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  1. Until the beta version is not ready, how to update FW for Kii Control to latest one?
  2. Not sure is there a new firmware for Control. Will contact Kii. Thanks.
  3. Unplugging the Control used to help but not anymore. There is no pattern, sometimes it works normally and sometimes not. So I am fad a bit. Anyhow I am thinking to "upgrade" the digital part. I have tried Melco and it sounded really good. Batter than Mac with Roon player or Amarra for example. So just wondering is it possible to get that level of SQ with Roon Rock!
  4. HI, Maybe I miss it, but does anyone use Roon Rock with the Kiis's? On Intel Nuc or any other hardware. I have a good old MacBookPro, but to often my Mac just cannot see the Kii's!? Then I have to disconnect USB, ethernet,..., and that usually works. Looking to purchase Melco, but currently away from my budget. Even thinking to install Rock on my Mac for testing! Thanks
  5. Dear All, Anyone using ASR phono stage with Kii's? I am looking for upgrade, currently using EAR 834P with Cinemag SUT. many years back I had a ASR amplifier, and I liked it allot. Thanks.
  6. Phono stage should be connected directly to Kii's. I am using EAR 834P phono stage! Fantastic! In addition, Kii's are very sensitive to source. You will hear the difference definitely between the formats.
  7. No measurements. Just experience with the Audience conditioner!
  8. Few days ago I had a chance to try/test https://www.kempelektroniksshop.nl/blue-horizon-mains-noise-analyzer.html. Well, the result was disappointing. Very "dirty" power, but I knew that more or less. So, the question is what you use to "clean" your AC power, and what is suitable for the Kii's? I have tried Audience Power Conditioner once and the change was positive, but not sure is the amount of change worth that amount of money.
  9. I am thinking to purchase this one: http://www.homehifi.co.uk/S/tc-7240.htm
  10. I am using SAM Aldebaran turntable with TransFi linear tonearm, ZYX bloom R50 cartridge, CineMag step-up and EAR 834P phono! Cables are directly connected to speakers from 834P. Very very happy with this combo. I also use MacBookPro, but planning to upgrade to Melco. Also end game for me after changing many components. You just hear everything and that's it.
  11. Just my experience after changing some cables. My combo is Chord Signature LAN with FTA Callisto USB. I have tried Wireworld and Curious USBs, but ended up with this combination. Great value for money! The best combination was Chord Signature LAN with Chord Sarum USB. Superb, but out of my pocket range.
  12. I have used Neotech cables many years back. Power cables and interconnects. To me, they darken the sound. However, that was completely different system. If you can, try them first and see will you like them.
  13. It is not a waste of money changing the Ethernet cables. However, playing with the Kii control and changing the power cables should be the starting point. In addition, I have tried Wireworld Platinum USB cable from my McBookPro, but did not liked it. It muffled the sound in lower spectrum.
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