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  1. In the latest version of HQPlayer Embedded 4.18.0, performance has deteriorated. On the lightweight i7-8700T (2.4GHz) processor with version 4.17.1, I could listen to the sinc-S ASDM7EC DSD256. The load on two processor cores did not exceed 95%. With version 4.18.0, the sound is greatly interrupted.
  2. What can you say about the graphics card for mining P104-100 (GTX 1070)? Cost is lower than standard video cards.
  3. OK. I will repeat my post from another forum thread. My configuration allows me to successfully play PCM48-192 -> DSD256, ASDM7EC, poly-sinc-ext2 Roon server + HQPlayer Embedded 4.11.1 on Debian 10 (minimal install) MB ASUS Prime H310I-Plus CPU i5-9600K RAM Hyperx HX426C15BK2/8 In the BIOS: the parameter is set - "Sync All Cores" "Intel(R) SpeedStep(tm)" - disabled
  4. ppy

    HQ Player

    Works for me HQPlayer Embedded 4.11.1. Linux - Debian 10
  5. ppy

    HQ Player

    Yes. Works without CUDA and additional overclocking. My configuration: ASUS Prime H310I-Plus 2x8Gb Hyperx HX426C15BK2/8 i5-9600K Passive cooling of the case. But apparently will have to set active cooling. All consumption of 100W. I experimented a lot with BIOS settings. But it seems this was the key to stable operation.
  6. ppy

    HQ Player

    I got a stable EC DSD256 with an I5-9600K processor. Even if I disconnect 2 cores from 6, I can still listen to PCM96-> DSD256 (poly-sinc-ext2 ASMD7EC)
  7. ppy

    HQ Player

    I5-7600K PCM96 -> poly-sinc-ext2 ASDM7EC DSD256 to NAA(BeagleBone) It sounds stable and without artifacts.
  8. As it turned out, this startup issue in Debian exists if DHCP is used. I could not find the right solution. Here is the schedule for loading my system. graph.zip It can be seen that HQPlayer starts after systemd-networkd-wait-online.service and network-online.target. But HQP doesn't work anyway. I had to do not elegant but very simple:
  9. When I find a solution, I will publish it. I think this is not support HQPlayer. This is an OS issue.
  10. Debian in minimal configuration and without GUI. [email protected]:~# cat /etc/network/interfaces # This file describes the network interfaces available on your system # and how to activate them. For more information, see interfaces(5). source /etc/network/interfaces.d/* # The loopback network interface auto lo iface lo inet loopback # The primary network interface allow-hotplug enp2s0 iface enp2s0 inet dhcp
  11. Debian 9.9 I added these records on my own, so that HQP would start later. rc-local.service roonserver.service networking.service ssh.service But I was happy early 🙁 Successful loading was only once. Now again, HQP does not see the network when it boots. Manual restart of the service corrects the problem. hqplayerd.log
  12. Reboot problem solved: After=rc-local.service roonserver.service networking.service ssh.service network-online.target sound.target systemd-udev-settle.service And set the IPV4 mode in the HQPlayer settings.
  13. Service enabled. And it starts after a reboot. But does not work. Immediately after reboot, HQPlayer does not find the NAA. hqplayerd.log
  14. Thank you! I mistakenly thought the opposite. That it is only for 48xDSD. Jussi, there is still a small problem: After rebooting the server on which both RoonServer and HQPlayer Embeded. It works only after manual systemctl restart hqplayerd In hqplayerd.service wrote After=rc-local.service roonserver.service network-online.target sound.target systemd-udev-settle.service But it does not work. How to make HQPlayer Embeded work after reboot?
  15. I also have problems with versions 4.10 - 4.11. Forced back to 4.9. PCM to DSD conversion. Roon -> HQPlayer Embeded -> NAA 3.5.5 -> BeagleBone with custom firmware Botic7 -> DSC2 Two problems: the same problem as @acatala Sounds only 16/44. Higher bitrates are silent.
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