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  1. Thanks Danny, it’s going to be a great experience! Have you thought about some room treatment (eg broadband corner traps)? Without that you simply won’t hear the speakers at their best.
  2. The pseudo-scientific way that post is written strongly suggests it was a hack.
  3. Hi all, I'd like to share my listening impressions. I used a Mytek Brooklyn into Neumann KH120s. I compared 'Two Against Nature' from Tidal Masters vs the same album from HD tracks. Both are at 24/96. I level matched the two sources using sound meter software SPLnFFT by averaging the first minute on one track from both sources. My impressions - they are different. My preference - MQA. One of the main differences is in Donald Fagen's voice - the MQA version sounds more natural, with less edge and a clearer acoustic. Cymbals sound sweeter, more like the real thing. Both seem to have simi
  4. Hi all, just repeated my experiment with 'Soul Brothers' at 24/192 and the differences are even more clear. So I'd certainly recommend MQA with a hardware decoder. This time I can hear that software decoding does make a difference, but it's not as good as the hardware decoder. Rich
  5. I'd like to share my experiences with the forum. I tried Tidal masters with a Mytek Brooklyn, which can do a hardware decode. Luckily it's possible to do a very good A/B comparison between the sound with MQA engaged and without, as the Mytek allows you to switch MQA decoding on and off without affecting anything else (the volume stays exactly the same). So the comparison is between MQA decoded to 24/96 and a non-decoded MQA FLAC file at 24/48. I have been using Focal Elears headphones. Using The Division Bell by Pink Floyd (which is mastered at 24/96) there is definitely a difference. It's
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