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  1. The other file that was labeled FLAC had a bit rate of 393 kbps...that is absolutely too low to be considered FLAC. No wonder that I prefer LPs. I'm out of here.
  2. I bought this as a "CD quality FLAC" file from Presto Classical...or so I thought. It's nothing more than a slightly upsampled MP3 file (its bit rate is 595 kbps...a CD quality FLAC is 1114.2 kbps). This is the second time Presto has ripped off customers by selling such files. They refunded my money the first I complained and requested a refund, but they didn't even bother to respond this time. They are dead to me. BUYER BEWARE WHEN DEALING WITH PRESTO. Oh, the music is very intense and powerful, and the sound is decent enough, but it would have been better as a true hi-res file or a CD.
  3. On the TT: It's too bad that the 4th Ballade was recorded in a different location and on a different instrument: the sound isn't as good as the other three, but his playing is still magnificent.
  4. He's channeling his inner-Julian Bream--similar phrasing and use of tone colors. (a 24bit/48k download.)
  5. A new purchase today. Since this set also includes the concertos, I think it should have included the Cello Sonata and two Piano Trios. Oh well, they didn't consult with me first. I started with Piano Sonata No.2 (original 1913 version.) Not bad for a guy with small(ish) hands!
  6. Reminds me of a more complex, technically demanding Corelli. Superb sound.
  7. Superb playing and sound. Too bad he isn't better known in the West.
  8. On the TT--one of the most realistic guitar recordings I have ever heard. Great demo material in addition to great playing and music! (It's long out of print...)
  9. On the Iso-Mike label. Amazingly natural sound.
  10. Most of Rodrigo's guitar pieces are hard to play, but his "Elogio de Guitarra" is just off the charts hard! Very well recorded.
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