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  1. I mean.. how many opamps do this device have? Can the DAC side be powered separately?
  2. I am wondering if I can roll opamp from this device. How did you galvanically isolate the DAC the streamer? How many amp does this setup need?
  3. Just use MoOde or Dietpi. You will be successful. PcP and volumio failed me.
  4. Audiofoo, Did you return the product to allo? Im interested on the cause of this issue. In my case, I only used ifi power and the allo smps.. that was it.
  5. Hi AudioFoo.. I experienced the same issue. Is the hiss emanating from the speaker or the Katana MC/Opamp. If so, I encountered the same issue. I returned the unit to Allo. I was using the THD optimized opamp. If you notice the heat, it almost scald my finger. The top surface of the acrylic is extremely hot. Prior to that, hissing came out; then no sound.
  6. with your setup, the amp may give 72 W of power. Will the device be safe for a longer period of time?
  7. What was the improvement in sound quality? Do u leave it playing 24/7?
  8. Allo, Is there a fool proofing in your part to avoid toasting the batter power pack? Is it intrinsically safe device to use in RPi? Darko's video is quite scary.
  9. Information on allo volt + D is so limited. Is there any burn in requirement for this amp. Just recently bought one.
  10. Even you restart it infinitely using that sequence, you will always have it for master dac (tried on PcP, Volumio, & Dietpi). This is a known firmware issue that was fixed in Katana v2. It is always the case when you power RPi then the output stage. I normally power the output stage 1st to eliminate the issue. For transport.. in my USBRIDGE using volumio i never encountered it.
  11. with the Katana v1 experience You have to follow the correct boot sequence, otherwise you will have a smurf. This is a case of the master DAC. I dont know in the transport (no issue on my Doubly powered USBRIDGE though)
  12. Now its Hans time to review the Digione Signature.. Makes me want to pull the trigger in ordering.
  13. Hi, Has anyone used the ifi purifier 1 or 2 in series with a walwart PSU to feed the clean power input of digione signature? Any thoughts?
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