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  1. Considering building PC with JCAT USB XE card with LPS vs Sonore OpticalRendu with LPS. Going into Chord Qutest sound quality wise. Running Audirvana. Any advice or comments good or bad.
  2. Thanks guys for the info. Great news since I already have Audirvana & Mic I use with REW. Excited to get Dirac next week and spend all weekend listening to music.
  3. Awesome Job!! Been searching for A/B article with Dirac and REW to compare results are legit. Now trying to Figure out best way to implement Dirac with streaming Qobuz. Roon? NAD C658, or there a way with using $349 route using my laptop?
  4. MQA Decoding Explained | AudioStream Good Breakdown of file software & hardware combined vs just software
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