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  1. Well, in my system, for the last 10 years or so, I had a significant different DACs. M2 Tech, North Star Supremo, TAD, MSB Analog DAC, EMM Labs, MSB Diamond V and MSB Select DAC II with QUAD USB, Pro ISL and Renderer V2. And yes, MSB are the ones I prefer. Besides, their support is awesome. With the Renderer module, and the Reference Transport that I also owne, I can play files directly from my DYI Music Server. No switchy, no router in between. Fantastic realistic SQ, in my system and in my room. One last point, the volume module of the DAC is the best preamp that I’ve ever had. Cheers. Happy New year. Armsan
  2. Apologies. When I said DLNA server, I meant DHCP server. Sorry. Armsan
  3. Sure Alrainbow, but do you want links of SW or HW products? And did you mean that, by your experience, the Quad USB is better than the UMT Transport connected to the DAC via I2S? Thanks. Armsan
  4. Hello, I have both the Renderer and Quad USB in my Diamond V. In the beginning there was Quad USB, Windows OS, and it was very, very good. Then came the Renderer. It was more lifelike, more real. The Quad USB more detailed, less organic. Then I decided to put out the switch between the Renderer and my DIY music server. Linux was the way to go. My Ubuntu Server became a DLNA server also and connected to the Renderer directly. Fantastic achievement. In this stage, forget the Quad USB. BTW forget Windows for audio. I've tried them all. WinServer 2012R2, single and Dual PC, Win 10, with Process Lasso, Fidelizer, AO, JPlay, JPlay Streamer, JCat USB card and JCat battery power, endeless PSU types including batterys, you name it. The next step was trying Audiophile Linux OS. Amazing. Cantata player and Quad USB were back on top. Next I tried WTFPlay. The best ever. We are literally at scene/event. That's where I am now. No JCat Femto USB card or similar. Nothing. Total DAC USB cable straight from the mobo. All this to say that everything matters and the result is system dependent. Maybe I will achieve to put the Renderer again on top. One thing for sure: you Renderer owners only will know what is it capable of if direct connected to the PC. Better than this? Maybe the MSB UMT Transport to be able to use I2S connection. I own and tried once Pink Faun bridge card with North Star Supremo DAC, via I2S. Very interesting. Very raw sound. Cheers. Armsan
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