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  1. Have to agree here. It's a matter of damage limitation. Who knows how your neighbour perceives noise, bass in case, through your floor. What you may feel is okay is annoying for another person. Can you somehow play music in your room, preferably a typical bass (heavy) tune for you, and check yourself the sound in your neighbours room ?
  2. I had for a short while TOWNSHEND SEISMIC ISOLATION BARS under my speakers. I lived in an apartment dwelling and had a wooden floors. The bars seemed to help decouple a lot of the bass going through the wooden floor. http://www.townshendaudio.com/hi-fi-home-cinema-equipment-vibration-isolation/seismic-isolation-bars-for-speakers-subwoofers/ The bars were expensive and I eventually moved and sold them as my stereo went into storage. Anyway wanted to add my 2 pennies worth. Really interesting reading all the suggested remedies, glad the OP brough
  3. I'm keeping my eyes on the MediaDevil CB-01 Nanene Graphene-Enhanced Wood Earphones with Mic and Volume Control Maybe the reviews are mostly fake but I don't get that impression. Worth a look for only £50 + free shipping in the UK
  4. Pity you didn't have on hand sufficiently efficiently speakers (and cable adapters) to drive directly from the M Scaler and TT2 combo. Fantastic review. Keep them coming 🙂
  5. Perhaps take a look at this video: https://darko.audio/2019/02/a-short-film-about-the-innuos-zen-mk3/ It's not the Zenith MK3 but the cheaper Zen Mk3. The reviewer who has the much acclaimed Zenith SE, thinks the Zen Mk3 comes quite close to the sound of the Zenith SE.
  6. Thanks, interesting since I have an SMS20. 1. What are the specs of your SMS200 i.e has it any mods done to it eg clocks, neo, silver internal cables etc ...? 2. What NUC endpoint model do you have? 3. Was the NUC endpoint using AudioLinux ?
  7. For the server -- 'connects to endpoint over network.' -- is this a bridged ?
  8. Thanks for this, most interesting. What's NUC model? Where is your music stored eg NAS or internal drive? Clocking centric aside for a rather simplistic view, your chain prior to the NUC was: PC (AMD Threadripper 1950X to run HQPlayer, non-2s, to DSD512,tX-USBexp) > txUSBUltra > Singxer SU-1 > Holo Spring L3 DAC How does the chain look now with the NUC as the endpoint? I presume PC is the server?
  9. No. Imac plus it's two external backup firewire HD's and the NUC (with an internal HHD) are at home. The rest are in an external storage place (along with few of my other belongings). However, saying that, I'm abroad, so, everything is in storage now except one external USB HD & SDXC card which I've taken on my travels.
  10. Great advice. I have copies everywhere. although I've only 500 ripped CD's: - 2 external USB disks (when ripping cd's) - 2 external firmware disks (as part of of Imac backup with CCC and timemachine) - 1 Internal HD drive of my Nuc roon server, - iTunes (Imac) - Just ordered a 256 GB SDXC card which I will use in my macbook air -- which just about fits my 500 ripped cd's
  11. Where did you see this? At half the price (and weight I guess) I could be very tempted
  12. Firsty great system ! "Innuos MKII Std (USB) - hopefully some shake loose from MKIII/Statement upgraders" I don't have any experience myself with Innuos MKII Std but I've read that Innuos MKII and MKII SE sounds better by adding a USB device eg like the SOtM tX-USBultra USB. How much better I don't know. Personally for me I don't want to add USB extra boxes in conjunction with power supplies if I'd chosen the Innuos MKII Std (USB). I wish Innuos would give an option to upgrade the USB in the Innuos MKII Std (USB). It seems you have to go the the Statement for that.
  13. You can update the USB Card to the one in the Statement. It's mentioned in this video. But I thinks that's all.
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