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  1. intensemojo

    All in one streamer

    I think Stereophile did a review of the A10.
  2. intensemojo

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Qobuz Beta has been pretty rock solid on my Auralic Aries G1 and iPhone X these past couple of weeks. I created a Tidal and Qobuz playlist. Identical tracks, Masters, Hi-Res, and FLAC. Frankly its very close. Qobuz having perhaps having a tad smoother highs and fuller mids. But that's not on every track. Some Masters MQA tracks are still outstanding. Still more listening to do.
  3. intensemojo

    DAC/Streamer is needed!

    Auralic Vega G2
  4. intensemojo

    Qobuz USA launching soon!

    Got it up and running too. Anyway to search for hi-res?
  5. intensemojo

    Article: Qobuz Announces Opening of US Beta

    Just got the confirmation email and signed up! It's working, finally. hmm....which track to start this new relationship with
  6. intensemojo

    Article: The Definitive Dynaudio Music 1, 3, 5, 7 Speaker Review

    I think you are applying a rating based on how it performs in a category. I guess I apply a broader rating, including separates and such in the same price category.
  7. intensemojo

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    Any news on the US launch?
  8. intensemojo

    Article: The Definitive Dynaudio Music 1, 3, 5, 7 Speaker Review

    5 stars for soundbars?
  9. intensemojo

    Brookyln Dac Vesus Metrum DAC

    unplug the N2i and Brooklyn. try again and/or Do you have a CD player with coax out? If so, try that into the Brooklyn to see if its a bad input.
  10. intensemojo

    Mytek Brooklyn Bridge

    Doh - I just got a Aries G1 to team up with the DAC+
  11. intensemojo

    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    When is the US launch?
  12. DAC+ replaced my Brooklyn. Sbooster is under the cabinet.
  13. DAC +. You’ll itch for the new one later anyway.
  14. Sounds good, absolutely. Older, yes.