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  1. KEF LS50 Wireless II. Slightly smaller than ATC. Yes it does all those wireless streaming and digital stuff. But that's where the magic is. DSP to for time alignment, bass mgmt, etc etc etc. I don't like LS50 (non wireless)'s sound, but LS50 Wireless v1 won me over. I would likely leave the RME gathering dust and buy the LS50W v2. Based on listening to other speakers that absorbs backward successfully, LS50W II's meta-material is likely to contribute significant sound improvements. If not, you won't go wrong with the ATC. Definitely a good choice here.
  2. @bodiebill I have USB setup similar to yours, but not as cool. PC → Lush v1 → iUSB Nano (+ iPower) → DIY USB cable + usb-to-DC cable → ISOregen → USPCB → DAC. Have you tried iUSB's 5V output to power ISO regen before? If you did, how does it compare to current all out assault?
  3. I've own Chord Mojo (for 2 channel audio, no much of head fi), Yamaha A-S801 (DAC-amp), iFi iDAC2, Centrance DACport (tube shaped ori version. I still have it), Topping D50, Questyle CMA600i previously. Mojo & Yamaha were in an old setup with diff gears, and I was n00b back then. So I don't remember much to comment. Topping D50: imaging—wide, quite pin point, not much depth or layering. High clarity & transparency. Poor bass. Can be shouty at the upper mids especially at loud volumes as there seems to be an emphasis in female vocals when singing high notes. Same
  4. I heard the Rockna Wavedream earlier version (couldn't remember if it was MSB-board, 24bit, or 26bit) compared to COS H1. The distro showcased Mytek Brooklyn Bridge & Wavedream with ATC speakers (modified Line Magnetic tube amps). Rockna has a very "correct" and beautiful sound to it. H1 is good, but absolutely no match. Hahahahaha! Unfortunately didn't manage to listen to AudioByte. My dream DAC (when budget allows to upgrade) will be a Rockna. I'm possibly the only COS owner in Singapore, so I took H1 on a little tour: - Zeppelin & Co. headph
  5. COS H1 user here. Just dropping by to say hello to fellow COS Engineering users. Note that COS uses proprietary upsampling filter through DSP with 1 second buffer, meaning audio starts 1 second later. There's a switch to disable it (for video). But with the buffer, SQ improvements is quite observable. I believe D10 is based off the DAC section of D2. If you like the COS house sound, you'd probably like all of them considering they all share similar DAC technology. One of the best thing about COS DACs is the workmanship, even the H1 feel so luxurious and sturdy. The
  6. Sorry to revive an old thread. Just to share how I setup my USB chain with both iFi iUSB 3.0 Nano (not Micro) and ISO Regen. Laptop (Jitterbug for wireless keyboard) ↓ Lush v1 cable ↓ iUSB 3.0 Nano ↓ DIY USB cable (47 Labs Stratos wire) ↓ ISO Regen (powered by iUSB) ↓ USPCB cable ↓ DAC - iUSB Nano vs ISO Regen: iUSB sounds a wee bit rounder. ISO Regen is more effortless. Both very good. - I prefer iUSB Nano before ISO Regen. - Lush cable has a musical sound, but a little forw
  7. Blake, thanks for sharing your impression on the Firewalls for Speakers. I love play around with tweaks. Based on what you said, it sounded very much like how Nelson Pass describes various phases of 2nd harmonic distortion: "[...] from listening tests we learn that there is a tendency to interpret negative phase 2nd as giving a deeper soundstage and improved localization than otherwise. Positive phase seems to put the instruments and vocals closer and a little more in-your-face with enhanced detail." (https://positive-feedback.com/audio-discourse/the-pass-h2-harmonic-gene
  8. Ah I see. That's really a shame (I feel the same for myself too). If I had started with nothing, I'd probably go with the LS50W, but I'm also too emotionally invested in my various components X^D. The LS50 Wireless is really really excellent for the price. In any case, if you happen to walk past a KEF dealer, just pop in for an listen. No harm listening and expanding your horizon. Someone mentioned iFi. The iDSD Black Label is a very good sounding DAC, lots of clarity. Definitely worth auditioning. I also love the Mytek sound, maybe try out the Mytek Liberty as well. A
  9. After some thought... why not change to LS50W. It is really good. I used to dislike LS50 (the shoutiness), until I heard the LS50W. You can sell off the Pi, DAC, and amp...and use LS50W as Roon endpoint. Go audition it if you have the chance. 😉
  10. Cool setup there! I had the Topping D50 before. I'd say it's a good value DAC—good clarity, wide but not very deep sound stage. It's probably competitive up to 2-3x its price. The bass in D50 is lacking, no wonder you like it less with electric and rock music. When I bought Questyle CMA600i, it was as if the bass came out to play...the sub came alive. I also disliked the upper mids/lower treble of D50 when played loud, it gets a shouty/piercing/strident. Also, the USB input is really poor, SPDIF is audibly better (maybe consider an SPDIF hat on your Pi?) My experie
  11. SJK, you seems like a person with sufficient technical expertise. Instead of demanding others to supply you or anyone with proof, why not build the power supplies and test + listen for yourself? Then discuss your results with the community. I believe this would bring more value to yourself and this discussion. Many of the people above have built or developed various power supplies, measured them, and listened to them... and have thus formed the their opinions. We are all here by our own volition, no one is obliged to provide anyone with free information or proof, but they did
  12. Unfortunately no. I just went for it because it is the "higher end" version within my budget, and it was a demo unit. I also likely wouldn't be able to discern a difference in my system.
  13. You can look into Oyaide Neo d+ Class S or Class A. I own the Class S version. They are affordable and Oyaide publishes an eye diagram measurement for its USB cables on its site. So at least we know that it is made to specifications. As for sound wise, check out some reviews. Note: due to the flat shape of this cable, it's a little fussy with placement, so a little extra length helps. Another well reviewed & affordable option is Supra USB cable (which I also own, but not using). On a side note: I do find that ISO Regen made a preferable difference in my USB cha
  14. Used to own quite a few iPowers, sold most of them off except for a 12V which is used for an analogue radio. It improved the radio for sure. As for why I sold the others: In one setup, they caused other high frequency hum in the playback chain, i think it was about 8-9k Hz as I tried to measure it. I was using them to power Topping D50 and ISO Regen. Removed them, and voila, the 8kHz hum is gone. In another setup, they have a high frequency whine. I first thought it came from the speakers until I traced it back to the iPower themselves. Even though the
  15. Innuos launched the Phoenix USB thingy not too long ago, and there's a review on the main page. This is for PC setup (likely noisy USB), so take it with a pinch of salt: I use iFi iUSB 3.0 Nano in front of Uptone ISO Regen in a laptop setup. Sounds preferable to just using either iFi or ISO Regen. The difference is quite small and very subtle on my current DAC compared to previous DACs I've used. I attribute it to the excellent USB input of this new DAC. But you'd really have to try it to know if there's an improvement and whether you can hear this improvement.
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