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  1. @stefano_mbpGreat. That sounds like a neat solution. txs again for the help
  2. I have created a new Daphile instance on a 64GB disk I created in the VM and erased that disk. I read in the installation manual that the installer automatically uses the balance of the whole disk, i.e. total space less DpahileBoot (1GB) which is what happened. So now I have about 63GB for DaphileData. Still doesn't explain how I can expand sda2 if I get to this point again but I should be safe as I won't rip any more CDs - as I don't buy any anymore :)
  3. Ok, didn't know of the beta versions. My system runs on a virtual machine. I downloaded the latest stable ISO and installed it on the virtual machine with all defaults. The installer should fully utilise the disk space (34.3GB in my case) which doesn't seem to be the case. I probably try to install this on another virtual machine and see whether I can expand the space during the installation.
  4. @stefano_mbpare you running a version later than 21.01-x86_64? How much free space do you have (under Settings / Storage)? I find 7.5GB very small especially since this is the music location
  5. I'm using Daphile for a while as I'm running my server in a virtual machine (Oracle Virtualbox). Ran without any issues but I recently noticed that sda2 is full. I have enough disk space and would like to extend this partition. I know this is more or a Linux question than an LMS question but would appreciate any pointers on how to do this as I'm probably not the only one having this issue. thanks
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