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  1. I highly recommend an AES balanced cable over optical or USB. quality of sound is deeper, richer and smoother.
  2. @bsinc- please let me know where it ends up; I own a N10/ Ayre QX5 Twenty so I'm probably in the same boat and am curious if it can be corrected. Thanks, Ken
  3. Agreed but I am listening to a lovely ECM recording that would sound amazing played through a tin can.
  4. Reading through the really puts a smile on my face to say the least. I've owned two N100H's and recently upgraded to an N10 and can't be more pleased. All of the talk about clocks, Roon, Optical cables and such really is disappointing... just listen to your music and enjoy the moment; that's the point.
  5. Morning.... a quick question for the group- I have two drives (music1/music 2) in my N10; if I use the same folder name on each drive, will the source material be combined into one folder with the same name? Thanks, Ken
  6. So I decided on the N100H for four simple reasons: 1) Tidal, Qobuz and Internet Radio are embedded into the Connector App 2) I'm not sure that Roon is ready... tech support is extremely time consuming and they do no provide a phone number to talk to a "live person", I my case, I can pick up the phone and talk to AYRE, Vandersteen, ARC, Mcintosh, Audioquest and so on... we spend a ton of money for gear and the lack of a live person is insulting and frustrating. 3) Aurender just sounds awesome and their sales/support are 100% committed to your investment. 4) I don't have enough CD's to burn so the the ACS10 is not for me. They get my business and encourage others to do the same; Roon on the other hand will not be in my rig for now or the foreseeable future.
  7. So many choices within a similar price point that has left me clueless on the correct decision. My thoughts are pretty simple... most of my catalog is already digital so the need for the CD processing provided by the ACS10 would be barely used BUT like the fact that there are a sh*t ton of storage available at Raid 0.... With Roon, my thought that if 85% of my library can be procured via Tidal (Qobuz isn't currently offered), then a smaller amount of local storage on the network is probably a good idea. With the N100H, you get lots of good all around- storage space would be the 4TB, can play Tidal, Qobuz and the tuner feature is better than most... That said, I understand that the output is not as good as the ACS10 (or N10 - they use the same). Sonically I would prob. run everything USB and it's a 1/2 meter reach so all good. Roon is by far, the fast front-end out there but at what cost and that's where you come in... I'd like the discussion to stay within the parameters so collectively we can make a decision. Thanks, Ken P.S. There is one additional option which would be a roon/N100H option whereas the N100H would serve as a NAS to the Roon frontend.
  8. I’m not sure I understand; the N100H is available in 2 or 4TB models. I had the 4 and it worked perfectly. I understand that there is a newer model but it’s too many bells/whistles for me + it’s $5600. I heard they are launching a new app that serves up the metadata better. I like the aurender app as it’s simple and works
  9. Having had both; actually all three, I offer these observations (Kind of Blue was the reference audio) - 1) Aurender - better app, easier to operation and set-up and by far a better audio experience. The music pops... I don't feel it sounds artificial and felt that the music sounded natural and honest. 2) Melco - no native app, not as easy to set-up as the Aurrender and sounded somewhat flat if not restrictive on the higher/low end. 3) Roon - The app is too heavy for me; I own 8TB of music and don't need to see comparative artists or Artists of the day so a scaled back app would be my "ask" or the ability to turn some of the fluff down. That said, it works extremely well and the sound quality is in line with the Aurender so it's a step up. In all honesty, either Aurender or a Roon server with 2-4TB of storage is the way to go.
  10. Thanks @FredM. The issue is the app used in controlling the unit; in the review, it is suggested that the preferred app is Linn Kazoo which I tried w/o success. The "looking for room" screen with is spinning circle was about as far as I got. I even changed the Mode to "Mode 1" which was recommended but yielded the same... I would love for it to work so I can demo the unit. As a second note, I tried mControl in Mode 1 but it gave me about thirty seconds of each song. After changing it to "Mode 0" was I able to play songs in their entirety. What I've learned is that the app side is as important as the unit itself which is why I like Roon and Aurender; they get it and provide a complete package.
  11. Yeah, I thought so... been playing with a Melco and although it's really pretty and sounds great, that app think is a killer for me. That said, I'm now onto a N100H or a Roon server with attached server. Thoughts
  12. So, what did you decide? My issue is more around library management; the Melco seems to be a bit behind the curve for file uploading and management. The reaonds I sday this is because in my case, I have 8TB of music loading into a 4TD drive with little/no way to define what you actually would like to upload or at least that's how I read the instructions + there is little community support around the product. The Aurender on the other hand makes it really easy to upload files / directories / libraries. Thoughts? Ken
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