5. You may didnt see Lampizator inside
  6. For such situations i wait till the last week i can open a claim in paypal and of course such money i would pay only through paypal.
  7. Can you share the photos?
  8. I want to use only streaming, just Tidal or Qobuz for that.
  9. If im using Mosaic App can i get rid of roon server and use just dcs bridge connected to router?
  10. The update to the main board includes the following fixes: Corrected an issue where the front panel LED would not flash after certain firmware update operations. Improved the reliability of messaging between the FPGA and network card. Improved performance during track transitions in Roon. Improved the behaviour of seek operations in Roon when playing MQA content. Several bug fixes and minor enhancements.
  11. Not only noise(electrical) is problem. Another issue is vibration. And fan would create additional EMF anyway. I would buy better case, than add fans.
  12. It is too slow, according to romaz's findings, roon server should be powerful to provide lowest latency possible! My option 3 needs big pc case, so i see optimal way to use usb-to-ethernet converter.
  13. I dont feel its the best way, because wifi is a very noisy element. So there are 3 options: 1. [Worst] Wifi 2. [So so] Usb to ethernet converter 3. [Best] m2 to pci-e and external card, like JCAT net card, which i've already sold, damn!!
  14. I wanted to try Nuc as roon server, but with surprise found, that all nucs are with 1 ethernet port. Nobody mentioned that! I wanted to connect it(nuc) to roon endpoint directly to eliminate any switch between. Do you know guys nuc versions with two ethernet ports?
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