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  1. Yes, I checked with Euphony support. He told me Linux package that they use has problems with getting temperature readings from newer Ryzen chips. I want to use fanless so I need to check temperature sometimes. I replaced Intel CPU for easier monitoring.
  2. I used AMD Ryzen Pro 4650G, but some issues due to new model of CPU. So I change to Intel 9th i5. On my system, I don't find any SQ difference between them.
  3. Hi, I am using AMD Ryzen Pro 4650G with licensed Euphony. When I check the System Info in Euphony, Temperature shows NaN(oC), not accuracy temperature. I would like to check the temperature of CPU. Anyone got experience with AMD CPU, please help. Thank you.
  4. Any one tried Euphony with Nuc10? I intend to update Nuc10 but not sure it is compatible or not?
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