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  1. Anyone experiencing a very slow W10 Qobuz app? Within the app everything slows down to a crawl. I turned on my refresh counter and within the app my computer slows down 20fps. clicks take 5 seconds or more. Every other app on my PC flies.
  2. The Ayon Audio/Lumenwhite room was BOS for me. Outstanding.
  3. Anyone deal with a Brooklyn that won't turn on? Standby light is on but when I depress the volume/on/off knob it wont turn on. So I put the Brooklyn in bootloader mode and reinstalled the latest firmware. It cycled, installed, screen came on, then it went back it standby as its supposed to. Knob still didnt work. I guess the switch is busted....
  4. I think Stereophile did a review of the A10.
  5. Qobuz Beta has been pretty rock solid on my Auralic Aries G1 and iPhone X these past couple of weeks. I created a Tidal and Qobuz playlist. Identical tracks, Masters, Hi-Res, and FLAC. Frankly its very close. Qobuz having perhaps having a tad smoother highs and fuller mids. But that's not on every track. Some Masters MQA tracks are still outstanding. Still more listening to do.
  6. Got it up and running too. Anyway to search for hi-res?
  7. Just got the confirmation email and signed up! It's working, finally. hmm....which track to start this new relationship with
  8. I think you are applying a rating based on how it performs in a category. I guess I apply a broader rating, including separates and such in the same price category.
  9. unplug the N2i and Brooklyn. try again and/or Do you have a CD player with coax out? If so, try that into the Brooklyn to see if its a bad input.
  10. DAC+ replaced my Brooklyn. Sbooster is under the cabinet.
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